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Amazon is currently running their best promotion ever for Amazon Music Unlimited. The offer gives you 4 months of music service for free with no purchase required and you don’t even need to be a Prime member. The terms of the offer say it is only for new subscribers, but it turns out that that is not true. If you tried Amazon Music Unlimited in the past, but are not currently subscribed, you too can get in on this deal and get 4 months for free.

When I posted about this deal yesterday, I explained that it was only for new subscribers, as the terms of the offer stated, but several readers have commented that previous subscribers do qualify. It turns out that after a few months of not having an active subscription, you’re considered a new subscriber once again and your account will again qualify for offers that are only available to new subscribers.

I tried it myself and, sure enough, it worked even though I was previously an Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber. Red text, saying that the offer was invalid, appeared on the offer page for me, but I proceeded anyway and signed up. I then checked my Amazon Music Subscription Settings. Even though it says “Free trial ends December 4, 2018” at the top, lower down on the page it says “On December 4, 2018, your Unlimited subscription will renew at $0.00/month. The following promotion applies after your free trial: 4 months free.” which verifies that I did qualify for the offer.

The holidays are a great time to have a music subscription and this deal will last well beyond that into the start of March. Amazon has offered similar extended free trials for Amazon Music Unlimited in the past, but they have always required some kind of purchase to go along with the offer. This is the first time they’ve offered 4 months for free with no purchase requirements at all. Just be sure to say “Alexa, remind me to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited on March 1st” if you need it. ;-)

  1. H.E.C. says:

    Thanks for an update, especially the part about the (in)validity of the offer. Was the red text on the subscribe page like this: “! The promotion is not valid” just above the standard selection of Individual or Family plan and big orange “Start your 30-day free trial” button? I’ve only that far and then decided not to use “only” 30 days trial …
    Also it says $9.99 for individual plan for me but you have $7.99. Is it because you’re Prime member?

  2. Jp says:

    Nope it says promomdors not apply and wants to charge me. Need a better explanation.

    • H.E.C. says:

      Have you been previous Music Unlimited subscriber and if yes how long ago? There is certain period of time which needs to pass before you’ll considered “new” subscriber again.

      • AFTVnews says:

        A commenter in the other post said that 5 months needs to pass. I wasn’t able to verify that, so I didn’t include that info in the post. For me, it has been over a year since I was a subscriber.

      • Jp says:

        I subscribed to it last year around Black Friday when there was a similar promo. But that was the last

        • cheryl jones says:

          jp i have the same issue. Last year black friday i think 3 months for .99 Not working for me this time around.

  3. cheryl jones says:

    jp i have the same issue. Last year black friday i think 3 months for .99 Not working for me this time around.

  4. AdaptDaBuLL says:

    Mine just says “The following promotion applies: Prime Day Promotion.” So unsure of the length of the free trial, but it says I’m being charged $0.00 in December, so I’m fine until at least January. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. JIm says:

    Nice – worked for me

  6. Auburn John says:

    Yep. Appears to have worked for me. I had the red ! warning but account says the full promo starts in Dec. I did have a free sub for about three weeks back in Feb. great deal. Thanks for heads up.

  7. DaKind says:

    NOPE. I got billed for $7.99 imeediately – BE CAREFUL

    • H.E.C. says:

      Well – the first link (posted in this article) will take you to the Promotion landing page. There you’ll click on the blue “Try now >” link which will take you to the standard Amazon sign-in page (unless you’re already signed in at your current browser session) and after that to normal Music Unlimited subscribe page. If the BIG orange button at the bottom page doesn’t say “Start your 30-day free trial” then indeed you’ll get charged. Otherwise you’ll start at worst case normal 30 day trial and at best 3+1 months trial.

    • Tony Ramirez says:

      Same here last time they had a joke of a promo that was mentioned here. Call CS and demand a refund.

  8. Tech3475 says:

    Its not uncommon with Amazon offers that they reset after a while, I usually visit the US once every 1-2 years and always qualify for free Prime trial.

  9. Riddlr says:

    When I click the Try Now link it brings up a page that includes the red invalid promotion text along with monthly subscriptions options. It has a blue join button and states I will be charged $7.99. Since it doesn’t say start a 30 day free trial on the button, I am pretty sure it won’t work. I had a sub last black Friday, but nothing since. I think you need to update the article to mention that the button has to say start your 30 day trial.

    • Tango says:

      Yep. I got charged. Had to call Amazon for cancelation and CC refund.

      • Tony Ramirez says:

        Did that last time they had a joke of a promo and I got charged. Same with YT Red related but yes I was a current sub and it said I can get it for free a month but I was still charged.

        Call support and demand a refund I got a refund on both joke of a service.

        They need to stop with this new subscriber only crap when you buy a Echo or a expansive speaker current or past sub still should quality for the free months. A real scam as only Pandora (T-mobile one day deal) or Apple Music give you free months even if you are a an current or past sub. BTW I sub to both as they are honest.

  10. JFC says:

    When I followed the link in the article here, it took me to the 4 free months promo page, and right underneath the big graphic, had the following text:
    “For a limited time, Echo owners get 4 months FREE of Amazon Music Unlimited.”

    Now, I’m a Prime member and an Echo Dot owner having bought one from Amazon about a year ago, and like others here, I think I signed up for my first Amazon Music trial during their special promotion about a year ago.

    The text underneath the graphic also says the offer will expire at 11:59 pm Pacific time on November 7.

    But when I clicked to actually take advantage of the promotion, it took me to a new page where it said in red, “The promotion is not valid.” And the only other content on the page seemed to be an orange box to click and start a $7.99 per month subscription.

    Ahh… now that I think about it, I also had an Amazon Music on Echo Dot only promotion a few months back, so that may have done me in.

  11. SSS says:

    Unsuccessful here. I have not had Amazon Music in the past year, so not sure why I did not qualify for this glitch (or perhaps they have corrected their error?).

    CS issued a refund quickly and easily, though.

  12. DJ says:

    Well that did not work, no free 4 months and got charged 9.99. normal Amazon cra*.

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