Pre-Rooted & CyanogenMod ROMs in the works for the Amazon Fire TV


Amazon Fire TV modder Rbox has chimed in over on the XDA forums to let us know that his pre-rooted version of the Fire TV’s latest software update, version, is in the works. Since the update consists of only bug fixes and no new features, he feels this is a good opportunity to spend a little extra time working out an ongoing issue with the included SuperSU app before releasing the ROM. But that’s not the only thing he’s working on.

Rbox has also dropped a big tease on us by posting the above image. He is working on a CyanogenMod 12 ROM for the Fire TV. For those unfamiliar with CyanogenMod, it is a very popular custom version of the Android operating system. If Rbox pulls off the monumental task of porting CyanogenMod, he will have created the first full fledged custom ROM with pure Android for the Fire TV. Being able to install CyanogenMod on the Fire TV means having unrestricted access to the hardware’s full potential. For starters, you could install the recently released Android TV Launcher and essentially turn your Fire TV into a Nexus Player if you’d like.

Rbox says CyanogenMod is still “very far from something flashable” and not yet even booting up fully. However, the prospect is definitely exciting for rooted Fire TV owners.

  1. Ross says:

    Great that people are working on adding great new functionality to the fire tv. Unfortunately being in the UK mine is sat unused in a box until either a) I’m able to root the UK firmware or b) Amazon open up the USB port for storage uses.

  2. Brian says:

    Thought android tv launcher was only compatible with ADT-1 and Nexus player, or is there a way around it?

  3. Teddy says:

    awesome news I donated to him last week he is a beast for our device and other devices hes worked on really excited about the cm port hopefully we can get a lollipop port ;)

  4. Scott says:

    Will this work on the fire tv stick also, once it’s completed? I think I read you have to hardware-root the stick as of right now, though.

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