Pre-Rooted ROMs are now available for rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

Everyone with a rooted Fire TV or Fire TV Stick are now able to update to software version, thanks to Rbox who has just released pre-rooted ROMs of the new software version. As always, these ROMs are identical to the updates that Amazon released, but will allow you to update your rooted devices without losing root access.

You can find the download links to these new ROMs at the top of the following XDA Forum threads: Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1. Please be sure to donate to Rbox to support him and thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted devices updated.

Use TWRP custom recovery, by following this guide, to install these ROMs on your rooted device. Fire TV Stick 1 owners may need to refer to this guide to be reminded how to get into and control TWRP using a PC.

As always, these ROMs cannot be used to root your device. Your device must already be rooted to install these ROMs. To see if your device’s software version is rootable and how to root it, see my guide here. Only the Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1 can be rooted if they’re running specific software versions.

  1. Rick says:

    I just want to encourage everyone to donate to RBOX if you can. I try to do it every few updates he produces to make sure he knows we are all grateful.


  2. tech3475 says:

    Might be worth reminding people using the version method to block updates that they’ll need to reapply it.

  3. Feliciano Maldonado says:

    What is the benefit of installing this ROM update?

    • jan sun says:

      was thinking of this same question

    • jan sun says:

      was thinking of this same question. eager to know answer

      • Adam says:

        Even if we don’t get a gee-whiz user-perceptible GUI improvement, I usually install each ROM for the security updates in the kernel and elsewhere that may have occurred since the last update.

        Admittedly, behind a (hopefully updated) router, these aren’t front line devices, but as consumer devices, they’re still attractive targets to ne’er do wells looking to exploit exploits.

        Keeping it updated gives me piece of mind that its probably not my FireTV being compromised with a crypto-miner rootkit when my network is inexplicably sluggish… (Its probably that damn internet enabled refrigerator…I knew I wasn’t out of both milk and Vanilla Visa Cards like it said I was…)

  4. Tom says:

    I recently purchased the new 4k stick with the intention of replacing my rooted FireTV 1. UPS is schedule to deliver it later this evening. This is probably a dumb question, but does a rooted FireTV have much value to people over a newer FireTV release? Should I leave this rooted if I’ll be selling it or giving it to a family member? Is there an audience looking for rooted FireTV 1 boxes?

    • ern says:

      If your rooted you can remove bloatware, increase speed by overclocking ,installing Google store, customize ui, and better back ups and restore. Personally, it’s not worth it. I use it to stream movies, TV shows through Netflix,Hulu and Amazon prime.

      • Keith says:

        You’ve overclocked the fire TV? I’ve been using them rooted since 2014 and never heard about that.

        • Ern says:

          The question was what can you do with rooted fire TV. I simply gave a list of what can be done.

          • Flokic says:

            Can’t a rooted device also play files from a nfts formatted hdd? I’d consider rooting but my FTV2s are fully updated so there’s no way to do it :(

          • tech3475 says:


            It is possible through a third party app with root, iirc it was paragon ntfs but it’s been a while since I’ve used it.

          • Sizzlechest says:

            There’s really not much that’s useful anymore.

            With the old YouTube app, you could block ads by using an ad-blocking app to modify the hosts file. However, that no longer works with Firefox/Silk. (The version of Firefox on the Fire TV doesn’t support add-ons, so no uBlock Origin.) Ad-free YouTube is easy enough through an alternative app.

            Backing up game data that’s not saved in the cloud is possible with a rooted FireTV. I don’t see the need to install the Google Play store. I never found anything on there worth installing that couldn’t have just as easily been sideloaded.

            Unfortunately, Magisk isn’t supported on the older Fire TVs. Root hiding isn’t possible with SuperSU, so some apps won’t run.

          • Y314K says:

            I keep my FTV1’S rooted since they have fully unlocked bootloaders. But I run them without SuperSU/root. I always remove it from the PreRooted FW update. Just to save myself from having to deal with a few streaming apps. Prefer this to Xposed or other methods that can stop working with a app update.

