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Now that Amazon has launched a website dedicated to Prime Now, it has become a lot more convenient to use the service. One thing that’s important to realize is that the availability of products on Prime Now differs from the availability on the main Amazon website. Stock even differs between the various cities that Prime Now covers. This means, if an item is out of stock on, you should check Prime Now to see if it’s available there, and vice versa. For example, the Amazon Echo is currently out of stock until the end of the month on, but it’s available to ship immediately through Prime Now in several cities. Since most Amazon sales are also available through Prime Now, remembering this little fact about supply differences might help you take better advantage of popular deals in the future. The simplest way to check the stock between and Prime Now is to just change the www part of the page URL to primenow while viewing an item’s product page. Not all products on are available through Prime Now, so you may get a 404 error page when using this trick. It’s also worth noting that many products, like the Fire TV Gaming Edition, don’t come up when searching Prime Now, but do bring up a Prime Now product page when using this URL switching trick.

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