Pre-rooted ROMs for the Fire TV 1, 2, and Stick have all been released

A pre-rooted version of the software update has just been released by rbox for all rootable Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models. That includes both generations of the Fire TV and the 1st generation Fire TV Stick. You can download the ROMs here: Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, and Fire TV Stick 1. Please consider donating to rbox if you use his ROMs, so that he can continue releasing future updates for rooted Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks.

Pre-rooted ROMs allow those with rooted devices, who have blocked software updates, to update to the latest software version without loosing root. If your device is not already rooted, you cannot use these pre-rooted ROMs to root. Without these pre-rooted ROMs, a rooted Fire TV or Fire TV Stick owner would have to stay on older software versions until a new rooting method was discovered for future updates.

To install these ROMs, your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick must already be rooted and have TWRP custom recovery installed. To see if your device’s current software version can be rooted, and for instructions on how to do so, see my rooting starters guide. If your device is rooted with TWRP installed, follow these instructions to install the new pre-rooted ROM. Those of you with a Fire TV Stick 1 may need to refer to this guide to be reminded how to get into and control TWRP using a PC.

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  1. rkbest says:

    can I back up my Kodi and other thrid party apps so that i can restore them in one go without needing to reinstall and configure with this update rom. My device is rooted and running rbox’s ;ast rooted rom.

    • cdlenfert says:

      Unless you’re performing a factory reset, updating to the latest pre-rooted rom should leave all your apps and data intact. No need to reconfigure.

    • xnamkcor says:

      I went from the last pre-rooted ROM to this new one last night and The most I had to do was reboot the system.

  2. rkbest says:

    Also, what about this issues posted on another article at aftvnews – ‘Fire TV update causing poor 24p video playback in MrMC, Kodi, and SPMC’.
    Should this be a concern for kodi, spmc users.

    • Y314K says:

      Everybody’s streaming needs/styles are somewhat unique. I would say try it. And only if it really affects your Kodi experience enough. Then you can just downgrade to the prior PreRooted ROM you had before. Nothing lost by taking it for a spin.

    • Y314K says:

      Added my experience below in my response to Rick. Are you sure you had activated the “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” option. I had not. So this update bug will not affect me at all.

  3. xnamkcor says:

    This seems to use 16:9 icons, while Android tends to use 1:1 icons. Looks a little weird.

    • Y314K says:

      Hopefully now that everybody is on the same ROM/UI then Elias will update the APK ICONS Guide. And I hope there is a way to start a database/library for icon only modded PlayStore APK’s so just one person has to do the modding. Once someone uploads it to the library & Elias or whoever setsup the library checks the APK. Then we can just use Elias Downloader App to access the library. Don’t look at me kemo sabe. I am just the ideas guy.

  4. Steve f2 says:

    Many thanks to you and rbox for getting this so quickly. I used your previous guides to install twrp and 5.2.1. on my fire stick. After I have installed this update will I need to block updates again?

  5. Steve f2 says:

    Also, do I need to delete the previous rom and checksum files from the /sd Card? Thanks again.

  6. bula says:

    yes and yes, if you need space. After the installation zip and checksum, file sent to the /SD card are not being needed anymore

    • Steve f2 says:

      Thanks for your reply. Any tips on how to delete please

      • Y314K says:

        ES File Explorer or any other File manger. If you downloaded it from Elias Downloader app. You should be able to delete it from there. Push comes to shove. You can use the TWRP built-in File Manager. Just be careful.

  7. Rkbest says:

    Anyone have an idea how to download the rom directly to my Sdcard. I tried couple of browsers with no luck and even es file explorer starts to extract the zip instead of giving me option to move from Dropbox to sdcard.

    • xnamkcor says:

      Turn off the Fire TV and copy the file to the SD card with a card reader?
      Plug a USB thumb drive into your router and copy the file their and from there using ES File Explorer?
      Use a USB stick from a computer to the Fire TV?

