Pre-Rooted Fire TV Software Update Delayed

The latest Fire TV software update, version, is currently rolling out to devices. Those of you with rooted Fire TVs are going to have to wait a bit longer than usually before a pre-rooted version of the update is made available. Rbox, the developer behind the pre-rooted software releases has hit a major snag. I captured the update URL and forwarded it over to rbox as I always do. He used it to create a pre-rooted version and loaded it onto his Fire TV. Everything seemed fine until he rebooted the device. After rebooting, the Fire TV was dead. Well, almost dead. It seems to be in some sort of Qualcomm recovery mode that is preventing the bootloader from loading.

No word on how long the delay will be or if the issue can even be resolved. I believe rbox has only one Fire TV, so if you haven’t done so yet, now would be a great time to donate to rbox and keep his motivation going. Let him know in the donation comment that AFTVnews sent you so he knows this community is thankful for his hard work. Without him, those with rooted Fire TVs would be faced with the difficult decision of either keeping root or updating every time a new Fire TV update is released.

  1. BoomSchtick says:

    Donated… hope he gets it out of recovery.

  2. John Merrill says:

    Donation done. I hope hope we get a report regarding the contents of the latest firmware.

  3. Ivan says:

    Donated, keep up the work rbox and aftvnews!

  4. Riffmaker says:

    My Fire TV can no longer play Amazon video’s. I get a playback error. I’m using a rooted FireTV that boots into xbmc first. Is it because I blocked the upgrades that Amazon video’s no longer play?

    Is there a work around? I haven’t put on a custom rom or recovery on it. Its basically just rooted with busybox/supersu on it.

  5. D33h says:

    Donated also. Don’t have root but appreciate all the hard work being put in.

  6. ks-man says:

    Just donated also. Purchased my second Fire TV on Monday and it’s already rooted and launches straight to XBMC. Couldn’t have done it without Rbox.

  7. ks-man says:

    BTW, have you considered adding a forum to this site? Or do you prefer for people to just use the XDA Fire TV forum?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’ve considered it. What I don’t want is to have two discussions for each topic: one in the comments of a post and one in the forums. Once I get some extra time I want to do some research and testing to see if I can find a forum platform that can merge with blog comments.

      Ideally I want a comment on a blog post to live in the forum. So if you comment on a blog post, you’re essentially replying to a thread in the forum that was automatically created when the blog post was published.

      • ks-man says:

        Makes sense. The thing I never like about just using comments on a blog post is that the user questions if anybody is still monitoring it and answering questions. I may pull up a guide from 3 months ago and see that nobody has commented in months. If I have an urgent (1st world problem urgent..) issue and want to ask a question I’m not going to ask it there because I have no idea if anybody is going to look anymore. On a forum I can either create a new topic or respond to an old one that bumps it to the top so others can see and answer. Not to mention that forum search tools are better. I know nothing about forum platforms.

  8. Gene says:

    Man, I really want Prime Music, but from what I read of people who actually got the new update, it’s not there

  9. Icky_Thump says:

    Great news, Rbox has published a new prerooted ROM that seems to be working.

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