Prime members can buy the Fire TV Stick Max at its lowest price ever

Amazon has the Fire TV Stick 4K Max on sale for $34.99 for Prime members. At 36% off its regular price of $54.99, this matches the lowest price the newest Firestick has ever been. While the new Fire TV Cube is shaping up to be a great device, it’s certainly a hard sell at 4 times the price of this Fire TV Stick 4K Max sale. While both models are great, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is easily the best bang-for-your-buck model in the lineup. Especially at this rock-bottom price for Prime members.

  1. Adam says:

    Any idea how long this sale lasts?

  2. Anthony Rossetti says:

    hey Elias do you know or think that Amazon will add 2 way video calling to the 4k max in a future update?

    Also I wonder if it will go lower for BF or CM though
    but didn’t Amazons holiday return policy already kick in though?

    I might have bitten but my 4k sticks are serving well enough , especially the ones that I blocked updates on and can still use the old interface that is better for live TV with my recast

    if they plan to add 2 way video calling I might jump in
    the current list of supported devices is kinda ridiculous TBH

    • I highly doubt we’ll see USB camera support added to anything other than the Fire TV Cube, since it has been available on the Cubes for so long and still hasn’t been added to any sticks.

      I don’t expect it to be lower than $35 for Black Friday because Amazon usually uses Prime Day as the time to create new lows, but we’ll see. I’m pretty sure all purchases now can be returned as late as Jan 31st, 2023.

    • David says:

      B.S. It shows at $54.99. There is no discount.

  3. Luis says:

    I believe it not to be worth it. The $19.99 firestick does it’s job and well!

    • Adam says:

      It’s kind of not. I recently upgraded the 4ks on at least 4-5 TVs to 4k Maxs because they were on sale for $35. They definitely feel snappier when you move through the menus and stuff, but the 4ks don’t feel sluggish enough that most people would notice. As far as streaming, I’ve seen no difference – and that includes streaming 30GB files across my network from my Plex server. I did notice a little difference in playing a file from an external drive using VLC, but that’s a very niche task. I rarely do it and I doubt the average person has or ever will do it.

  4. John P.Pickett says:

    The deal is over…I bought it anyway..

  5. Carl says:


    It was 24.95 last year on black Friday sales @ The source and all other vendors.

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