      PS: I think you should be putting the zip into the base folder of your onboard storage, which is “/0/” or “/sdcard/”.

    • Y314K says:

      I use all 4 flavors of Opera as browsers. They are great on my FTV1’s. Although you still need a mouse app. Opera, Opera Beta, Opera Mini & Opera Mini Beta are the best browser options at the moment.

      But you should be able to use Elias latest Free Dowloader app to download it. You just might have to enable JavaScript. No mouse needed.

  8. aas88keyz says:

    Is it necessary to update to a newer version TWRP custom recovery regularly after rooting successfully. I was able to root with no issue for the last rom and I see no issues from that. I will find it so easy to install the new rom if I can use the same TWRP I used last time. starting the root process from the beginning would be a big headache that I hope to avoid.

    • aas88keyz says:

      Sorry I was mistaken. last rom was for I believe.

    • xnamkcor says:

      I think this is the first update announced on this site that has the new GUI.

    • Y314K says:

      You don’t need to do anything to TWRP. As long as you installed TWRP successfully. Your set. Because any TWRP update will always be included in the ROM by RBox. Unless specifically mentioned by him. We just need to originally set it. Then forget it.

  9. Rkbest says:

    I hope we don’t need to block ota with this rom?

    • xnamkcor says:

      Don’t expect any modifications past bring pre rooted. Assume any behavior of the normal version is here too.

      • Y314K says:

        See my reply to Lo below.

        Method 5 has to be redone when ever you flash a ROM. Method 1 will survive a ROM flash. But if you first did a Factory Reset or wiped more then Cache & Dalvik. Then you need to do it again. Rerunning the command can not hurt your device. And it is highly recommended that you do both Methods.

        • dinamit says:

          If I factory reset my box(from TWRP) did that wipe my root? I can still access TWRP recovery etc, I was able to do method 5 using ES, but cant do method one, it says java error, no permission, even when I do SU before the command.

          • Y314K says:


            The TWRP “Swipe to Factory Reset” option only wipes Data, Cache, and Dalvik. It doesn’t even include internal storage. So unless you Manually do a “Advanced Wipe” & add System to it. Your Root should not be touched. Never add System to your Wipes unless you are an expert. And if you do Wipe System, Never reboot TWRP before installing a PreRooted ROM again.

            Did you just reboot your device after the Factory Reset? This is normal.
            Or did you reinstalled a PreRooted ROM after doing the Factory Reset?
            Did you include a MD5 file in the same directly where the PreRooted ROM was located ?

            As long as you have TWRP installed you should be able to reInstall a PreRooted ROM. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

            The problem might lie in your PC where you are ADBn’g from. Are you using the Windows Command Promp ADB or are you using an app like ADBLink to ADBShell to your device ?

            Will need more info to figure out what is going on. PM me over at XDA if you like. Or just add Reply’s to your own post here since this comments system can not let us go to deep responding wise.

          • dinamit says:

            Thanks a bunch Y314K,
            I did the TWRP “Swipe to factory reset”, I only rebooted at first but after seeing your post I went back in to recovery and installed a pre rooted latest rom, which installed no problem. I went back and used ES again to do method # 5 but when trying to run the command in method #1 I get the following error msg:
            “Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: attempt to change component state from pid=6799, uid=2000, package uid=32013”

            Using both ADBlink and a terminal

            I can run the other command (that hides the app) no problem.

          • Y314K says:

            Thanks for the detailed response. My best guess is that your inputting the FireOS 3 command instead of the FireOS 5 command in Method 1.

            Make sure you have the latest ADBLink v3.1 installed. Open it & connect to the IP of that FireTV. Then hit the ADBShell button. A command prompt should open on your PC.

            – I have a FTV1. So I will see (buller=FTV1; sloane=FTV2; montoya=FTVS1):

            shell@bueller:/ $

            – Enter the following & hit Enter:


            – We enter “su” to grant SuperUser Root Access to the ADB Shell. If you haven’t given ADB Shell Root permission. You will get a prompt to do so. Or if you have you will get a message on your TV telling your that SuperUser Root Access has been granted to ADB Shell.

