Prime Members can get 2-Months of Showtime and/or Starz for $0.99 per month

Amazon is offering Prime members a 2 month subscription to Showtime and/or Starz for just $0.99 per month. You have to be a Prime member because these are subscriptions to Prime Video Channels. You can subscribe to either one or both and you will be charged $0.99 each month per channel. Your subscription will automatically renew at the regular price of $10.99 for Showtime and/or $8.99 for Starz after those first 2 months. If you only want the subscriptions during the 2-month discounted price, just be sure to go to this page in a month and cancel the subscription. Once canceled, you’ll still be able to watch until the month is over. If you’re worried you’ll forget to stop the renewal, you can subscribe right now and then immediately cancel to just get 1 month at $0.99, since you don’t have to subscribe for 2 months. This deal ends July 7, 2020.

  1. Mj says:

    Can I authentic the Showtime app with a sub through Amazon? They have 4K DV with some content on the Showtime app.

  2. KBJ55 says:

    The Showtime Anytime app appears to be Dobly Digital 2.0 only, no DD 5.1 audio. And the app seems to force 60 Hz playback so no native frame rate(23.967 fps) playback either. The standalone Showtime app has DD 5.1 and native frame rate playback. It’s a shame Showtime has crippled its provider-connected app instead of both apps playing the same way. But that’s the world of streaming we live!

    • Mj says:

      Good news. On Apple TV 4K the app does 4K DV, 5.1, and 23.976fps. I just tested.

      • KBJ55 says:

        Yes indeed! Thanks for posting as I would not have given it another thought after trying it initially and it being a reduced quality product. Thanks!

  3. John Toye says:

    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately I missed out on this deal.

    I contacted Amazon today to see if they could let me slide in and Amazon told me that there was no such deal.

    I gave them links from several sites promoting it and they came back and stated “Amazon does not promote third party website promotions”

    Someone should let the chat center folks know how things operate for sure..

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