Prime Video now has a built-in DVR option for select Live Streams

Amazon recently redesigned its Prime Video app across a multitude of devices and one of the new features that has been added is the option to record some live streams offered within the app, like you would with a cloud DVR. The first live events to become recordable are the Thursday Night Football games streaming exclusively on Prime Video this year. While you’ve always been able to pause and rewind these streams for up to 15 minutes, setting them to record within the Prime Video app now allows you to rewind and fast forward as much as you’d like, as well as replay the games from the beginning.

To record NFL Thursday Night Football games in Prime Video, open the app and head to the Sports tab from the app’s home screen. Once there, scroll down and select any Thursday Night Football listing, such as from the “Upcoming sports” row. While viewing the details of any game, you should see a button labeled “Record Thursday Night Football” that you can select.

You don’t need to mark each Thursday Night Football game for recording, since setting just one game to record will make a “Recording enabled” label appear on all games this season. Marking to record Thursday Night Football games isn’t actually causing Amazon to store an individual recording for you. Rather, actively opting into records likely just grants Amazon the ability to make the game available to you on-demand under its licensing agreements with the NFL.

While Amazon has streamed live Thursday Night Football games during past seasons, this year marks the first time that Thursday Night Football games will be available exclusively through Prime Video. Amazon signed a deal, costing an estimated $1 billion a year, which grants it 15 exclusive Thursday Night Football games each year for the next 11 years. The preseason game between the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers on August 25 will be like a trial run of Amazon’s ability to stream an exclusive NFL game before its full run of 15 exclusive regular season games kicks off when the Los Angeles Chargers face the Kansas City Chiefs on September 15. Even though Amazon streams other live events through Prime Video, such as MLB games and MMA matches, the Thursday Night Football games are the only ones that currently offer the new DVR option.

  1. CyberAdvent says:


  2. Toprobroy says:

    Interesting that they will virtually give away 1 Billion dollars to strengthen their hold on citizens consumption habits. I guess Mr Bezos is looking to finance some more trips to space at a huge environmental cost, as well as control pricing which isn’t helping the international cost of living crisis.

    • Dan Cannon says:

      Their not giving away $1 billion. DIRECTV already paid them to stream to their 300,000 partners and bars. They will also sell all of their advertisement spots to the highest bidder and I’m sure there’s even more advertising opportunities than the conventional TV ad spots. Plus whatever other innovative ways Amazon has come up with product placement, and who knows what else? Of course yes, they will strengthen their conglomerate and bolster brand recognition for sure. There are a lot of moving parts here and that’s just a few. I’m sure there’s way more than the average consumer can even understand as far as affiliates, partnerships and etc. This will no doubt be a net-positive, and a springboard for future business opportunities for what was once a book company lol. This is yet another example of how they’ve taken over the world one genre and industry at a time. Oh and no one has ever left low earth orbit or planet earth because there are no other planets. The earth is flat, and there is a firmament preventing us from leaving. Just saying

  3. EJ says:

    This is a great feature that will likely save countless marriages. Thank you Elias for the heads up.

  4. Adam says:

    This is cool out of the box thinking. IMO, between stuff like content and value adding features like this, they’re out-competing Netflix at Netflix’s own game.

  5. Rik Emmett says:

    How long will the recording remain available.

  6. Steve Wilson says:

    How can one in advance which programs can be recorded this way?

  7. Ian King says:

    Is fast forwarding through commercials permitted?

  8. MOLLS says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Ashley says:

    Yeah but where can i find the recording after it’s done? I missed tonight’s game and can’t find where to watch it at

  10. Goober Pyle says:

    Why the #$&@ doesn’t Jeff Bezos answer questions here? I don’t trust this to record so I will have to watch it live. The Chargers (Justin) and Chiefs (Patrick) is a mouth-wateringly good first game of the season. I haven’t been as psyched for an NFL game in a long time.

    Note 1: I can’t stand Bezos.

    Note 2: Toproboy sounds like a woose who wouldn’t even be interested in football. Maybe soccer or the WNBA .

