Pre-Rooted ROMs for the Fire TV 1, 2, and Stick are now available

Rbox has just released pre-rooted ROMs of the new software update for the 1st and 2nd generation Fire TV, as well as the 1st generation Fire TV Stick. If your device is already rooted and running a custom recovery, you can now update to the latest software version without losing root access.

As always, I captured the update packages for all three devices and sent them over to rbox for ROM creation. These ROMs are identical to the stock updates except they’ve been pre-rooted so you don’t lose root access when you install them, like you would if installing the over-the-air stock update. Be sure to donate to rbox if you can to thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted devices updated.

Download the latest ROMs from the usual XDA forum threads found here: Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1. Use TWRP custom recovery, by following this guide, to install these ROMs on your rooted device. Fire TV Stick 1 owners may need to refer to this guide to be reminded how to get into and control TWRP using a PC.

Your support through Patreon makes it possible for me to capture these updates for rbox and keep all my guides up to date.

  1. Nate says:

    Anyone know how to return the FireTV Box 1 to stock? I want to sell my two rooted boxes and it will be harder to sell them if they are root.

    • Henri says:


      Go to

      Download the required firmware, ensure it matches MD5, rename it from .bin to .zip and flash that in TWRP, reboot and poof its gone :)

      • drumst1x says:

        Also, while it may be a bit harder to find a buyer if they’re rooted, i’d imagine that there is a market for pre-rooted devices, seeing as many of the later updates don’t allow rooting at all. It might be worth your while, before you attempt to unroot and go back to stock, to at least post them as rooted. You may even get more money for that!

        • Tech3475 says:

          One alternative, if possible, is to make sure its on a hackable version and market it as such.

          I know sites like ebay can have problems with modified devices, but this is a potential workaround.

        • Adam says:

          Nate, I don’t think your Fire with the current firmware can even be rooted any more.

          I’ll bet you have little trouble selling it as a rooted version on eBay.

      • Andrew says:

        Henri, I got the bins downloaded no problem after disabling my firewall blocking. I can not seem to find the MD5 files for these full release firmware bin files for either Bueller or Montoya. Any idea where I should look? Also have you done this successfully or is it it just “it should work” hypothetical? Don’t want to brick either my FTV1 box or stick. Thanks!

    • Gerard Pinzone says:

      Really? I find that surprising but… If all you want to do is remove root (and keep TWRP), just open rbox’s zip file and flash the boot_unlocked.img if your bootloader is unlocked or the boot.img if it’s not. SuperSU will be gone. If you ever want it back, you can flash SuperSU in TWRP.

    • oppman29 says:

      if you put them as rooted in say craiglist , it will much easier to find someone to buy them.. from experience … and you wont loose as much on the sell

  2. Terry says:

    Anyone successfully installed the latest image yet? I just rooted a FTV2 that was at 5.0.5 and updated to the latest, now seems to boot, goes to optimize storage screen, line moves across, then it reboots in a loop. Probably user error, but don’t see anything I missed in the tutorial…..

  3. Xceleron says:

    Nate…….what version firmware are they I’ll be interested in purchasing them rooted if the bootloader is unlocked.

  4. john says:

    The update works fine, although I had to re-enable the banner ads.
    Would not scroll properly, screen would go blank.
    ok now though.

  5. Mark says:

    Worked perfectly fine as always without any issue.

  6. Brad says:

    has anyone got this to work with Xposed and the RBox Module selected?
    The rom works and boots fine, when I install Xposed via TWRP it still boots fine, then when I enable the Rbox module to boot into SPMC Launcher version I get stuck in boot loop.. this has worked fine on all other Rbox PreRooted Roms… I tried to wipe the cache with TWRP and still no help, I can flash the Rom again from scratch and it works until I enable the Rbox Module again..

    • Terry says:

      I got root and updated to but could not get the Xposed modules to work either, hung in a boot loop. Nice to have the latest menus, and I just hold home and select apps from that menu as they stay in order. Wife seems OK with it so far, easy to load Sling or Kodi and can switch between them. Pretty cool so far.

  7. Craig says:

    Hi all
    I just bought fire tv but it’s come with out the box the guide above says for older software rooted first then install pre rooted. Is there anyway I can install this pre routed version I tried searching for downgrading to older one to then root and upgrade but no joy. Or does anyone have a link to me rooting this software myself

    Thanks for any help given

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