Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM Released

Rooted Fire TV owners rejoice. A pre-rooted version of the latest Fire TV software update has just been released by rbox. As always, you can downloaded this latest ROM over at the ROMs page and install it in the usual manner. This update only includes bug fixes over the previous version, so it’s really nice of rbox to release this pre-rooted ROM since he often skips updates that don’t add any new features. This ROM allows those with rooted Fire TVs to update to the absolute latest software version without losing root.

  1. Irfan says:

    Hi Bro,
    I recently bought AFTV box and how can i rooted my newly device with your pre-rooted customs roms, kindly send my complete guide from star to end, if it possible to send me video guide, thanks

  2. Greg says:

    why cant I search for fireTV apps anymore? if i use the voicesearch and look for HBO Go. it says no results found. if i goto the Apps tab on main menu, it just shows all of the apps including side loaded apps. but cant find the actual amazon firetv app store.

  3. Greg says:

    also cant launch any apps from home>recent column after installing the pre-rooted rom

  4. Greg says:

    can I rollback to an older firmware and re-root since I have clockwork mod? This pre-rooted rom is useless to me if I cant install hbogo or launch apps for home screen. also if kodi is run, you must kill it after and clear cache to watch netflix or prime. kind of a PITA

  5. Ben says:

    I’ve Released: 4/15/2015 from rbox and its working great, anyone else having the same problems as Greg?

    I would imagine if there is something wrong with from rbox, he would have pulled it by now, right?

    • Greg says:

      when you goto apps on your main menu, does it show all your apps as icons?? including your sideloaded apps? it seems like this is a tweak that came with this rom, but like i said it prevents me from searching for amazons firetv apps

      • LucidNightmares says:

        I force my firetv to do that by disabling some system apps. Something is wrong if this is happening by itself.

  6. Ben says:

    With Released: 4/15/2015 by rbox, no problem with voice search (tested HBO and came up with two results HBO & HBO Go), launching APS from recent APS also no problem!

    I’m using Lama to use the “Classic TV” Icon for launching Kodi 14.2 and launching “Classic TV” from recent APS also no problem!

  7. Ben says:

    Yes, all side loaded APS on main screen are all in icons, just like the regular default AFTV icons.

    • Greg says:

      thanks for checking that!! I cant seem to figure out what my issue is. tried reinstalling a couple times no luck

      • Ben says:

        Maybe try to use the same rom I’m using Released: 4/15/2015 and NOT the latest and if you problems are gone, then you know for sure what’s causing your problems.

  8. Andrew says:

    Xposed installer is broken for me now. I saw some people having this issue too on other phones. I did a soft reboot and all that other stuff.

    I want my wallpapers back :/

    It says xposed can only be installed through recovery now.

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