  11. Jimmie Andrews says:

    Will recorded games be in “my stuff”?

  12. Mrs. Goober Pyle III says:

    When initially logging onto prime video it stated Thursday night live football recording was available. To exit the screen was required to click on one of two commands, OK or Not Now. After clicking OK the games were automatically set to record. After changing my mind no where can the answer be found to to turn off the recording No help from prime video help section, nothing to click on the screen, nothing found on the Internet or elsewhere. It should be a pretty basic q & a. Come on Mr. Bezo tell your peeps to get on it and provide some direction to a basic command!!!!! Please!

  13. Dean says:

    Can’t get the program to record?
    No info on how to do it ???

  14. Christina says:

    I keep trying to record but it’s telling me that it’s enabled. How do I fix this?

  15. Michael says:

    We had the game recorded and the app crashed in the third quarter. When we tried to enter to watch the rest of the game, it didn’t work. Instead it showed us the final score and ruined the ending.
    Nice work Amazon.

  16. Goober Pyle (again) says:

    After watching the Chiefs-Chargers game live, I discovered to my horror that it actually did record properly, and that I could have watched it at any time I wanted. I missed out on something very important because I had my doubts about this and felt I had no real choice but to watch it live. Here’s the bottom line, though, sports fans. The broadcast was a success and the recoding feature worked as it should have.

  17. S Andrews says:

    I watched live even tho I had set up to record and msg “recording enabled “ was shown. Normally, on reg live TV I record all the games and then begin to watch the recording about half hour into the live game so I can f-fwd thru all the ads and halftime. I then end up watching the recording about the exact time the game ends live.
    I could not figure out how to do this on the Prime platform. Can someone pls help?

    • S Andrews says:

      Correction on my post above. The second to last sentence should read:
      While watching the recording, I end up finishing about the exact time live game ends (after f-fwding thru all the junk.

  18. Aunt Bee says:

    S. Andrews, you can do this by choosing the “Resume” option (rather than the “Live” option) that will appear. You will then begin watching where you left off (and can fast forward if you’d like). Of course, you will have to have given time for the game to progress so that you CAN fast forward.

  19. KIMBERLY says:

    I want to turn this recording off – how to do this? TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT AMAZON. Seems awfully dishonest of Amazon to enable a recording when I hate football and gives me no way to choose to opt out of that recording. AWFUL.

  20. Otis the Town Drunk says:

    I’ve read of problems that others have had with streaming of the games. I have had no problems. I watched the first game live with no problems, and I watched a recording of the second game, also with no problems. Smooth as silk, just as smooth as Al Michaels’ announcing.

    • GLW says:

      Yes but when did you watch the recording? Did you tune into a game in the middle and start from the beginning? That is the issue, right now you must wait until the entire broadcast is over to watch the recording which is at least an hour after the game ends. Terrible, not true DVR

    • PhilDaThrill says:

      When you record a game, is there a way to “watch from beginning”? It seems like when I play the recording, it starts off “live” and then I have to rewind it? Wondering if there is a better way.

  21. Floyd the Barber says:

    If you want to watch the game from the beginning, turn it on AT the beginning. You can stop watching immediately. The important thing is that that creates a marker. If you turn off the game at any time, when you return to the game, you will be given the option of Resume or Live. If you choose Resume, you will begin watching right where you left off.

    After the game is over, the Resume option is no longer available, and you will have to start at the beginning. There is a time period (an hour or two? I’m not sure) between the end of the game and when they make the whole game available.

    So…for the most flexibility, turn on the broadcast in the beginning, then shut it down/close it/turn it off. Return to it after at least half-an-hour has passed and click on Resume. And away you go…

  22. CarpeDiemYWF says:

    There were I think 3 or 4 people here that were not total idiots. And Kimberly and the guy who said the earth is flat are the biggest idiots. Kimberly… you disgrace my mothers name, and why the f do you care if its recorded or not? How exactly does this affect you.. Other dude… youre just a straight up dumbass. You are the epitome of the problem with the world today.

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