            -Now you should see the following:

            root@bueller:/ #

            – That means you got ROOT. Now enter the FireOS 5 command:

            pm disable

            – Then you will see the following response:

            Package new state: disabled
            root@bueller:/ #

            – Your done. Type Exit & hit Enter 3 times to exit. Then disconnect from that IP on ADBLink.

            That should do it. I just verified this command still valid & functional on the latest PreRooted ROM.

          • dinamit says:

            All is exactly as you described except for,once writing SU I get “1|shell@bueller” and not “root@bueller”
            Here is the whole command(copy paste)

            Mac-mini:~ guest$ /Applications/ ; exit;
            shell@bueller:/ $ su
            1|shell@bueller:/ $ pm disable
            Error: java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: attempt to change component state from pid=17478, uid=2000, package uid=32013
            1|shell@bueller:/ $

          • Y314K says:

            Do you have access to a PC. I’ve never dealt with a ADB Shell on a Mac. So not sure why you are getting a Java problem.

            But basically if you don’t see a # after the “su” command before you input the command then it won’t work.

            # = ROOT

            So you do see SuperSU installed in the he Apps of the FireTV ? Although there is no Launch option right ?

            I think you either denied ROOT Access for ADB Shell or there is a problem on your Mac when using ADB Shell or some how you don’t have Root.

            You can get SuperSU to open using the XPosed Holo Themer v3 method to see what’s going on in SupeSU.


            See my responses to Rick & Joe regarding BusyBox & XPosed below for more info.

          • dinamit says:

            Y314K, I feel so very dumb…
            The TV is down at the basement and the computer is in the second floor, apparently every time I wrote SU there was a message on the TV to grant access which I missed, your last post made me realize that and it is all set now. I can’t thank you enough.

          • Y314K says:

            np, glad to hear it is sorted now. For us that go months or years between mods for our FTV(S). I am glad Elias keeps all his old guide available. Helps remember what we’ve done in the past & what is needed now.

  10. Lo says:

    Question if I already have the OTA blocked by hiding the OTA.apk app when I flash this update on the device the OTA.apk will still be hidden correct?

    • Y314K says:

      It should be fine be as long as you did not Factory Reset &/or did not wipe more then cache & dalvik.

      But running that ADB command again will not hurt your device. And piece of mind, knowing you have it set, is priceless. So play it again Sam.

      • xnamkcor says:

        Is there an ADB comment to just check it?

        • Y314K says:

          There probably is. But since your going to be running a ADB command anyways. Just make it the disabling command. Then you should really have confirmation.

          The true test is of you go to FireTV Settings/System/About/Check for System Update you should just see “Checking now…” without changing. And if you hit “Check for System Update” you will see “Update error…….later”. That is how you know it is working. BTW, the place for”Check for System Update” might of changed on the new UI.

          • xnamkcor says:

            I did the Buildprop method with ES File Explorer. Seems to have taken.

          • Y314K says:

            I should add that as long as your flashing the latest PreRooted ROM. Then you have a bit of a leeway. Since you are current. But you never know when Amazon will send another update. So that leway is minutes & not hours.

        • Y314K says:

          Great, both methods are relatively easy. And way more secure then any HTTP/HTTPS blocking list. I am guessing you already had done the Method 1.

          I usually do the Method 5 first. Even before the first boot of the newly flashed ROM. I just use the TWRP/USB Stick option. But then I usually have to do the CHMOD 775 command for it to let the ROM boot. I will post about that in the Method 5 Guide comments. But I guess as long as I don’t do a Factpry Reset or wipe more then cache & dalvik. Using the File Explorer option should be a piece of cake.

