Prime members get $10 credit when purchasing $40 Amazon Gift Card — Early Prime Day Deal

Amazon is running an early Prime Day promtion where Prime members can get a $10 credit when purchasing a $40 Amazon gift card. To qualify for this promotion, you must visit this page and click the yellow “Apply code to your account” button. Then buy either the Mini Prime Envelope Tin gift card or a Prime Day eGift Card costing $40 or more. You should see a message during checkout that says you qualify for the free $10 credit with the purchase. You will receive the $10 credit automatically applied to your account 2 days after placing your order. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper and plan to spend this amount anyway, you can enter your own email address as the receipient to basically recieve the free $10 in exchange for loading up your Amazon credit balance by $40. This promotion ends June 20.

  1. Patricia B. says:

    That’s a great deal. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joe says:

    This does not work for Canadian prime members unfortunately on

  3. clocks says:

    I doesn’t seem to work for me in the US.

    • Try clicking the “Apply Code” button on this page and then going through checkout:

      Does that work? You should see a message during checkout telling you you qualify for the free $10 credit. Remember, it only works for the gift cards linked in the article. Not all gift cards.

      • Susan says:

        Damn. I did it but there was no message I qualify for a credit whatsoever. I tried adding the code button again, it said I’d already added it so I did it anyway. Guess we shall see. I’m going to be bummed if this doesn’t work. It took me to the app, your link. Maybe it has to be done through a browser?

        • Susan says:

          Ok, I got the email very late today I have a $10 credit that will be applied “on qualifying purchases”. Unfortunately the item has to be sold from Amazon only, no other merchants. I wish you could see the credit somewhere, but nada. Anyway, just want people to know if you apply that button, get the Amazon Day e-gift card $40, it worked. Even though I saw no message about this during checkout. Sent the money to myself, in there in 5 minutes. Good luck everyone. And Thanks again for this article.

  4. John P Grabouski says:

    Same her in Lincoln NE

    “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”

    “Amazon eGift Card – Workplace Thank You (Animated)

    • Only the Mini Prime Envelope Tin gift card or a Prime Day eGift Card qualify. Other Amazon gift card styles/designs do not qualify.

      • John P Grabouski says:

        I just clicked Again on the links you provided…

        This is what comes thru as to how the GC is described as I copy and paste from the landing page..

        “ eGift Card”

        While I do not know if that technically means the “PRIME DAY egift card” might not be the same as the one I attempted, I got there by clicking on the link provided. [I am not meaning to be stubborn, just trying to find out what needs to be done to get it right..] Please help me find where I was wrong which might explain why it did not work for me..

        Thanks, I TRULY DO APPRECIATE all of your help…

        AND THANKS FOR POSTING IT..and Doing all you so generously do!

  5. Jorgen says:

    Same for me not working in US Hawaii

  6. Cheryl jones says:

    It is only select gift cards that this works with. As mentioned in step 2. I don’t know about Canada but definitely works in usa–since I just got one.

    • Correct. You must buy either the Mini Prime Envelope Tin gift card or a Prime Day eGift Card. Other Amazon gift cards do not qualify for this offer.

      • John P Grabouski says:

        IF you look at my prior post..This is exactly what I purchased and it did not work (see message I received when using the promo code with the item required for purchase)..

        I am NOT saying I did nothing wrong, but others who have posted here, lead me to think there is a bug somewhere in the processing…

        Just sayin…and I may also be INCORRECT….

        • Based on your comment, it looks like you selected the “Workplace Thank You (Animated)” card design. You must select the “Happy PD- Gift Box” card design that I linked. I’ve also updated the article with a substitute for the promo code, where you instead click a button to apply the promotion, that seems to work better.

  7. John P Grabouski says:

    INDEED at first glance, I THINK you have solved the problem….I indeed chose the ANIMATED option…will let you know if it was a success. Pardon my error.

    Thanks again for doing all you do..

  8. Frank Scammell III says:

    Is there a Limit to the number of cards you can buy and get teh $10.00?

  9. Ryan says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  10. KC says:

    So much for a $10 bonus. After only 6 days, even though the promotion is through June 20, it’s sold out. And, even though the Prime Day gift card looks like it’s still available, adding the gift card to your cart and then the code, it doesn’t work. And, yes, I added the standard Prime Day gift card, nothing fancy.

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