Pre-Rooted Custom ROM Released

I’ve provided rbox with the latest update package and, in record time, he has released his pre-rooted version. You can download it from the custom ROM page at Be warned that he notes having trouble playing Netflix videos with this update. If you have similar issues and can’t live without Netflix, you can always simply downgrade back to the previous version until the issue is sorted out. Be sure to let us know in the comments your experience with this update and the new Netflix app. For a list of changes brought by this update, see my overview post. As always, you can follow my guide to install this custom ROM using ClockworkMod Custom Recovery.

  1. Y314K says:

    Seems there are multiple reports that the new NetFlix is not working on the PreRooted FW. Is anybody with the none rooted FW update having any problems playing NetFlix ??

  2. inwi says:

    rbox said on the xda post:

    “It seems Netflix is broken in So if you don’t care about Netflix, go ahead and update. If you do care, then I would probably stick with for now. There really isn’t anything changed in that I noticed aside from UK English and maybe the UK timezone. And my Menu Items mod is broken in it as well”

  3. Ashley says:

    What’s the benefit of rooting? If I just want to use the aftv for xbmc do I really need to worry about rooting? Ta

    • BillH says:

      Benefits of rooting? Internet Browser, Google Play Store/1Mobile Market for more apps and games, Sixaxis controller (use ps3 controller), connect portable hard drive and more reasons. I am glad that I have 3 rootable fire tvs before all these bad non-rootable updates happened….. Already read that some UK Fire TV version can’t even play xbmc.

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks for your reply! All good stuff that rooting can unlock. I think inwont root then until xbmc/spmc doesn’t run. I read the amftvnews article that it wasn’t running on uk version but I’m in uk and running the mentioned firmware and I have sideloaded spmc fine.

        • Joe Mama says:

          You should root it anyhow if you still can. Everyone with a rootable FTV should do so, just in case you find two non-rootable updates from now that rooting would have been a good idea.

        • BradH says:

          I agree with all the reasons Bill stated and for me my favorite root advantage is booting directly into XBMC…

      • Y314K says:

        XBMC runs fine in the UK. Unless you have an older FW then the one most shipped with. FW = Full XBMC.

  4. surfnode says:

    I have a UK Fire TV

    Am I able to use this rooted image on my box as a workaround to not being able to root the current official firmware?

    If I can, can I put on the pre-rooted which would allow netflix to work ok?


    • tommmmer says:

      i’d like to know this as well.

      I think the answer is “no”, i think this image just gives people with a rooted fire the latest firmware revision from amazon.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, you cannot. You need to already be rooted in order to install this pre-rooted ROM.

      • tommmmer says:

        Ahh darn :) thanks for the clarification, to a newbie like me i did think when i saw the headline that it meant it was rooted.. thought it was a bit quick.

        • squareeyes says:

          Yep Amazon lock-in.

          Mine are going back in their boxes and returning to Amazon.

          There’s better stuff out there, particularly if you aren’t really using the Amazon functionality.

  5. iffy says:

    will there ever be a way to root latest firmware on aftv

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