Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM Released

A pre-rooted version of the latest Fire TV software update has just been released by rbox. Pre-rooted ROM version includes the new X-Ray feature and the new photo favorites feature, as well as various bug fixes. As always, you can download this ROM from the AFTVnews ROM page and install it using this guide. This ROM allows those with rooted Fire TVs to update tot he latest software version without losing root.

Remember, you must have the boot menu and have installed version or later before installing this ROM or you will brick your Fire TV. If you’re not sure about the current state of your Fire TV or are new to custom ROMs, follow my starters guide to ensure you follow the proper steps. It will walk you through all the steps to get your rooted Fire TV updated to this latest software version.

  1. Colin says:

    Do we know yet how these most recent roms will affect those of us who followed the guide to move our storage to an external drive ahead of Amazon allowing usb storage? I haven’t been able to find an answer to that.

    • fatman06 says:

      I had to revert back to internal storage before I could flash ahead. I tried without reverting and the update failed. The problem I found though is you then have two different builds one on your external and one internal. I had to redownload any apps that I downloaded on my external. I didn’t bother switching back after updating.

      • angra says:

        So “MountDatatoUSB” still works with the newest custom ROM?
        I only have to revert to internal storage -> update -> and can go back to external storage?
        That would be really great.
        I thought that I read somewhere that “MountDatatoUSB” no longer works with the latest updates!

  2. Snorkel says:

    Why where people getting bricked devices with the last rbox rom?
    I have the boot menu and the last stable rbox rom before the last one he released am I save to update?

  3. Snorkel says:

    ok will be safe to update if I am currently running

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, but be sure you have the boot menu installed. Even though it’s incorrect, it’s possible to have installed without the boot menu.

  4. Dicap says:


    I brickef my AFTV with this new rom, blocked on color bootlogo.
    All the requirements have been follow, can i fix this without wipe to factory ?

    • ben says:

      hook up a keyboard and press ctrl+alt+i until it reboots do this 3-5 times and it will take you to recovery menu then just adb the firmware you were previously on to your sdcard and install it

      • Dicap says:

        Hi Ben,
        Thanks for your anbswer but already did it, now i m freeze with with logo nothing else.
        There is a way to fix this, i can’t enter to recovery.
        Thanks a lot

        • justino says:

          It takes more like 8 times for me, the first few I would power cycle after a 5 minutes. It will start to reboot on its own and flicker a few times, just keep letting it reboot and press the key combo, you will get it eventually.

          • Dicap says:

            Hi Justino,
            I tried during 2 days no way to get the recovery after first flicker the combo is not efficient.
            I tried with AA cable, i can connect in fastboot but can t flash or boot, i get error “remote: xxx not allowed for locked hw”
            when i check my bootloader i have bootloader unclok : true but tempered : false
            i tried to unlock with fastboot ome unlock, i get success witk OKAY but no change.
            I can’t connect to adb to send file locally.
            i tried aslo usbboot for Kindle but no way to shortcut the PIN.
            if Rbox read this i hope he could help me or give me the death kick.
            Need help please

  5. eskay993 says:

    Works perfectly for me. Upgrading from previous rooted rom and of course did the checksum test! Thanks aftvnews and rbox as always.

  6. AQKhan says:

    I don’t think MountData2USB works with these newer ROMs. Or Link2SD for that matter. It would be the bees knees to have the new features (Bluetooth headphones for one) AND better usb storage capabilities…

  7. mj says:

    hi. i still cant get this to work. i have fw now. i have the bootload fully unlock. i have cwm on it. but when i flash and this one. it bricks my fire tv. it stay at the logo. why’s this happening ?

  8. justino says:

    $ ./adb shell getprop
    bueller-user 4.2.2 JDQ39 test-keys
    $ ./adb push /sdcard/
    4489 KB/s (474889220 bytes in 103.307s)
    $ ./adb shell md5 /sdcard/
    de2ab7f2d3072e10d3e592b73ca52750 /sdcard/
    $ ./adb reboot recovery
    whoops keyboard must be connected first!
    ./adb reboot recovery
    Install from zip blah blah #why is it in /sdcard/0/ ?
    Amazon kernel detected not patching.
    Upgrade complete.

    Esc Esc reboot
    wait forever……


    So If I can’t get alt-i-prsc to work, how do I flash with an A to A cable.


  9. rob says:

    From the last firmware update, I seem to lost alt-tab functionality using the usb key board. Anybody in the same boat?

    Does wiping cache/data help?

  10. Peter says:

    I think I have given up on playing netflix. It just gets stuck at 99% and only audio plays. I have tried everything. even going back to an older rom. Has anyone else experienced this? I followed the guides here to the T installing boot loader etc.

    I could just mirror from my mac to xvmc but really!?

    • Peter says:

      Fixed it! Delete Netflix, Unregister and Reregister fire tv on Amazon then redownloading netflix fixed this :)

  11. Asadani says:

    It worked for me on two firetv devices. I don’t have an external drive connected. Still on the internal storage/rooted with bootmenu

  12. westc0ast says:

    somehow my amazon App Store is messed up.i can’t launch it and the main screen app section has all my installed apps showing up.

  13. westc0ast says:

    not sure when this happened.but is there a special fire tv apk for the App Store?

  14. David E says:

    Just upgraded from to this version ( and the official FireTV Android app is working for the first time for me (using a wired connection). So somewhere in between those two versions they seem to have fixed something on the firmware side for wired connections.

  15. agus says:

    This is for andorid smrtphone?

  16. Dinh Bui says:

    After updated to rom, my AFTV is no longer detect usb drive, even with stick mount, I try to downgrade to old old version, my usb works again, and then come back to the latest rom, the problem is still the same.
    Anyone can help me ?

  17. Snorkel says:

    I updated all 3 of my rooted fire tvs to this version and had no issues :-)

  18. Andrew says:

    I cannot select “Music” from the menu, the selection automatically switches to a seemingly random item when I try. Is there are trick to that?

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