Prime Music Stations added to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick under your nose


This one slipped under my radar, but I figured I should mention it anyway for those unaware. At some point in September, Amazon flipped a switch that enabled Prime Music Stations on the current software version of Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. This was not added in conjunction with a software update, but rather just turned on later. My Fire TV running version does not have Prime Music Stations, but my Fire TV running version does, so at some point in between those two version it was added but left disabled until later. Prime Music Stations are similar to radio stations, but you can vote songs up or down to tailor the station to your liking. You can learn more from my overview of the feature when it was added to the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview a few months ago.

  1. boudyka says:

    Not in the UK. Regional feature perhaps ? UK just get playlists of mixed stuff and occasional,artists top songs

    • Steve says:

      I’m in the UK too. “Stations” turned up on Amazon Music Player on my iPhone and iPad but I can’t find this feature on my Fire TV. Same is true for X-Ray lyrics.

      Is there some magic involved or are we just way behind (again)?

  2. Justin says:

    Man, you’re way behind lol. It was kind of a stealth release but I did notice it a while back. Nice addition for people who don’t want to listen to specific playlists.

    I’ve had some issues with music stopping or getting stuck after moving to another song in an album or playlist. Usually, pausing and unpausing or going back and forth in the playlist helps. Other times I just force close amazon music.

  3. Kyle says:

    Is there an easier way to find an artist? Say I wanted Mumford and Sons playlist; I had to go to all artists and scroll right until I got to M. The voice search only plays Mumford music, not other music in the same vein as their’s.

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