Prime Members get $10 credit for Purchasing or Reloading $40 Amazon Gift Card

Get this Free $10 Deal

Amazon is offering Prime Members a Free $10 credit for Pruchasinf or Reloading a $40 Amazon Gift Card. Just load this page and click the “Apply code to your account” button or enter promocode GC20PRIME at checkout to qualify for the offer. Purchase a total of $40 or more of any Amazon Gift Cards (digital or physical) or just Reload Your Gift Card Balance with $40 or more. The credit won’t be applied directly to your $40 gift card purchase. Instead, you’ll receive the $10 credit automatically applied to your Amazon account within a couple of days. If you shop regularly on Amazon, this is essentially free money.

  1. Max Jonas says:

    Just tried to apply the code and get the deal.

    It was denied.

    • Did you click the “Apply code to your account” button first and then try to enter the promocode at checkout? If so, the deny was just indicating that you can’t double up by doing both. If you click the button, it will deny the code but you will still get the credit. The code is only accepted at checkout if you never click the “Apply…” button.

      • hdmkv says:

        Weird. Shows “Congratulations on your Prime Day gift card purchase. Your purchase qualifies you for an credit. A $10 promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account and emailed to you within two(2)days after shipping.” on one side, but this on payment side… “Your gift card balance can’t be applied to orders that contain or Visa or Mastercard gift cards, or collectible coins.”

    • Erinescence says:

      You don’t get the $10 credit immediately. Try going back to the page and if you get an error message when you hit “Apply code to your account”, then it already worked. It’s just not immediate.

      • Erinescence says:

        I literally just got the credit now, just about 24 hours after I reloaded my card. So hang in there folks! and the credit is valid through November 29 and is automatically applied to your next eligible order.

  2. Nate says:

    Didn’t get any sort of confirmation that the credit was applied to my account using the gift card reload option, but I did click the enroll button on the initial page. Short of waiting for the code to show up in a couple of days, is there any way to confirm the promotion was correctly applied?

    • Unfortunately no, there is no way to confirm that it was applied correctly. This is one of those deals that you just have to hope comes through as it’s supposed to. Thankfully, assuming you would have spent $40 on Amazon for something in the near future anway, there’s no loss in trying.

    • Nate says:

      Writing back to confirm that this morning I received an email confirming the $10 credit to my account. Looks like it is good through November 29th.

      • Yup, I got it too. Worth noting that the $10 credit does not appear on your account’s gift card/credit balance. Instead, it will just appear at checkout as a “GC Prime Day Credit” discount on your next order.

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