Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM Released


A pre-rooted custom ROM of the latest Fire TV software update has just been released by rbox. If you have a rooted Fire TV, head on over to the ROM download page to get your device updated to the latest stock software from Amazon without losing root. I expect to have my overview of this new update up by tomorrow, but my initial findings are that it contains only backend bug fixes and improvements over the previous version.

If you’re new to Fire TV rooting, check out my starters guide to learn how to root your Fire TV and how to use this custom ROM. As always, this ROM will not help you root a Fire TV, since your Fire TV must already be rooted to install it.

  1. Gerard Pinzone (@GerardPinzone) says:

    “Loseing” not “loosing.”

  2. Sean says:

    You’re also wrong; it’s losing.

    Also, thanks Rbox!

  3. Y.O. says:

    Hey everyone,
    I still have an original Fire TV (no updates), that I rooted and blocked updates on. Is it really worth it to follow the Starters Guide and go through all of the steps to get this or any pre-rooted custom rom? I basically only use the Fire TV for Kodi, Fox Sports Go, Netflix, and Watch ESPN. It seems a little complex, and I would hate to lose root in the process.

    • Sean says:

      I say yes.
      Even if you’re only mildly comfortable using a command line, I say go for it, but make sure to follow every step. It can be a bit of a pain to get it all setup but once you’re done updating it will be a breeze going forward with pre-rooted roms.

      • Someone says:

        I completely agree! Plus, if your only using it for what you said. Then if you somehow messed it up, everything your using will continue to function as it always has.
        I have no doubts in anyone’s ability to root. If your already rooted and past the setup portion where you have to disconnect from the Internet at the precise time then the remainder is much easier in my opinion. The only failures I’ve ever had was when I couldn’t get past the initial update process when you first turn on the FireTV. How irritating it is to know that you have a rootable FireTV just to get it updated on initial boot to an unrootable status!
        Your a few steps from the custom recovery menu!
        Once you have custom recovery installed. Your golden!!!

    • Someone says:

      Oh and ADBFire may be of some help to you. It has many root features that it performs automatically. Like install custom recovery and many other things.
      Check out XDADevelopers forums for some extra info on it and how to use it. It’s very easy to use!

      Figured I’d put it out there. I used the starter guide to root and update before I had known about this application. Now this app is my FireTV companion! At the very least it simplifies the use of ADB and SSH.

  4. Bruce says:

    Has anyone been able to upgrade to the latest 51.1.6.x firmwares AND use an EXT4 usb drive as their internal storage?

    I’m still running a firmware because I’m using a 256MB SSD drive as internal storage to keep my MKV files local for movie nights.

    • atoneapone says:

      I was wondering the same thing about using ext4 drives. Ext4 drives haven’t been recognized using stickmount on last couple of updates. If you want latest updates, You may have to move all your files to a formatted fat32 drive.
      (Do you know which usb ext storage method is better? the root requiring ext4 method or official usb storage update method.)

  5. Justin says:

    I have a rooted FireTV which is a few revisions back from the latest (sorry don’t have access to it right now to get version!). It does have the boatloader installed. Can I upgrade directly to this latest version, or do I have to step it up from one rev to the other?

    • Someone says:

      You just can’t skip from or older straight to this version!!!

      Figured I’d paste what AFTVNews had said since it’s easier to understand…

      Boot Menu MUST be installed BEFORE installing this ROM or you will brick your Fire TV.
      Boot Menu and ClockworkMod are NOT the same thing.
      You MUST first have installed Pre-Rooted ROM version at some point before installing this version.
      You don’t have to downgrade to if you are running a newer pre-rooted ROM.
      You just can’t skip from or older straight to this version.

  6. Someone says:

    This update requires FireTV Boot Menu.
    If you don’t already have or newer, you must flash first.

    Those are the only 2 prerequisites.

  7. tuxen says:

    Has anyone discovered this new feature; hold down home button and fire tv will display a full screen clock with 3 options: sleep, mirroring, and settings. I discovered it by accident and it took a while to realize wth I pressed.

  8. tuxen says:

    btw. the menu is still there if you do it from the homescreen, but for example when in settings it will be full screen, a bit odd.

  9. tuxen says:

    Oh missed that.. I otherwise follow your site, but have had heath issues the last months so I guess I didn’t read back properly through the revisions before applying the latest preerooted rom :) so got surprised when I accidently did something I had to figure out how to reproduce. Like we all know it’s not like anyone exactly advertise stuff like this but you, so I had a feeing you had it covered somewhere. Excellent site. Thanks!

  10. Y.O. says:

    Hey everyone, I would like to install this pre-rooted rom on my rooted Fire TV, but I cannot get past the downgrade part of the guide for the life of me!

    I am attempting to downgrade my rooted (w/BusyBox) Fire TV to 510058520, in order to eventually install your pre-rooted firmware. However, I continue to get the “downgrade install failed” message upon reboot. I read all of the comments in the downgrade post at AFTVnews, and still can’t figure it out. (I’m using a Mac computer).

    Here is my log:
    User-1s-MacBook-Pro:~ user1$ ./adb push /Users/user1/APK\ Files/recovery.img /sdcard/
    940 KB/s (10485760 bytes in 10.886s)
    User-1s-MacBook-Pro:~ user1$ ./adb shell
    shell@android:/ $ su
    dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/recovery command <
    root@android:/cache/recovery # exit
    shell@android:/ $ exit
    User-1s-MacBook-Pro:~ user1$ ./adb push /Users/user1/APK\ Files/ /cache
    1017 KB/s (415956067 bytes in 399.180s)
    User-1s-MacBook-Pro:~ user1$ ./adb reboot recovery

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