Prime Day 2022: What did you buy? What surprised you? What disapointed you?

With Prime Day 2022 winding down, let’s hear what you all bought in the comments. What did you think about the deals overall? Did anything surprise you or disappoint you about the sale? Here is my take on the day and I’d love to hear yours.

I’m usually too busy posting during Prime Day to really spend much time shopping, but I did get a few things myself. I got both of the Fire TV Smart TV lightning deals, which were the 32″ Insignia 720p Fire TV for $49.99 and the 50″ Amazon 4K Fire TV for $99.99. I don’t need the TVs for normal use, but it’s nice having a variety of Fire TV models for testing things on and those prices were too good to pass up, so those are going into the mix. I also picked up the Kasa Smart Plug for $3.49, the “free money” Gift Card deal, and the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor for $41.99.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the deals on Amazon devices. It seemed like there were more “new all-time low prices” this Prime Day than in most years. The Fire TV Stick Lite for $11.99 and the Fire TV Stick for $16.99 were genuinely surprising. I did not expect them to drop that low so soon. The Fire TV Stick 4K for $24.99 was definitely disappointing. It has been that price since Prime Day 2019, it’s the oldest device in the lineup, and the budget 4K device market is really heating up, so I was expecting it to surely drop further this year but it didn’t happen. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max for $34.99, which matched the Black Friday 2021 price, was expected because it’s still so new and the power and features you get for that price is a steal. The Fire TV Cube for $59.99 was right around where I thought it would be. It’s still a beast of a device, but it’s getting a bit old now and the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is giving it a run for its money, so it needed to hit a new low this year and it did. Lastly, most of the Fire TV Smart TVs reached new low prices, so that’s always great to see, not to mention the two TV lightning deals which were probably the best deals of the day as far as Amazon devices go.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you bought, what surprised you, and what disapointed you?

  1. Thomas Hollander says:

    I thought it was really unfair that they posted the lightning deal on the 50 inch Amazon fire TV for $99.99
    At 6 AM PST when it went live on the East Coast at 9 AM. The entire offer was gone in five minutes before I ever woke up

  2. Patricia Beach says:

    I tried to buy a 50 dollar Amazon Gift card to get the extra 12.50 and it didn’t work. I made sure I used the correct code. But then I realized it said that offer had ran out and wasn’t available any more. So I missed out on that one. I bought a CD that one of my sons had wanted. It was real cheap. I was satisfied with that but I don’t know if it was specially priced for Prime Day or not. I had it shipped to him. He is happy about it.

  3. Junior Jose says:

    Two Echo 4, one with light bulb.
    Two echo Show 5
    One Blink Video Doorbell + Sync Module 2
    One pair Blink Mini
    2 video game
    And one Amazon Fire TV 43″ 4-Series

    This was a great Prime days for me

  4. warehousin' says:

    I slum’d it in the Warehouse digging for ‘extra 25% off’ items from my wishlists. Bought a good handful of things from a rice cooker to computer parts. Already got burned by some RAM that arrived today. Was absolutely run over by a forklift or something and far from ‘Very Good’ condition. Flat out didn’t work. Basically gave myself a chore of having to return it. But such is life on the cheapskate edge.

    The front page cat food deal on Tuesday was surprisingly good. Picked up a bag. Guessing the expiration date will be close-ish, but I’ll just use it right away.

    Was wild to see the 50 inch 4-Series I got on launch hit $99.99. Anybody who got that got a steal and a half.

  5. Laughs Brightly says:

    Samsung S22 Ultra
    Samsung S22
    50″ Insignia TV
    The $3.49 Kasa Smart Plug
    Samsung ear buds
    Samsung and Google chargers
    Amazon Basics trash bags
    Phone cases
    Also hit the Best Buy counter-sale and grabbed a pair of Pixel 6’s.

    I stared long and hard at the air monitor, but reviews scared me away.
    Still got an hour or so, so maybe I’ll wander back. Still might get some Ring stuff.

    • JFC says:

      I thought it was interesting that pretty much all the mobile phone deals offered were mostly all on the high end models in the $500 to $1,000+ price ranges… and very few in the more modest $150 to $300 range.

      Sorry, PD or not, but I’m not going to spend $500+ on a mobile phone, no matter how wonderful it might be!

  6. Patricia Beach says:

    I shopped some more and got a great deal on wet cat food.

  7. AC says:

    I was able to get the $99 Fire TV deal. Thanks for giving us the heads up! I woke up with a headache this morning and thought I would check at the top of the hour 6am and lucked out.

    Also got an air quality monitor, two 4K maxs and some various kitchen and household goods that aren’t as exciting. I also subscribed to a few 99 cent prime video channels.

    I was happy with the deals and think this has been the prime day I have spent the most on so far.

  8. JFC says:

    I also got the Amazon air quality monitor for its PM2.5 monitoring feature.

