Quibi app arrives on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV

The relatively new short-form streaming service Quibi has just released apps for Amazon Fire TV devices, as well as Android TV and Apple TV. The service launched in April 2020 as a mobile-only service with 10-minute “quick bite” episodes of original content that was meant to be viewed when you have some free time while on the go. With everyone spending so much time at home, the mobile-centric service has struggled to hold on to subscribers so they’ve now switched strategies by releasing new apps for all major streaming platforms except Roku.

Quibi compatibility with Fire TV models is quite a mess. The app is currently only compatible with the Fire TV Cube (1st & 2nd-gen), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 3, Fire TV Stick Lite, and newer Fire TV Edition televisions. It makes no sense to exclude the Fire TV 3 when it shares nearly identical hardware as the Fire TV Cube 1, which is supported. Not supporting the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick is flat out stupid since those devices make up the majority of Fire TV users. Hopefully, they’ll add support for additional devices over time.

Quibi is available for $4.99 per month with some ads or $7.99 per month ad-free. They also offer a 14-day free trial to see what they have to offer before committing to pay. The service has put millions into the creation of dozens of original shows. See this list of top Quibi shows by Rotten Tomatoes for an idea of what to watch first.

  1. Charlie_ says:

    Honestly, Quibi felt like a company that was built for acquisition. They were never going to be viable but they were hoping to build up their marketshare enough where one of the tech giants would pay a couple billion for their audience.

    Too bad it was put together by clueless boomers that know nothing about the audience they were targeting.

    Now it’s dead on arrival. They’ll firesale it off for pennies on the dollar soon enough.

    Still I’ll do a trial to watch the new Reno 911 sketches. Haha

  2. Shirley Dulcey says:

    But STILL no compatibility with desktop or laptop computers, which seems like a huge gap to me. Watching short video during breaks from work is a natural use for a service like Quibi, and their ongoing refusal to support that use case baffles me.

    I know, I know, their target is millennials and they don’t buy computers. But they still USE them in the workplace…

  3. Joe A says:

    i love this. i’ve had Quibi since it started and watched it for a little bit, but after working from home since March it fell by the wayside. I’ve already knocked out like 8 shows since yesterday lol.

  4. Rik Emmett says:

    Quibi seems kind of expensive for what it is. The thinking might be that someone using an older FireTV would probably keep signing up for the free trial to get use Quibi for free.

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