Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM Released

In record time, rbox has released his pre-rooted version of the latest Amazon Fire TV update. I captured and gave him the update URL a few hours ago and he has already created a pre-rooted version. As always, you can download it from my ROM page and install it in the usual manner. In order to install this pre-rooted ROM, your Fire TV must: already be rooted, have rbox’s boot menu, and be currently running pre-rooted software version,,, or If your Fire TV is running software version or older, whether it’s pre-rooted or stock, you should follow my starters guide to get you updated correctly to this pre-rooted ROM. If you appreciate rbox’s work or mine, and want to show your appreciation, you can donate to rbox or myself.

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  1. Richard Killingsworth says:

    I’m working on installing this as we speak. Finally no more need for Stickmount to use my USB drive.

  2. Elad says:

    Now that there is a pre root image, How can we unmount default usb storage (Hard drive) and mount (Hard Drive) using other app (like Stickmount) which can mount NTFS format ?


  3. Noel says:

    will updating to this ROM keep the same Kodi settings i have on? LIkewise, when updating, and using stickmount, will that feature be disabled now that the FTV will have USB external storage support?

    I’d like to update but just keep everything in tact with the new features enabled; keeping my current setup with a usb thumb drive storing the thumbnails and what not.

  4. young says:

    Well i just updated it everything is exactly the same.. I did notice a message from amazon saying it was checking my usb stick to see if it was compatible so external usb is definately a go.. How do access it I have no idea though. There does not seem to be any interface in any of the menus to look at my usb drive. Also was there supposed to be a way to put shortcuts on the homescreen with this update I do not see that either.

    • Noel says:

      to access external it has to be formatted a specific way, i believe FAT32 but prior to that, using it with KODI you needed exFAT. To see the external storage you have to go to system > about > storage and it will show you the internal AND external storage IF you have the right format external storage attached. I have a USB hub, i think i might just get another USB drive and format it to FAT32 and it should recognize it.

      I updated myself and everything seems to be the same, however, STICKMOUNT usually has a green thumbnail icon BUT mine is shaded grey. It SAYS it’s mounted but i’m unsure how to test it, running shows and saving it to the routed thumbnails folder on the stickmount.

      I DID notice that the bluetooth headset feature was cool, a little lag in sound but nice. I tried running it with a TV show i was streaming with KODI and all it was static feedback, the show was a 720p 5.1 channel and didn’t get any sound, just loud static.

      • Noel says:

        removed my usb drive, formatted it to FAT and plugged it back into the hub. Amazon fire tv recognizes it from the bat and when going into foldermount, it recognizes it as well and i’m able to direct my thumbnails to the drive (green pin). Don’t need stickmount now that FireTV recognizes it.

        I was unsure if whether i should have the whole KODI file just routed to the thumbdrive as it could potentially store the cache inside there – but since i have my cachebuff settings to 1 with a high cachemembuff setting it doesn’t really matter right?

        Does anyone use their USB drive to store anything OTHER than thumbnails or download stuff from KODI directly to the thumbdrive?

        • Noel says:

          well goes to show me, when mounting the thumbnail folder to the external USB, i lost all thumbnails. I couldn’t even access the addon’s under video. Now i’m just stuck with a barebones Kodi. Would hate to just reinstall everything and setup the whole thing all over again, any suggestions on how to move the thumbnail’s back to the Kodi folder and have it back to what i use to have it?

          • awdahelwidit says:

            Delete textures.db file from database folder in (kodi) userdata profile folder. It will then rebuild thumbnails and be back to functional.

      • John Merrill says:

        You won’t get bluetooth audio with anything but stereo. I don’t know about DTS stereo; I haven’t tried it.

