Protect your home from burglars with insufferable conversations using this Alexa Skill

A funny new Alexa Skill, called Away Mode, has just been released that “harnesses the power of human awkwardness to ward off unwanted visitors.” Quite simply, it uses your Alexa devices to play recordings of conversations to make it seem like someone is home while you’re away. Other similar Alexa Skills, such as Burglar Deterant, are already available, but they’re not nearly as funny. Hippo Insurance, the creators of the Alexa Skill, hired SNL and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia writers to come up with scripted conversations that would scare off anyone, let alone a would-be burglar. Samples, which can be heard on the skill’s website, include a couple breaking up while watching TV, a PTA meeting discussing memes, and a group arguing over the rules of a board game.

  1. tampa8 says:

    Funny way to have “conversations” heard while you are away. Works like it is supposed to.

  2. Joe D. says:

    I don’t get it? Is this an April Fools or something? The sound of a mom home alone or a young woman is going to scare away a burglar? How about a big barking dog?

  3. Dave says:

    And now that the details of this “feature” have been leaked, burglars will be more informed of what you have done to try to fool them into believing that you are home when you are not.

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