Recent Fire TV software update might be bricking devices by getting them stuck at the boot logo

A somewhat common issue Fire TV devices face is getting stuck at the boot logo. This happens when the device, for one reason or another, is unable to load the Fire TV operating system. Depending on the root cause of the issue, it’s sometimes possible to recover the device from it, but, more often than not, a Fire TV that can’t boot past the initial Fire TV logo screen is rendered unusable and unfixable. It seems as though a recent Fire TV software update pushed out by Amazon has caused several devices to experience this issue, as reported by PC Magazine.

Fire TV devices getting stuck at the boot logo has been an ongoing occurrence for years so it’s always difficult to know if there has actually been a new issue causing an uptick in bricked devices or if those experiencing the issue in recent weeks have just experienced one of the ongoing ways the issue could happen. While a faulty software update can certainly cause this issue to occur, it more commonly happens when a device loses power or has insufficient power during a standard software update, which happens when people plug Fire TV Sticks into underpowered USB ports on TVs instead of the power adapter that came with the Fire TV Stick.

That said, there definitely seems to be an uptick in people experiencing the issue over the past few days, which suggests that there was a faulty software update released recently by Amazon. Numerous Fire TV owners in recent days on Amazon’s forums, on Reddit, and other places have reported their Fire TVs being stuck at the boot logo. Amazon employees in its forums have stated that the “technical team is aware of this issue” and are directing those with Fire TVs that are stuck at the boot logo to contact customer support directly.

The worst part about this issue is that there is no way for a customer to recover from it themselves, even though it’s possible for Amazon to provide a method and Amazon used to do just that with older Fire TV models. The vast majority of Android-based consumer devices have a user-accessible recovery menu that can be used to fix devices that can no longer load the main operating system. Amazon used to provide access to such a recovery menu on older stand-alone Fire TV devices and even the first generation of Fire TV Smart TVs. Unfortunately, Amazon removed this recovery menu years ago so none of the Fire TV models released in recent years have it anymore.

There’s no excuse for Amazon to not provide a user-accessible recovery menu on Fire TV devices when it is standard practice to do so on the vast majority of Android-based consumer electronics. While the process of factory resetting a Fire TV or reinstalling the operating system through such a recovery menu certainly wouldn’t be trivial, since it would likely require additional hardware like a computer, special OTG USB cable, wired keyboard, and/or a USB flash drive, it would at least give those that are tech savvy enough to perform the recovery an alternative to throwing the Fire TV away. As it is now, the only option a customer has when faced with a Fire TV that is stuck at the boot logo is to talk to Amazon customer service and hope that they will agree to send them a replacement device.

  1. Jeff says:

    Most Firesticks I see that have this issue are from completely full storage, which won’t allow the Firestick to load completely.

  2. Anthony says:

    Yeah this happen to 2 of my fire tv 2 box. Been trying to recover frim twrp. But no sucess

  3. Frank says:

    This is why I blocked Amazon updates on my 7 firetv devices

  4. Scott says:

    I’m sure the reason for removing the recovery menu is that it would (and probably did) allow the device to be flashed with a user-modified ROM. Amazon has always been panicky about losing control of their ecosystem.

    • Ferret says:

      They should be. It’s probably their biggest income but, at the same time, is almost completely pointless. I’m in their ecosystem now since they obtained Ring and Nest, but Roku is a much better streamer, so that’s what we use.

    • tech3475 says:

      Stock recovery didn’t allow this.

      IIRC apart from the earliest Fire TV OS, you basically have to rely on exploits and custom recovery to modify the OS such as the SoC’s bootloader or exploits in the main Fire OS.

  5. Kan Zamani says:

    When I tried downloading the “Downloader” app on my Amazon Fire tablet 8, 2020, I got a message that my device wasn’t compatible with that app? What gives here? My tablet is able to get apps from unknown sources.

    • Downloader has never been compatible with tablets. I’m hoping to change that in the near future.

      • Kan Zamani says:

        Keep us posted, Elias! I’d love to get it on my fire tablet.

      • Ian says:

        I have downloader installed on my Fire Tablet but it does not work. It just hangs on ” re-directing” Downloader is not really needed on the tablet as apps can be downloaded via a web browser and installed from there.

        • Yup, it works if sideloaded on some tablet/phone models, but not all, which is why I’ve marked it as incompatible for the time being. And as you said, all these devices have built-in browsers that can download and install. That said, a lot of people have requested Download be made compatible because, I guess, it’s just a more streamlined method than the built-in browser.

        • Paddy Sheehan says:

          Hi, I posted a while ago re the same problem that Ian describes. Downloader on my fire tablet will not download anything but, my Samsung tablets will download everything on downloader. Strange one. My firestick is stuck on logo and when I contacted the Amazon customer care they offered me a measly 10% off a new firestick, or 20% off for a trade in. Regards Cloughie.

  6. Kenneth Robertson says:

    I suggest buying the ONN Goohle streaming device from Walmart for $19.88. I set up ten of these devices and all work flawlessly. I am afraid to purchase the Amazon Firestick 4k MAX due to the problem with the updates.

    • El Supremo says:

      The only issue with the ONN widgets is heat. My remote kept disconnecting, locking up sometimes, etc. Directing a USB gooseneck fan to it, powered from a USB outlet on the back of my TV, completely solved the issue.