  11. Rick says:

    Any news about Xposed? Only thing (well, that and 24p issues) keeping me from the latest versions. I do use 24p on my FireTV 2 and love it. Is affected, or just

    • Y314K says:

      XPosed works fine. You just have to Re-Enable/Re-Install BusyBox. Just takes a couple of button presses. And Re-Install the correct XPosed FrameWork thru TWRP again. Simple, specially if you keep all those files in organized folders ready to do in a USB Stick. The XPosed App should still be installed & work fine. Even the Modules will still be there. SuperSU will ask to be updated. Which is a must. Since my ES File Explorer Root problem returned until I had updated SuperSU. Which is easily updateable using the Holo Themer v3.0 Module method.

      More info here:

      I thought I would only have to do all that if I did a Factory Reset or had wiped more then just cache & dalvik. But it turned out it was still needed even when “dirty flashing” (lingo term for phone flashing without a Factory Reset or major wipe).

      As for the the 24p issue. In my case I did not realized until right before I did this update that I have never turned on the “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” option on the latest Kodi v17.1 or latest SPMC v16.6.0 so it will not affect me in the slightest. Guess I’ll have to give that setting a try after Amazon fixes the issue in the future.

      • Rick says:

        Thanks for the reply. I tried and did install Xposed, it’s RboxFireTvMods that wouldn’t work for me. I’ve been worried about the wrong tool. I have been using RboxFireTvMods for Kodi with launcher intent. Is there another way?

        It’s probably placebo effect, but 24p looks great. I wish I could see them side by side, or switch quickly to see if there is a difference, but if it’s available, I’ll use it!

        • Y314K says:

          Ahh.. Yeah RBox has yet to update his XPosed Mods for the FireTV. Hopefully he will get some time soon to mess with that. I never used it so haven’t been missing it. I know the SPMC flavor of Kodi has a Launcher version but don’t remember if that still works the same. I think it probably does since some rooted folks have even change Launcher to AndroidTV over at XDA. Do a search for SPMC Launcher over a XDA. There might be a trick to try.

          I myself use many other apps then Kodi/SPMC most of the time so I prefer to use the AppStarter App to navigate Apps. I do wish someone would update AppStarter to use a long press button shortcut. It doesn’t have to be the Home button. Or Auto-Start at bootup. Gonna play with the order of my first 10 apps in the Recent & Apps section to see if I can get setup to minimize button presses. I’ve found most of the bugs on new UI to be so minor that I plan to staying with it. It seems to be very stable too.

          Humn… Guess I need to try the 24P option. I was gonna wait until the next update since I’ve never used it. And it suppose to be broken. But like I said. I use other apps more often then Kodi/SPMC for the last few months.

          • SrTommy says:

            So there isn’t any way to auto-start App Starter even on a rooted device? I’m still on 5.0.5 rooted with FireStarter because of that.

  12. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Little hesitant to update to this because of the Kodi/SPMC issues. Will see what everyone else says before i do. A pity he wasn’t the previous update that he prerooted as that was more stable.

    • Y314K says:

      There is no problem with downgrading back to your prior PreRooted ROM if it’s not your cup of tea.

      Are you actually using the “Adjust Display Refresh Rate”option now ? You have to enable it first. I found out I have never turned that on. So it might not be as big a deal as we thought.

  13. Riddlr says:

    Finally updated my 2 FTV1’s using the TWRP guide and this ROM – things seem to be working… I do have a notification that the SU binary needs updating – is this safe/ok to do?

    • Y314K says:

      Yes but you can only do it by using the Holo Themer method. Clicking on the SuperSU notification will just try to open SuperSU without success.

      More info how to & link above in my response to Rick regarding XPosed.

  14. Joe says:

    I was going to carry out the update a normal using TWRP then after reading the comments and mention of Xposed, I’m a bit confused. I don’t remember anything about that when I carried out the last update of pre-rooted Rom. What exactly is Xposed and when does it need to be installed/setup? I did go to the XDA link but still not clear on what it is or why it’s needed as I don’t remember using/needing it before.

