QVC is selling a 2-pack of Fire HD 8 (2018) tablets for as little as $89.95

QVC currently has a 2-pack of Fire HD 8 tablets for $99.95. If you’re a new customer, you can use promo code TEN4U to drop the price down to $89.95. These are the new 2018 versions of Amazon’s mid-range tablet that were announced last month. Amazon has put their Fire HD 8 tablet on sale for $49.99 during the last two Black Fridays, so this QVC deal is as good as Amazon’s best sale price, if you were planning to buy two tablets.

  1. Rick says:

    Apparently QVC doesn’t offer a way to input a promo code, so they want you to contact them to make it work. I’ve sent an email and will update if I am successful getting $10 off. My rooted 7″ Fire just died so this is good timing. Unfortunately, the HD 8 isn’t as flexible.

  2. Jose Aguilar says:

    I bought the 2-pack as I thought that it was too good a deal to pass up. I can confirm that the ten4u code doesn’t work anymore but they have a five4u code that works for new customers.

  3. Arturo Alfonso says:

    We got the fire 8 (2 pack) with free casable case. This has to be the worst case ever.You customize it and their website only allows you to put the picture you want on the case at one place,so we thought they would put the full picture on the front of the case. No, they put the picture in the place where you fold the case, and the picture was miniscule.ABC should get rid of Casable and just give buyers a regular case. Casable is so stupid.

  4. shelia Washington says:

    Is this offer still available?

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