Razer acquires Ouya

An investment banker, which is reportedly handling the merger, has prematurely revealed that gaming accessory and new Android TV box maker, Razer, has acquired micro-console maker OUYA. We’ve known for a month that OUYA was in hot water for failing to meet conditions set forth by their investors and was being forced to find a buyer. Amazon was speculated as a possible buyer, but, while not officially announced yet, it appears almost certain that Razer has gobbled up the Kickstarter hardware success story.

Razer has no doubt acquired OUYA for their software expertise, game library, and access to their 40,000 registered developers. With the lackluster recent release of the Razer Forge, the company’s new Android TV based Fire TV competitor, Razer needs something to stand out from the inevitable crowd of Android TV devices. The much more successful Nvidia Shield Android TV box boasts an impressive set of unique gaming features, including an exclusively compatible game library. Razer produces impressive hardware, but seems to lack the prowess necessary to compliment that hardware with equally impressive software. The developers at OUYA should help Razer fill those gaps.


  1. It’s Razer, not Razor.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Would love to play these guys at poker. Keep on throwing money in the pot!

  3. Jimmy says:

    Well that is an extremly bad decision by Razer. I predict you will see Ouya up for sale again within months or Razer will simply scrap Ouya all together. Hopefully I am wrong, but be on the look out for the “Razer Ouya” in a few months, then six months later you can make a post about Ouya being up for sale again.

  4. Jimmy says:

    BTW, Amazon was only ever brought into the rumors of buying Ouya by you. You made a post on here asking what people thought about the idea of Amazon buyin Ouya, and nobody else ever speculated about it. Amazon would have never bought a failed company that had no assets. Ouya has no major app liibrary, no patents, and nothing of real value so amazon would not have waisted money buying Ouya

    • Ned Scott says:

      Well, no, OUYA has a ton of value. The OUYA company is made up of a ton of highly talented people with long and impressive resumes. It’s painfully hard to make a successful company, so don’t equate OUYA’s failure to mean that the company has nothing of value. Gaining the developers and designers and other engineers from OUYA is a huge gain for any company.

  5. awdahelwidit says:

    Who the h*** is Razer?

    ^ the same thing the world will be saying once they finish shoveling all their bread into that money pit.

    Good luck suckers!

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