    • Adam says:

      Xposed is just software that modifies the system to add extra capabilities.

      You don’t need it to update a rooted ROM.

    • Y314K says:

      For some reason Elias started to leave out highly recommend addons that should be installed for a healthy Rooted Android experience after the FireTV1 FireOS 3 Rooting Guide. I recently asked him if BusyBox was still needed for PreRooted FireOS 5 in one of his vidcasts & he confirmed it was still highly recommended.

      They are:

      BusyBox (Latest Free v50 or Paid v55) – This was the first thing the original FireTV 1 Rooting Guide told us to install after updating the SuperSU Binary after rooting a FireTV1.

      Link to old FireOS 3 Guide for reference. Info is shown after “Once rooted…” –

      “BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed “The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux”.

      So basically is a collection of mini tools that help on the kernel side of things in the background for better Android/Linux functionality.

      Very easy to install & setup. It’s basically just a APK that installs everything for us after a few clicks. The old guides can be reviewed as reference to current installation.

      XPosed – “The Xposed framework is a platform which allows for the installation of modules which change the behavior of the Amazon Fire TV. By itself, the Xposed framework does not do anything. Modules for Xposed are the ones that can modify the behavior of the Fire TV.”

      This used to be optional. But highly recommended since the creation of the HDXPosed Module which is a Module for the Kindle Fire HDX but also helps other Amazon devices like our FTV(S)’s.

      And now XPosed became a MUST since a lot of use can only update the SuperSU Binaries using the Holo Themer v3 Module. There are links regarding this in the comments here.

      That guide is great. You just need some minor tweaks for it to work on FTV1’s & FTVS1’s.

      If you ever wanna try to get the GooglePlay Store or Google Servcies working on your Amazon Device. You will first have to have BusyBox & Xposed & HDXposed installed on your device. So you might as well get it done.

      Of course not all Modules will play nice. But they are easy to install & uninstall so it’s nothing to worry about. For example Holo Themer v3 should only be installed the very few times you need to do the SuperSU Binary Update. It can cause reboots if you just leave it active all the time. Sometimes even leaving it inactive can still cause random rebooting. For me on the latest PreRooted ROM after I updated the SuperSU Binary I uninstalled Holo Themer from within the XPosed App & my FTV1 has never randomly rebooted since (For over 2 days, used to do it about once or twice a day in the prior PreRooted ROM). Even with this minor possible hickups. XPosed is a Must.

      Can your PreRooted FTV device work/function without BusyBox, XPosed & Modules. YES. I didn’t installed BusyBox & XPosed until I asked Elias about it. But installing BusyBox & XPosed & updating the SuperSU Binary fixed a major ROOT File Manager Access I was having with all File Managers. This was all on a FTV1 by the way.

      • Joe says:

        Is there a very simple guide (in one place) to install Busybox, Xposed and HDXposed? XDA guides have me going in circles as the link to other threads that link to even more threads.

        • Y314K says:

          Tried to answer twice but the system ate it up probably due to the links I included. Just PM me over at XDA.

        • Y314K says:

          Explained this above.

          For BusyBox the old Guide is still fully valid. The only difference will be at this time the version of BusyBox you download. Since Evozi has not updated from v49 to v50 yet. So if you click on the link in the guide you will get v49. Which is not a bad version since v50 just added auto-logging.

          BusyBox v50 Free Version:

          Just follow the guide below from the “Once rooted…” part. Very easy and simple.

          As for XPosed. The main guide here shows the FTV2 files so some tweaks are needed if you’re installing it on a FTV1 or FTVS1. But that mostly has to do with which XPosed Framework file you should use.

          Info: sdk22=Lollipop=FireOS 5 / arm64=FTV2 / arm=FTV1 & FTVS1

          With that info you can easily find the XPosed Framework for your device:

          AFTVNews XPosed Guide:

          The installation steps are actually the same. Luckily someone made a guide related to a different project where they include XPosed installation info & he goes into detail which version is for which device. So all you should need is both of this guide to easily install XPosed & Modules.

