Pre-rooted ROM and better rooting procedure coming soon for the Fire TV 2


Although the 2nd-gen Fire TV has been rooted for several months now, I have chosen to not yet release a rooting guide. Many of you have been patiently waiting for the guide and I can tell you now that the wait has not been in vain. Ever since the great AFTVnews community pooled together to buy rbox a Fire TV 2, he has kept me updated on his tinkering progress with the new device. He is close to completing his work, so I can now tell you that the reason I haven’t published a rooting guide yet is because rbox will soon be releasing a better all-in-one process that installs a custom recovery, boot menu, and pre-rooted version (ROM) of the latest software update on the Fire TV 2 in one procedure.

The current rooting method uses an A-to-A USB cable to connect the Fire TV 2 to a PC and then modifies the Fire TV’s operating system, over a 2 hour period, to root the device. Rbox’s new procedure still uses an A-to-A USB cable, but instead of modifying the Fire TV’s operating system during the transfer, it instead transfers just enough data to boot a custom recovery. Rbox’s method transfers around 30KB instead of around 10MB like the current procedure. This reduces the transfer time significantly and, more importantly, is less prone to bricking the device. Once booted into the custom recovery, you simply flash rbox’s pre-rooted ROM which already contains a boot menu. This method is much safer because you don’t modify the Fire TV’s operating system until after you’ve booted into recovery and are certain the PC transfer has succeeded, which is where most failures have occurred for people having trouble with the current rooting procedure.

For as long as Amazon doesn’t block the data transferring method that Eric (aka zeroepoch) discovered, rbox’s method should work with future software versions without needing a different rooting package to be created for each software update, like the current rooting method needs. Rbox currently expects to have everything ready for release near the end of January. I’ll publish my guide for the process shortly after. Those who have already rooted their Fire TV 2 will be able to install the new custom recovery, boot menu, and pre-rooted ROM through a slightly different method. The Fire TV 2 is currently on sale for $84.99, so if you’ve been holding off buying one in hopes for a better rooting method, now’s the time to act while Amazon is still shipping rootable units.

  1. Chris wolfe says:

    Great news! I am currently rooted on last 5.0.31 I believe it was. When 5.04 was released I really didn’t feel like waiting all that time again and have to unroot and blah blah blah. With the new method on its way I’m just going to continue to wait. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it!

  2. Scott Howell says:

    You know my previous gen Fire TV has been rooted, and to be honest has been kind of pointless for me at least, as the only advantage I saw was installing Google Play, which it became easier to just side load. Nonetheless – it’s so much fun to tinker around, I’ll probably root my 2nd gen anyway. :-)

    • Bob Miller says:

      I’m also rooted with the latest avail ROMs and my AFTV v1 box won’t run YouTube, Pluto TV, or ESPN apps. So it’s wait for a current ROM or unroot. No problem on stock AFTV Stick.

  3. pete says:

    i have a rooted first gen firetv software version can i benefit from the new all in one process? i want to update my ftv 1st gen but not sure what to do.

  4. Max says:

    Still waiting for a new root for the first gen :/

  5. Rupert says:

    Can we check version on fire tv2 without conneting a network?
    Is a specific fire tv2 version required for the end of january root method?

    If so and it’s less than the latest version, Is there a way to update to that version now in anticipation?

  6. ks-man says:

    Decided to pick up a new v2 Fire TV to be safe. Have a rooted first gen but it sometimes stutters playing blu-ray rips through SPMC (Kodi) so seems worthwhile to buy a 2nd gen while they can still be rooted.

    Am I correct that I should connect it and update everything normally when I first get it (assuming no new software releases in the next few days) and then block updates after it has done the first connect?


  7. DJ1 says:

    Do u have the latest ETA on when u will have the rooting guide up.
    Hope its soon !!!

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