  5. mboeru says:

    Can this be installed over ? Or do I need to go back to or

  6. Paul Savage says:

    how can i put kodi on the ext usb

  7. ians325 says:

    Any chance of a unrooted version for those of us that cant root

  8. bula1ca says:

    Did anyone using MountSDCARDtoUSB installed this update? Would HD still be recognized after installing I am asking this question as I do not want to lose my updated s/w and I am not sure if I should reverse MountSDCARDtoUSB before updating or update as is. Thank you.

  9. fassfa says:

    My advice if your installing a new ROM on any android device… Always start fresh..

  10. Sdub says:

    The install instructions say you need ClockworkMod custom recovery, and the ClockworkMod instructions say you need to be already rooted.

    I have a FireTV that is on the latest un-rooted firmware. Is there any way to root? Or are these updates only for boxes that are already rooted to continue riding the wave?

    • chris wolfe says:

      At this time there is no root for latest firmware you currently have. The recently released rooted firmware is for those who already had root from earlier firmware that was rootable.

  11. Scott Howell says:

    Is it safe to upgrade from realbbb’s rom? I’m assuming it is.

  12. chris wolfe says:

    Received update on all 3 of my fire tv’s last night. Just got done updating them all to rooted firmware that was just released. I’ll post again once I know how everything tests out.

  13. Electropalar says:

    First of all sorry but my english is very poor.
    Now i have a NTFS external hdd mounted with stickmount with movies and pictures. If i upgrade the fire tv i’ll need to format the hdd to fat32 or i can still use stickmount?
    How can i choose if the apps will be installed in the internal memory or in the external drive?

    • Mike says:

      I have this same exact question. I’m rooted, and using an NTFS-formatted hard drive which has movies > 4GB on it. Formatting at fat32 isn’t an option, as I wouldn’t be able to keep those >4GB files on the drive. Assuming I can still use StickMount with my NTFS hard drive, and also get native fat32 USB support, i might actually upgrade :)

  14. chris helms says:

    i just got xcom and don’t have internal space anymore… is it possible to put apps on an external drive?

  15. ians325 says:

    Any1 got a unrooted version ? to download

  16. Roberto says:

    I updated and everything is working good. I moved all my apps into internal storage and erased some. The problem that I am having is that internal memory is still low. There is nothing I see in internal hogging that much space. How can I fix this?

  17. Joe Mama says:

    If you have any of Jmandawg’s mount /data scripts running I would tread very, very lightly. I updated to this firmware this morning and have been spending the last several hours trying to fix everything as the mount partial to /data script at the very least no longer works. The update seemed to go through fine but I can no longer get the FTV to recognize the external hard drive. I’ve decided to just backup the contents of the drive, reformat it as fat32 and start over fresh. This was not how I was planning to spend the weekend :/

  18. Roberto says:

    I’m thinking about erasing everything and starting fresh. If I factory reset everything, will I lose root, recovery, boot image and Ota block?

  19. Chris says:

    BE CAREFUL – this bricked 2 of my fire TV’s. Both were rooted on the with the latest CWM. Update when just as I would expect, then on reboot all I get is the while amazon logo and a black screen. No recovery via keyboard either. Really dumb of me to try it again on a second box, but I thought there is no way, these firmware updates have been solid. This one failed me bigtime. There went two rooted fire tv’s. Anyone successfully updated from this version of the firmware?

    • ben says:

      this also happened to me

    • mjbxx says:

      It would be nice to understand why the Fire TV has been bricked. I will not attempt to install this ROM update until confirmation from AFTVnews that it is safe to do so.

      • ben says:

        not sure but i can do the alt+i+printscreen to get to recovery because the bootmenu has somehow been disabled but i reinstalled and it did not work i am going to try to downgrade now

        • joe says:

          The same happened to me.

          I’ve checked the md5 after copying the update to my FireTV.
          Running the last CWM.

          But alt+printscreen+i is not helping.

          Any suggestions?

    • Y314K says:

      This type of issues need to be posted @ On the main thread so they can address one way or another…

      I am waiting to make sure any issues are ironed out before upgrading all my FTV’s to the latest…

    • luxferro says:

      If you have a fully unlock bootloader you’re not totally bricked if the bootloader still works.

