Razer resurrects OUYA as Cortex Game Store on Forge TV — Gives OUYA owners $50 off and $10 store credit


When Razer acquired OUYA’s software assets earlier this year to incorporate into their Forge TV box, only to dissapear from Amazon and the Google Store last month, the future of the Android TV based box looked bleak. Razer responded to speculation that the Forge TV was dead, saying they were “doubling-down” on the device. Now they’ve released a software update with the fruits of their labor.

Razer has launched their new Cortex game store with a library of games brought over from the OUYA aquisition. They’re also offering OUYA owners a $50 discount on the Forge TV, as well as a $10 Cortex store credit. OUYA owners will receive an email with details on how to redeem the offer. It’s great to see Razer breathing new life into the Forge TV, but one has to wonder, with the Fire TV and the Shield TV being so dominant in the space, if there’s a future for the Forge TV.

  1. Powarun says:

    There is no future for the Forge. Razer won’t support it. Razer makes polished turds, and once the polish wears off you are left with a turd. Have I purchased razer products before? Yes, I bought a bunch of mice, and the nicest one is the original deathadder that still works, the newer deathadder’s software causes freeze ups, their mechanical keyboard has random problems, and their Synopsis software sucks. The Razer Forge was an attempt to jump into a market with a revolutionary product that gets delayed until it irrelevant. The Nvidia shield seems to still be supported along with the Fire TV for a set top box console.

  2. Bill says:

    I was a kickstarter Ouya Bronze donor and still have my engraved Ouya. I used it in much the same way I do the FireTV, as a media platform for Kodi (then XBMC). Nice to know I could get some value out of it, though I’ll have to consider whether I really have any use for it. A FireTV2 is cheaper, even after discount. If it worked like a Steambox and allowed me to play my PC games on TV easily, I might consider it, though frankly, I could cable up a solution easier and more cheaply.

    Good luck to Razer, though. More players in the field is always better.

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