            I was pleasantly surprised that not having access to root options have not stopped me from doing anything I want so far.

            And I am still able to block updates using the TWRP Method 5 after each update.

        • Atone says:

          Does Paragon NTFS still work for mounting external NTFS HDD drives?
          (this was the only reason why I stopped updating firmware for the past year.)

          I kept my FTV2 on the old firmware on purpose since user Nate mentioned it wasn’t working on firmware

  5. mGuest says:

    Whats new:

    “This update appears to be adding support for the upcoming Fire TV Recast DVR through a new Live TV menu that now appears in the Fire TV’s Settings area. Also added by this update is a new Privacy Settings menu that consolidates several privacy options that already existed prior to this update, as well as adding a new option for turning off device usage data collection.”

  6. Steve says:

    I have researched this . IMO, it simply adds addditional tasks for minimal benefits.
    I barely have enough time to update 10+ APKs on 3 devices/TVs, as well as to maintain Kodi on each device…

  7. Nate says:

    I am going to flash this update later on this week, but was wondering: For those on a FTV 2 box who have flashed this update, did it restore TV waking whilst using the fire TV remote?

    The update removed this ability after version It’s not a major issue, just a minor annoyance I was wondering if gone or still present.

  8. AFTV Fan says:

    Are there any Fire TV Stick 2 owners who are still blocking updates with the hope that it’ll be rootable one day? Or is the stick version 2 so old that you’re better off allowing updates to gain new features and security updates?

    • cdlenfert says:

      I used to block and hold out for root on my first gen stick. That was primarily so I could get OTG features (connect USB drive). When the root finally came, I was ready for a 2nd Gen Stick which already had OTG support out of the box. To me I’d have to have a specific feature or reason/need to block updates and wait for root.

    • Atone says:

      I have a rooted FTV1 and FTV2 box. But decided not to block updates to my FTV Stick2, just to be able to compare if it is any better or worse than rooted devices. So far don’t see much difference.
      I don’t do much more than the usual streaming of Amazon, Hulu, and sideloaded apps/games. So all of that works fine on unrooted devices.
      But there is just that cool factor that we are rooted on the boxes.

  9. Don Black says:

    If the recast could be rooted that would be great, use a IPTV service or 3rd party stream would be excellent. Amazon would definitely be able to sell a lot of these and more devices.

  10. AFTV Fan says:

    What’s the safest site to download APKs to sideload with and not have to use Google Play. I refuse to register. Are Amazon apps identical or its tweaked for better compatibility with Fire TV. Amazon’s library of apps isn’t near what Google has, but lots of apps in Google are malware. Does Amazon curate their apps to eliminate hidden malware?

  11. AR says:

    can somebody please make a windows.EXE installer for the fire stick drivers
    i have TWRP installed on my sticks but i can not load any pre rooted roms on them because the drivers are impossible to get working on windows
    i can not click the option to get into recovery ,i tried physical mouse and KB nothing works and the device does not work in windows ,if someone could just compile a proper installer for the drivers that would be great because i tried for weeks to get it working in windows 8.1 64 bit with no luck at all
    tried all suggestions in the XDA thread and none of them worked , i had no problems getting my fire 7 5th gen drivers working but this thing is impossible to the the right drivers for in windows

  12. Mike says:

    I root for the sole reason that I like to hook up my big fat external usb hard drive and play all my movies and tv shows off of that.

    • atone says:

      Which software do you use to connect your big fat ext hdd? Because Paragon NTFS mounting was mentioned to be broken in the later updates since (not sure if anything changed in this
      I have my FTV2 on an old rooted firmware (which works great for connecting ext HDD).

  13. Frank Nitty says:

    I know I may be beating a dead horse, but just out of curiosity I’d like to know if anyone’s been able to successfully disable OTA updates on I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

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