      Unplug power, plug in usb A-to-A cable, and then power up aftv. It should boot into the bootloader automatically. from there you can do a fastboot flash recovery cwr_filename.img
      or fastboot boot cwr_filename.img

      then a fastboot boot recovery to get into it. Once there you should be able to restore one of your backups, or someone elses.

  20. MK says:

    if you want to go back to stock – check this guide

    *don’t do factory reset you’ll regret later.

  21. MK says:

    I’m keeping my current stable rooted version by rbox until all the kinks have been ironed out. Hate to lose some of the USB functionality.

  22. ben says:

    after doing alt+i+printscreen i reinstalled and it is working fine now i will wait for this to get a update

  23. Saudagar says:

    I have “ updated ” version on my firetv. But is a rooted version since i had an earlier version which was rooted and then i moved to this.
    My Qtn: Can i install the rbox boot menu as its a rereq for this update?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yes, you can and need to install rbox’s boot menu before installing

      • Saudagar says:

        Thanks.. I realized that i do have a CWM also installed for me. do i still need to unlock the bootloader when i have a CWM recovery installed? What guide should i follow for my case

  24. fassfa says:

    For the people who are having problems, did u check that the md5 matched on your download of the ROM?

  25. ben says:

    i figured it out if you have install not by rbox then you have to first reflash rbox bootmenu then install all working fine now

    • AFTVnews says:

      That’s not true. Many, including myself, have installed pre-rooted over pre-rooted without first reflashing the boot menu and have had no issues.

  26. AQKhan says:

    The burning questions for me would be:

    1. speed of the USB storage as compared to using the existing (Link2SD or Jmandawg’s scripts) methods. Is it more sluggish, or faster or about the same?

    2. Using more than one storage device on a hub? Is it possible with the new update or are we limited to one storage device?

    3. If we use a USB HDD will the system be able to sleep/wake the drive as needed? Or is Amazon thinking most people will just use flash or SSD drives and so no need to try and deal with constantly spinning HDDs?

  27. Angelo says:

    I did install the costume firmware and now my Amazon Fire TV is BRICKED. I check the Md5sum and is correct. Any Advice or procedure to unbricked ????????

    • ben says:

      did you have installed

      • Angelo says:

        yes I have installed

        • ben says:

          that is why you need to reflash rbox bootmenu then you can install the new update

          • ben says:

            also you can just install back over your bricked firetv just hook up a keyboard and keep pressing alt-i-printscreen it will restart do it 3-5 times and the recovery menu will finally come up then just reinstall reflash rbox bootmenu then update to the new one

          • Angelo says:

            You mean to reflash rbox boot menu by doing the guide posted here in AFTV News. Following the commands ect… To end up with the boot screen with multiple choice boot screen???

    • Angelo says:

      Thanks it works!!!!! Now restoring to stable pre rooted
      until a fix come out.

    • Ranj says:

      Not sure what happened but I feared the worst and thought I had a brick with my first device, used this trick I’d never heard of and was able to get back into root and install my previous fw…thanks so much for pointing out this tip.

      I may try again in a day or two.

  28. westc0ast says:

    I’m on by:realbbb
    is there a prerequisite i should know about before updating to insure i do not brick?

    • ben says:

      if you have not reflashed rbox bootmenu since you have installed this then you need to before you update or it will brick and you will have to downgrade

  29. AFTVnews says:

    I don’t believe the issue people are having is related to the pre-rooted ROM. Myself and many other have installed the pre-rooted ROM over a Fire TV running the pre-rooted ROM without having any issues.

    The issue seems to be very isolated, so I don’t know the cause, but my gut tells me it’s either caused by an improperly installed boot menu or by a corrupted ROM transfer/push over ADB.