  7. Hector chavez says:

    Intenten esto vayan al menú de mi fire tv agan un reinicio después entren al addon alfa agan limpieza de cache luego paren el limpiador de kodi reinicien fire stick de nuevo y veamos como trabaja de nuevo

  8. Sudhir says:

    I purchased two fire tv sticks and on both the mirroring not working. The customer support is asking to load third party apps for same but cant say why it is not working. It seems a whole lot of fire tv sticks is faulty and amazone is selling it at discount knowing it.

  9. Peter says:

    Best to get a rocko express little box have no issues always problems with Amazon products and services

  10. Tj says:

    If this is the update that forces you to view the home screen featured content automatically without the option to disable it then consider yourself lucky your fire tv got bricked.
    This change is awful and will make me less likely to purchase a Fire TV again.

  11. Howard Walker says:

    Does the fire stick have an operating system?
    From what I’ve seen it just a random chance if you finding a film that you wish to view.

    • Kenneth Robertson says:

      I suggest you purchase the new ONN Google streaming device from Walmart for only $19.88. I purchased ten and expanded my internal memory on all of them with a Sandisk 32GB USB device. Therefore, all apps load extremely fast with memory expansion.

  12. anthony says:

    does anyone call amazon reporting their device and what did they suggesting?

  13. XBZA says:

    I was with customer support for over an hour. Ultimately no method we tried work. I got told since the device is out of warranty they can offer a 15% discount on a new device or trade my broken device for a amazon gift card.

  14. anthony says:

    wow…15%….i’ll wait til someone come out things that fix this problem

  15. Keith says:

    “technical team is aware of this issue”

    Yeah, right……… Once the stick won’t boot, there’s nothing can be updated to fix it and Amazon’s technical team never fix anything!

    “and are directing those with Fire TVs that are stuck at the boot logo to contact customer support directly.”

    Waste of valuable oxygen on both counts. They never do anything useful anyway!

    • Jon ryan says:

      the will send you a new stick if they break it bad enough. ive gotten a few…I also have the onn device and so far no problems plus regular play store access. The most annoying thing about the amazon devices is for some reason they take up more memory on the device. Max 4k or whatever has the same apps as onn device. amazon is always nagging to remove apps, onn doesnt. just put 16 gb on it if i can only have 5 apps on it anyway amazon…

  16. Jonathan Williams says:

    My fire stick has not worked since the last update and is stuck on fire tv screen and everything I’ve tried doesn’t work

  17. ucer aksu says:

    i have adb access to my firestick 4k mantis.

    i used adb logcat -d > log.txt command to get the device logs and shared with chatgpt

    i’m sharing chatgpt’s answer;

    The log you provided shows a series of events leading up to a system failure. Let’s break down the relevant parts:

    System Services Initialization:

    The logs start with the initialization of system services.
    The process SystemServer is making services ready.
    JobSchedulerService Warning:

    There’s a warning about “Too many jobs for uid 1000” from the JobSchedulerService. This indicates that an app or system process (with user ID 1000) has scheduled more jobs than allowed.
    MountService Fatal Exception:

    The MountService encounters a fatal exception with the message “Apps may not schedule more than 100 distinct jobs.”
    This exception is likely the direct cause of the bootloop.
    The MountService is responsible for mounting and managing storage partitions.
    Bluetooth and Other Services:

    After the MountService exception, other processes like and also encounter a DeadSystemException, which indicates a system-wide failure.
    WebView and SystemUI Processes:

    There are processes related to WebView (WebViewLoader-armeabi-v7a) and Amazon Device Services ( being started.
    DropBoxManagerService Warning:

    There’s a warning about an unrecognized file in the DropBoxManagerService. This might not be directly related to the bootloop.
    Final Exception and System Failure:

    The logs end with a DeadSystemException in the process, indicating a system-wide failure.
    The root cause of the bootloop appears to be the MountService exception related to scheduling too many jobs. This suggests that an app or system process has triggered an excessive number of jobs, possibly overwhelming the system’s job scheduler. This then leads to a cascading system failure.

    To troubleshoot:

    Identify Problematic App/Process: Try to identify which app or process might be scheduling too many jobs. Review recently installed apps or updates.

    Safe Mode: If possible, boot into safe mode to see if the issue persists without third-party apps running.

    Factory Reset: If the issue is persistent and no other solutions work, you might need to perform a factory reset. Make sure to back up your data before doing so.

    Contact Support: If you’re unable to resolve the issue, it’s recommended to contact Amazon support for guidance.

    Remember that system-level issues can be complex to diagnose and fix, and there’s a potential for data loss or device damage if not handled correctly. If you’re unsure, seeking help from professionals is a wise choice.

  18. Jim Carter says:

    I’m apparently immune to these disasters.

  19. Machine says:

    Hace algunos años atrás se me bloqueó un firestick por intentar forzadamente instalar una apk incompatible con el dispositivo. Dejé el firestick encendido por más de 10 horas y así subió. Borré la apk que me dió el problema y se solucionó todo. No recuerdo si hice algo más.

  20. Andy M says:

    My Fire TV Cube (3rd gen) has been playing up since the last update.
    The microphones continually stop working and I have to repeatedly hit the Alexa button on the remote.
    I wouldn’t mind so much but I don’t have anything else installed and only use it for Plex and controlling my home smart devices.

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