Pre-Rooted ROM for Amazon Fire TV 2 is now available

For those of you with rooted 2nd-generation Fire TVs, Rbox has just released a pre-rooted ROM of the latest software update. This will allow you to update your rooted device without losing root access. You can download the image from the usual XDA forum thread and install it through TWRP by following this guide. I have not had a chance to capture the update images for the Fire TV 1 or Fire TV Stick 1 yet, which is why pre-rooted ROMs for those devices have not been created. I’ll do that soon and shoot them over to Rbox and, hopefully, he will have time to make those pre-rooted images as well. Please be sure to donate to Rbox to support him and thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted devices updated.

  1. Don says:

    Why do I want a rooted device? Seems like some official apps wont install on a rooted device.

    • Some One says:

      That question is ALWAYS asked! Generally, if you have to ask then you don’t need or want it. Never had any issues installing “official” apps. Though sometimes apps have a root detection coded into them which requires a small workaround. i would suggest googling your question. You will find your answers.

      @Elias As usual, thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the root scene. Anxiously waiting to see where that latest exploit leads to.

      • Anthony says:

        I don’t need a rooted AFTV2, it doesn’t offer me anything

        • Don Bentley says:

          The video player used by many default Amazon tv apps isn’t
          Very reliable. To
          Change the video software to allow another video player to stream those apps , you need root .

        • Don Bentley says:

          Pre rooted roms are important because it usually blocks
          Amazon from regaining full firmware control .
          Its also important to retain root and makes sure
          malicious Amazon updates can’t change the way your box runs .

    • Some One says:

      Gonna double post (I don’t like doing this). By far my favorite reason for rooting an Amazon device is the ability to install ANY version of FireOS old or new. I use FireOS 5.0.5 on all my devices because it sports the old menu layout AND FireStopper works perfectly. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc all work perfectly too. Literally found no downsides to using an older firmware!

      • infinity says:

        No alexa support, various security issues (e.g. adb bug and many more).

        • Pete says:

          Oh, and don’t forget the fact that the hardware on all of these rooted devices is so antiquated and obsolete that they can not support HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision, or Dolby Atmos.

          • Adam says:

            Nor can my 70 inch 4k Vizio TV, Pete. So until I replace that (no time soon), that’s a non-issue.

            As I’ve said previously, if you need to ask why to root, then rooting is not for you. You’ve demonstrated that it’s benefits are beyond your technical needs. Please use the device as you purchased it and don’t worry about anything you’re missing.

            If on the other hand you do understand what root is for and you don’t see a benefit in executing it, good on you, you’ve demonstrated that your technical needs are beyond it’s benefits. Again, please use the device as you purchased it and don’t worry about anything you’re missing.

            The rest of us will be here discussing rooting the FireTV.

      • atone says:

        The ability and flexibility to use any firmware is definitely key. I am still on on my FTV2 and have had no problems with anything (I have fire starter still working on it). I believe some apps were working better(eg. HBO now and maybe hulu) rather than the older 5.0.5. But I’ve yet to update more than this version since I read that a later update broke the Paragon NTFS HFS app for playing External HDDs with our own collection of movies and shows.
        If I hear any feedback that the Paragon app still works on later roms, then I will update my FTV2 box.

      • Don Bentley says:

        Hi. Can you tell me , if I open the firebox and do
        The pin short method ,
        Would I be able to revert back to an original 5.0

        Thanks so much.


      • Don Bentley says:

        I read your comments about running original 5.0
        and its menus on rooted and unlocked fire 2 Sloane box .

        Do you have any advice you can give me to make it work and
        install .

        Someone told me it now can’t work anymore because
        when I was on current firmware , supposedly Amazon
        made a one way fuse where the box can now never go back
        to a low original 5.0 stock firmware .

        Have you heard this also .

        I flashed pre rooted 5.6 and that’s the Lowest I can run.

        It won’t allow me even being hardware unlocked to do it .

  2. 2WhlWzrd says:

    Are you capturing the links of the updates for the Fire TV Gen. 3 & Cube?
    Or are they being obfuscated on the new update address?
    I see “Package Download Links” listed as unknown.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I only capture links for models that have custom recovery, since those are the only ones that have any use for ROMs. If the Fire TV 3 and/or Cube get custom recovery, I’ll start capturing those update images as well.

  3. Pino says:

    Just rooted my Pendant and working great. I hope RBox will provide pre-rooted roms for that too (just donated just in case).

  4. Zio says:

    Is possible to remove ads, and unintall those official Amazon apps such as music with a root fire tv? Those are the only feature to make rooting worthwhile for me.

  5. Jon says:

    Sorry to post this here, but it was here or no where. Elias did you see Amazon bought Eero?

  6. Stan says:

    Someone should figure out how to mask HDMI port so I can install Xfinity Stream on my firestick.

  7. IronHorse says:

    The file on xda ends with -r1 which rbox uses for firetv1. Elias, can you please reconfirm if this one is for ftv1 or ftv2?

  8. Nate says:

    Great post. Glad to see updates are still rolling out for us rooted users.

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried Xposed with this release? Given the issues with the prior updates, I’m hesitant to try but figure I’ll give it a whirl this weekend.

  9. luv2rip says:

    I installed this ROM on my FTV2 which was earlier also pre-rooted.

    It keep rebooting within 10-15 seconds after a boot. I did Cache wipe through TWRP twice but same issue

    Anything I can do to stabilize it?

    • Red indian says:

      Same here. First it failed to mount the cache. Check mounts section. The second time I was able to wipe it again using recovery menu wipe / advanced and selecting cache.

      But now it will boot into the FireTV with empty sections/menu and it just sits there. Then when you move to other sections it sometimes reboots. Or it reboots spontaneously.

      Just reverted to and that seems to run normally again.

      Anyone any ideas?

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