Pre-Rooted Fire TV Custom ROM Released

After a surprisingly short delay, Rbox has figured out the issue with his initial version of this ROM and has released a new fixed version. Rest assured, Rbox says he knows exactly what went wrong with the first release and is confident this version will not have the same issue. Several people , including myself, have already installed it and are reporting that everything is working as expected. Rbox wanted me to pass on his thanks to the AFTVnews community for all the donations we sent to help replace his bricked Fire TV. Bravo to everyone who helped out.

As always, you can download the new release from the ROM page at Be aware that Rbox’s Boot Menu is now required to install this and future versions. Remember, your Fire TV needs to already be rooted to install any pre-rooted ROM and you can follow my guide to install this via ClockworkMod Custom Recovery.

  1. Icky_Thump says:

    I updated to this latest rom since yesterday and so far it seems to be working fine.
    The phone app is still not working for me (it endlessly keeps searching for the Fire TV device)

  2. Redindian says:

    Just installed this and working great! Including the Amazon Prime Music. Great work and thanks for the guides. Donated to both rbox and you!

  3. Chunk says:

    Just installed this and having Netflix issue, can’t stream anything, all other video apps work fine, Netflix just gives “trouble playing this title right now” error when going to play any movie.

  4. TMC says:

    works great. thanks to rbox and this site.

  5. Chunk says:

    Is anyone else having the same issue with Netflix? Please let me know.

  6. Chunk says:

    It appears I’m an idiot. Missed the MUST install part for the prior version…will try that.

    • Redindian says:

      Just to let you know, having no problems here with Netflix.

    • m says:

      What do you mean “must install part”? What step did you miss? Thanks! Just want to make sure I’m ready if I see the same issue.

      • Bruce says:

        I believe Chunk was referring to the fact you have to have the pre-rooted ROM installed (as well as rbox’s new boot menu) before installing the pre-rooted ROM.

  7. David says:

    Need help. I ended up installing by accident a few other directories and these ROM files take up 400 MB’s a pop so I have a bunch of unwanted files and a total of 1.1 gig now in my SDCard folder.

    How do I remove all the files? I installed ES File Explorer but can’t figure out how to delete files using that app. I hooked up a keyboard to it and I was able to open folders but can’t remove anything

    • bula1ca says:

      Use ES File Explorer app to erase unwanted files.

    • Bruce says:

      David, I believe in ES File Explorer if you long-press (hold select button down) on a file or folder and it will switch to a mode where you can select multiple files/folders then choose delete.

  8. Andrew says:

    Thank you for keep doing this (both to rbox and to yourself) just installed this version and it runs very well. Btw, why the latest fw needs the boot menu? Not that it’s important, I’m just curious.

  9. Bjoern says:


    I have a Fire TV Box which updated automatically to

    How can I install the rootet

    Can I downgrade my box and then install the root?

    I would really appreciate your help.



  10. Bill says:

    I updated my FireTV to and rooted it again. Wasn’t sure what steps I need to get it to the newest firmware and maintain root.

    Is it worth updating or am I better off staying on the version I currently have? I will use it for XBMC almost exclusively.


  11. kix420 says:

    I mixed up my rooted + update with my rooted + fixed file that i downloaded and went straight from I was still able to install rbox’s boot menu and see no issues yet, i only run xbmc side of fire tv, just wondering if its in my best interest to downgrade to then go back up to or just leave it alone. I dont want to have issues with future updates due to this goof up. any recommendations?

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