    Was bummed when I missed Amazon’s sale on it a few weeks back, and was hoping it would resurface as a Prime Day special…. But went thru the first day and a half and NOTHING… And those sneaky little ****s tossed it in at a great $42 price as a Lightning Deal just a few hours before the close of PD…

    Fortunately, I was monitoring my emails Weds. night, and caught one re the air quality monitor… Oddly though, even though I had the monitor on my Amazon Wish List, I got no notifications at all from Amazon itself, even though they sent me alerts for a bunch of other stuff I wasn’t interested in. Go figure :-(

    • I’ve found that you absolutely can’t rely on Amazon’s deal alerts, whether it’s a wishlist item, a watched upcoming lightning deal, or whatever. They either come in too late or, more likely, not at all. I’m glad you caught the email and got the air monitor. We’ll see (I got it too), but, hopefully, it’s a decent device.

  9. clark says:

    Fire tv cube 2 –
    $120 – $60 lightning deal
    $60 – $29 (20% off original price + $5 credit for FTV4K trade in)
    $31 + $2 tax =
    $33 final – awesome!

    • Stuart says:

      wait whats the difference between the firetv cube and firetv cube 2?

      • Features are the same, but the 1st-gen Cube came out in mid-2018 and is a much slower device because it uses a quad-core processer whereas the 2nd-gen Cube that came out in late-2019 uses a hexa-core processor and is the most powerful Fire TV ever. To put it into perspective, the Fire TV Stick 4K (not the Max) is more powerful than the first Cube. It’s because the first Cube needs to use nearly one of its 4 cores entirely for wake-word listening, so it’s always bogged down a bit.

    • It’s so great when the checkout screen has a laundry list of stacked discounts like that. Congrats on the great deal!

  10. Stuart says:

    Snagged the FireTV Cube. Been having my eye on this for some time and I got it for a whopping $32. Now have to snag the apk’s from my downloads folder on my current device so I can use my same apps on this new one

  11. Jim Carter says:

    Fire Cube, HDMI cable, tablet stand, remote cover/case, Google Pixel stand (wireless charger)

  12. Jeff Warantz says:

    Replaced a Firestick 4k, blaster and flex with a Firecube, updated a gen 1 Show 8 with a show 15. Also picked up some decent deals on a few kitchen and bath items we needed.

  13. Russ says:

    I got the $17 ftv stick to replace the last stick I had without power/volume control. I’m a happy camper.

  14. dennycranium says:

    I wanted an echo studio
    It stayed at full retail.
    I ordered one anyway, I saved enough on other purchases to justify the purchase.
    Also, I wasn’t able to buy any firesticks due to the amount I’ve purchased. I own several houses for student housing. Well, they have a habit of “disappearing” I’ve tried the business route but they comsider me a reseller so I have to go to several dealers to get a price match where only some will match it. I created several dummy accounts for orders and had them ship to pickup locatiom. I treated myself to a high DAP a fiio m17 plus (also at full retail) Amazon should lean on ALL the suppliers and insist that a discount be applied to ALL priducts, even it’s just a small token one. I’d have been happy with a $20.00 discount on the studio and a $50.00 duscount in DAP. Also during Prime Days firesticks should be no limits or higher limits. So many peiole ask me to get them one and I can’t

  15. Pat Siskin says:

    Thanks to you and your alerts, I got both TV ligntning deals. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are fantastic.


    Free money gift card
    Three Echo show 5
    Two echo dots
    Shark self empty robot vac
    Fire stick light, just for the remote

    I’m sorry I didn’t get the Firestick 4k Max at that price.

    I thought the prices were great, and the anticipation for al lthe great deals was intoxicating.

    I wasn’t disappointed in anything.

  16. BobD says:

    I got 2 smart plugs via your email deals. Thanks!

  17. Murderbot says:


    And some other cloths/household stuff with very few electronic items (no Amazon sticks, echos, etc.).

    Significant other did not allow (banned!) attempt for 50 inch door buster.

  18. Anthony Rossetti says:

    I got another kasa smart plug
    For the $3 deal
    And I scored the TV deal.
    I was disappointed they haven’t done the prime day credit to spend on prime day deal if you buy something at WF the week before in like 2 years now
    Also thought they could have done better on the air quality monitor
    I got one from Ikea before the prices went up along with their air purifier
    Not smart but there is a project to add it to home assistant by adding an esp8266 board which I want to do once I figure out how to set up HA
    Wish I got 1 or 2 more of the Ikea ones when they were $10
    Oh well maybe the Amazon one will go lower on BF

  19. Tony Ramirez says:

    All I bought were gummy candy. I don’t need a thing really.

  20. Don says:

    Hisense 50” 4k tv with Dolby vision/hdr/hdr @&339 ,ps 5 controller @$59, lightning deal 50” 4k Amazon fire tv@$99,echo show15 @179,Pioneer 43” fire tv with Dolby vision@199,echo dot with clock,Ethernet adapter and firetv cube v2 ,gift card with $12.50 bonus. 6 outlet wall plug with 3usb/1 c plugin. Great deals and delivered to cottage free. 2 tv table top stands.I wonder how many of the lightning deal 50” Amazon tv were sold. Had 1 in cart. Could not buy a second. But all TVs have places between lake and home locations. Thanks Elias!

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