    If your Fire TV can’t boot or if you are not confident in the stability of your boot menu installation, my advice is the same:

    You should install pre-rooted ROM version “
    updated”. Installing this version will overwrite (remove) the boot menu and reset your Fire TV. You should then install the boot menu and then install pre-rooted ROM

    You should also check the md5 hash value of any ROM you push to the Fire TV by using busybox’s md5 utility on the Fire TV itself. You can see how to do this in my boot menu installation guide.

    • jay says:

      I tried to install boot menu on and it is stuck on Amazon logo(white logo) on reboot, can’t go anywhere from here, alt + prt_screen doesn’t help either, any inputs on this?

      • westc0ast says:

        rbox boot menu then firetv logo then reboot and repeat. same thing happened to me. luckily i was able to use a usb keyboard at boot menu , whent into cwm then adb’d the latest rooted firmware and it worked.

      • AFTVnews says:

        Does your Fire TV have a fully unlocked bootloader? If it does, you can try using an A-to-A USB cable to connect it to a PC and run the command:

        fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

        (Download the .img file from

        I haven’t tried this yet myself, so I don’t have a guide, but it should work. After flashing recovery, you should be able to enter recovery using the alt+print_screen method.

        • bula1ca says:


          Does CWN has to be the same as what was installed previously or any version will do it? Jus curios. Thank you.

        • mj says:

          hi. i cant get this to work. it bricked everytime i try. i have a qustion. do i keep the Rbox’s boot menu for the new update to work. cause i have the new CWM reconvery on it. it boots to it with no problems. ?

    • justino says:

      Tried update, now I think I am bricked.

      Did get something like – “Amazon kernel detected not patching”
      read in an older thread that this was ok.

      checked md5 sum on aftv

      Was on – fixed – rbox

      Chose not to implement fully unlocked boot loader per this comment on guide –

      “For now, the average person will gain very little from fully unlocking their Fire TV’s bootloader if they’ve already partially unlocked the bootloader. So there’s not much reason to follow this guide yet, but hopefully that will change as custom ROMs get developed for the Fire TV. At which point this guide will become more useful.”

      Tried this –
      to no avail. It did seem to reset a few times, but no recovery option or CWM.

      Sniffing on router/dhcp log shows no network activity from aftv.

      Should have waited, but the functional usb disk mounting was too tempting.

      Ideas anyone?


      • MK says:

        justino – You can try to install clockworkmod and recover back to an older pre-rooted rom. Good luck!

      • MK says:

        1. Have usb keyboard connected.
        2. power on FTV.
        3. Press and hold alt + print + i screen button
        4. Now tricky part is to keep pressing i button for 2 seconds so that the screen flickers for about 4-6 times until FTV reboots.
        5. When it reboots you will see a red exclamation mark and u should Now hit your home key button.

        • MK says:

          try this at the colored logo – as its booting hold right arrow(outside of circle on remote)and back button at same time for 10 to 15 seconds You will see light on unit turn yellow and it will come on to ok or cancel a factory reset .

          If continue to fail, last resort – Return to Amazon if its still under warranty.

          • justino says:

            Hi MK, thanks – I did try all these steps already, but tested again today. I will try tomorrow with a different keyboard just to be 100% sure.

            I would recommend anyone else prior to trying thi risky update –

            Fully unlock boot loader and test that you can connect via adb per recovery method – and/or test that you can get back into CWM without ‘adb reboot recovery’ from a booted system. Having current and new ROM versions in /sdcard/ would also be a very good idea!


          • justino says:

            Holy cra! I let it sit for ~10 minutes it rebooted on its own. I let it do it again and then on the next reboot tried alt-i-print and behold CWM!

            was able to adb push the old rbox ROM and install and boot that! – So back on – fixed.

            Note – adb in CWM does not seem to route, so you must be on the same subnet!


    • DR says:

      Hi AFTVnews!
      I have “″ version on my FTV. And I have BusyBox installed, but not sure how to check whether I have the boot menu now?

