Price Mistake! Get an Echo Studio for $114.98 before the price is corrected

Amazon has incorrectly listed the Echo Studio with a Smart Bulb for $114.98. The title of the listing says “Echo (4th Gen)” which explains the low price, but when you add the bundle to your cart, an Echo Studio gets added instead without changing the price. The Echo Studio alone normally costs $199.99 and the lowest price it has ever been is $149.99 during Prime Day last year. This price mistake saves you $85 off the regular price and $35 off the lowest price that the Echo Studio has ever been, without even factoring in that you get a free smart bulb with the deal. Be sure to checkout fast because this will surely be corrected very soon.


I’m sorry to say it, but it looks like Amazon has now completely taken down the listing. Congrats to those who were able to buy it during the aproximitley 40 minutes it was available.

  1. Jack says:

    Holy sh***! Elias, you’ve done it again. I still laugh about my $5 4k firestick.

  2. Bird man says:

    I got one. We will see if they honor it and how good it is.

  3. MMcD says:

    According to the top review of the Studio dated 3-28-21, this happened before. Would Amazon really make the same mistake twice? I ordered 3 BTW. Not sure why.

    • Charlie_ says:

      They didn’t make the same mistake twice. I noticed this mistake like three weeks ago. I was debating about buying one but decided to get an Anker Soundcore Motion+ instead.

      After I decided not to get one, I sent the tip to Elias. Amazon fixed it in 40 minutes. Haha.

      Well I hope everybody that wanted one was able to get one. :)

  4. Tim says:

    I got one. Went back to get a second one and it is now unavailable.

  5. Jack says:

    Based on my purchase, Amazon gave me 3 months of HD Audio for free, a $39 value. It just keeps getting better.

  6. MMcD says:

    Did anybody get theirs yet? I ordered three and they were originally supposed to be delivered by 10PM Tuesday. Tracking showed that they shipped, but were not out for delivery. Later Tuesday evening, I received emails that my packages were on the way but running late. The status stayed like this all day Wednesday. Now, on Thursday morning, the status is that my package (all three of them) may be lost. Is this Amazon’s way of keeping me from getting these at the reduced price?

  7. Mm says:

    Thanks to all involved for pointing this out. Ordered one, then quickly ordered a second one after briefly skimming over the glowing Z Reviews of it on YouTube.

    Very, very happy with em. Tested em out in Home Theater mode on the Cube. It’s not there yet to replace 5.1, but if you are watching an original stereo sourced movie you will get great spatial audio. I kept getting ambient audio bounced behind me and also a very wide soundstage.

  8. SB says:

    Anyone with 2 Echo Studios pair them up as stereo hear a click sound between songs while listening to your playlist from Amz Music?

    • MMcD says:

      Yes! Only with Amazon music. No issues with Spotify or other services. It was annoying, yet, nostalgic because it reminded me of the sound a tape recorder made between songs when I made my own mix tapes back in the day.

      I did not notice it on mine until I paired the two Studios with the Echo Sub. It could be that I did not play Amazon music before adding the Sub.

      I had three Studios, so I unpaired and re-paired with the other Studio, added the Sub and no clicking sounds.

      You might try unpairing everything and even a factory reset of the Studios to see if you can get them set up without the clicking between songs. I did search the internet and did not see anyone else with the problem. Maybe it is just us. Good luck.

      • SB says:

        Thanks for confirming. It is so irritating to have that click sound. I’ve tried resetting and moving the Studios closer to the router, problem still there. The strange thing is this problem happens only if two back to back songs are non-3D format; no problem anytime 3D format song is involved. Could you give this a try to see if same for you?

        I have a ticket open with AMZ to fix it. Perhaps they’ll fix it faster if more people report the problems.

        • MMcD says:

          Any updates on your end? Mine started making the pop again. I have not signed up for the 3D format, but I have played the sampler. No pops between those songs. Only between basic Amazon Music songs. I noticed that if I play my Studio pair in multi room music, the pop between songs occurs on my other devices too. Remove the Studio pair from the group or unpair the Studio devices and no pop. No issues with Spotify. I left a comment on the Amazon device forum. I will contact tech support if I don’t get a response. Resetting did not work for me.

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