Pre-Rooted ROMs are now available for Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

Those of you with rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks can now update to the latest software version for your devices. Last night, Rbox released pre-rooted ROMs of the latest software version. As always, these ROMs are identical to the updates that Amazon rolled out recently, but will allow you to update your rooted devices without losing root access.

You can find the download links to these new ROMs at the top of the following XDA Forum threads: Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1. Please be sure to donate to Rbox to support him and thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted devices updated.

Use TWRP custom recovery, by following this guide, to install these ROMs on your rooted device. Fire TV Stick 1 owners may need to refer to this guide to be reminded how to get into and control TWRP using a PC.

As always, these ROMs cannot be used to root your device. Your device must already be rooted to install these ROMs. To see if your device’s software version is rootable and how to root it, see my guide here. The Fire TV Stick 2, Fire TV 3, and Fire TV Cube have not been rooted.

  1. Nate says:

    Excellent! My kudos for posting the new ROMs!

  2. AFTV Fan says:

    Has anyone here ever completely erased their Fire TV stick/box/pendant/cube and installed regular Linux on it to use as a computer? I don’t need a Cube and don’t like things that listen to you like Alexa, but the Cube would be the coolest mini Linux PC.

  3. FS3 says:

    And what does rooting a FireTv give you? you can already side load everything .

    • Boudyka says:

      stops Amazon screwing up your box. You can rollback firmware versions if you don’t like something (up to a point), but if you are not happy/confident to risk flashing a box yourself, then it probably isn’t worth trying.

      Although its a relatively simple task. It generally involves some advanced IT skills (downloading zip files/copying it to a formatted usb stick or adb’ing the transfer of file to the box, and connecting a usb keyboard with a hub if necessary, risking the use of some nefarious tools, risking bricking the box and which are often out of reach of most people who just go “lets watch a movie”………….does that cover it :)

      • dvdgremlin says:

        As FS3 said ‘what does rooting a FireTv give you?’ Sideloading covers everything that you need. Doesn’t it ?

        I have rooted and also done the equivalent on my iPhone because there is an advantage in additional facilities/apps etc but what is there on a fireTV ????

        • Boudyka says:

          pls re-read….firmware rollback! thanks you

          • Chris says:

            also, i want to root mine to remove all of the ads from the stick, change the launcher to where i can boot a different launcher and not just run it as a separate process and remove amazon’s crapware…

        • Adam says:

          Elias just had a HowTo on putting Google Play Store on rooted Fire devices.

    • Nate says:

      For me it is about control of my purchase; as noted by Boudyka, if I do not like a software rollout by Amazon I can easily flash my system back to a previous build. With the likes of the “Not In My House” ( now being the norm in all of Amazon’s software, I wonder what other apps will draw their ire and be hardcoded on the list of “unacceptable” apps. One could debate whether these apps are unacceptable or not, sure, but on my purchased hardware, I want full dominion over what I deem to be “acceptable”.

      Other users, such as myself, also find a variety of Xposed modules to be of assistance. Everything from ad blockers to different boot sequences can be had with different modules not afforded to non-rooted users.

      For expandable storage, I have some devices that use the proprietary NTFS file system; without root, I cannot plug in an NTFS formatted usb drive into my Fire TV. With root that is possible (

      The above things are only scratching the surface of what is possible with a rooted device. All one has to do is go look at the XDA forum dedicated to the Fire TV and you can see some amazing stuff that a rooted device can do (E.g.

      Rooting isn’t for everyone, that is for sure. But for those of us who are more tech inclined or want more control over our devices, root is a must. I know I personally will not purchase a smartphone that I cannot root and unlock the bootloader with. To each their own I say!

    • tech3475 says:

      Personally, I’ve seen little reason NOT to root a Fire device when possible.

      So far I’ve not encountered any penalties for the software I use while giving me more flexibility over the device and features I otherwise may have had to abandon the FTV for e.g. NTFS support (came in handy while travelling), Xposed, etc.

      If we start to see problems e.g. Netflix no longer works, only then will I consider going back to stock.

    • Gerard Pinzone says:

      Adblocking: No ads in youtube if you install a hosts file via AdAway ( If there’s a Youtube app that has adblocking built and can be used for the Fire TV, then that would be preferable, but I don’t think it exists. I tried installing Adblock Plus in Firefox, but I couldn’t get it to work.

    • Lenon Davies says:

      I’ve actually had my firestick mysteriously format itself this weekend.

      Strange because I hadn’t used it in a while,and after I had Kodi, terrarium tv, and mobdro installed for months. After I did the workaround for YouTube to work and stream from my phone to firestick, the next day,. everything gone.

      I’m convinced Amazon did this.

    • Knight Rider says:

      Well you can’t side load a 5 TB HDD through the USB jack and have Kodi play all your content over USB. That’s why I rooted.

  4. Matr says:

    WeMo plugs are on sale for $10. Use promo code WEMO10 at checkout.

  5. john says:

    This update has now has full scrolling again (for those who disabled blackbird).
    pm enable


  6. Matt says:

    Notification from superSU on every restart/reboot? (go to settings/notification and you’ll see it)

    What is this “” by “john”?

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