      Do I need to downgrade, to install this Pre-Rooted Custom Rom?

      Please advise.

  30. westc0ast says:

    the usb hdd won’t work unless stickmount is loaded and the usb is mounted.

  31. Scott Howell says:

    No issues upgrading from prerooted, here.

  32. Colin says:

    A few months ago, I followed the guide to move all of my storage to external. I’m using a 1tb drive constantly connected to my AFTV. How will this affect my moving to this new update? Is it even possible, considering I’ve (assumedly) altered the paths in the drive to use my external HDD instead of internal storage?

  33. fassfa says:

    Are there files needed in .3 that’s not in .1 to install the .50 build?

  34. Honeyarjun says:

    This update bricked my Fire TV. I have been updating these custom ROMs for 2 Fire TVs for the past 6 months and follow the steps to the T. Not sure what happened this time – the screen is stuck in Amazon fire Tv logo . Alt+printscreen+i not working :(.

    • ben says:

      Alt+printscreen+i must do it multiple times like 5 times before it will take you to recovery

      • Honeyarjun says:

        Thanks. After pressing alt+printscreen+i multiple times I can get to recovery screen but since I didnt have recovery.img in /sdcard I tried factory reset. It erased all the data and not doing anything else. Again stuck at Fire TV logo. Since I did factory reset not able to use adb as well. Not sure what else I can do at this point.

  35. DR says:

    Hi AFTVnews!
    I have “″ version on my FTV. Do I need to downgrade, to install this Pre-Rooted Custom Rom?

    Please advise.

  36. JIPsy says:

    Much thanks to AFTVnews and rbox. I just updated to from I have followed AFTVnews’ guides line by line. After I originally updated to, I installed BusyBox, per the guide. For those of you that haven’t updated yet, be sure to install BusyBox first, per AFTVnews’ new guide he just posted ( I’m guessing those that updated to did not reinstall BusyBox afterwards and now are partially bricked.

    I cannot thank AFTVnews enough! All your hard work is much appreciated!

  37. WildeCard says:

    I successfully updated mine with the new pre-rooted version. No problems here. I was running rbox’s boot menu before the update. I’m very happy with the usb storage!

  38. mjbxx says:

    Finally updated to from successfully. It appears that the Pre-Rooted ROM used is not an issue. You just have to follow AFTVnews guides to the letter and not skip anything. I freely admit that it was rather nerve racking doing so after seeing all these Fire TV brick reports.

  39. Berry says:

    I need help guys.

    I loaded and installed the latest firmware and once I completed the process in CWM it booted and won’t go pass the Amazon fire TV logo.

    I was able to get back into CWM by pressing alt prt scr and I on my usb keyboard
    So now what? When I am at the CWM screen I have the options to install a zip file, clear partitions, restore to factory…

    What can I do at this point to bring my fire TV back to the home screen?

  40. Ken says:

    Thanks a lot! Successfully updated my 2 Fire TVs from prerooted Installation was no different from the other roms

  41. Noel says:

    as with most people that get plagued with storage space, is there any other way to have thumbnails store onto the external hard drive? Has anyone tried storing the repositories or “add ons” to an external drive?

  42. Joshi says:

    Don’t know why rbox insist on linking updates to his ‘boot menu’, all these inter-dependencies just make it more risky to update.

    How about releasing a clean prerooted firmware like realbbb’s that doesn’t require rbox boot menu.

  43. Vox says:


    I am unable to downgrade from to in order to eventually upgrade to rbox’s Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM.

    I followed all the steps here I even followed the steps in case downgrading fails on the same page but I continie to get a message that System update failed.

    I noticed that adbfire 1.22 allows you to unlock bootloader – can I try this to unlock bootloader?

    Please advise!


  44. snorkel says:

    I have the boot menu installed and the rbox ROM before this one from late Nov 2014 I think, is it safe to update?

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