          More detailed Guide (ONLY SECTIONS 4 & 5 are relevant for XPosed):

          Go thru them until you understand what you are doing. It’s not hard once you grasp that your basically downloading a specific zip file for a specific device & flashing it with TWRP & then you are installing APK’s & installing things from within those APPS.

          • JoeB says:

            Thank you Y314K !!!

            I will take some time to understand this before I carry out the steps.

            Thanks again!!!

  15. Tony says:

    I have Fire TV 1.Gen with Pre-Rooted ROM. Do I need to update to before update

    And somehow if I might not be satisfied with new UI, Kodi performance after update can I downgrade version back again to Pre-Rooted ROM without losing my data?

    • Y314K says:

      You do not need to upgrade in consecutive order. You can skip PreRooted FW versions. You can go directly from what ever PreRooted ROM you are at to the latest. Or you can Root your device directly to the latest PreRooted FW.

      Just as a rule, it is better to never downgrade to a lower PreRooted FW then the Stock FW you Rooted on. That will negate any risks of eFuses or surprises by Amazon.

      As long as you don’t Factory Reset or Wipe more then cache & dalvik in TWRP. Then you shouldn’t loose any data upgrading or downgrading. But you will probably need to reinstall or reactive any /system mods like BusyBox, XPosed & SuperSU Binary Update. Since the flashing of any PreRooted ROM cleans & re-installs things in /System.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Hey gang! Hows the new rom? Is it slow? Let me know what are the like n dislikes.

  17. diabolo says:

    Well can anyone give me a working link for the latest twrp for fire stick-link doesn t work.

  18. diabolo says:

    Copy the do I get that file in the first place

  19. oppman29 says:

    One of things that I lost during the update to the ROM was the ability to run “Fire TV Mods by rbox” exposed module.
    This module gives you the ability to remap your home button and replace the home launcher ( I had KODI set up as my home button).

    Seems that Rbox still has to work to get that module working on this new rom. anyone had another method to set KODI as the start up app?


  20. Vinni says:

    Is it a must upgrade? Any critical security issues fixed? I dont care about the new UI. I currently have TWRP and pre rooted rom installed on my FTV-1. I have a perfectly working setup with even Rbox’s Fire TV mod launcher. I don’t want to spoil it unless my device is vulnerable to some exploits fixed in

  21. Landonfoot says:

    I have a rooted FTV1 that I just updated to the Pre-rooted ROM. The FireTV home screen just shows Home at the top with the white loading circles at the bottom, but the content never loads. I’ve re-registered the device, but the content still does not load. I am able to manually launch apps (Kodi, Netflix, etc) and they load properly and play. Any ideas as to why the content won’t load on the Home, Movies, and TV tabs?

    Also, I used to have the FTV boot directly into Kodi. What is required to re-enable this functionality?



    • xnamkcor says:

      Have you tried erasing and re entering the network settings?

    • Y314K says:

      Do Method 1 & Method 5 of the update blocking guide first.

      Blocking updates thru OpenDNS & Router is what is blocking your FTV1’s UI content from loading. Before you take that off make sure you do both methods above.

      • Landonfoot says:

        Thank you for the suggestion. I was certain that would fix it as I previously blocked the URLs via my router. I did blocking methods 1 and 5 as suggested before removing the router blocks, but unfortunately it still will not load the UI on the home, movies, or TV sections. Strangely, it loads the apps page. I also tried connecting the FTV through my mobile hotspot to bypass the router firewall to be sure, but that had the same symptoms. Could it be blocked somewhere else on the FTV itself? I was previously running OS v3 ( with CWM

        Not sure if it is related, but when I tried to perform blocking method 5 via ES file explorer root access would toggle off and give me a message that the “test failed” even after approving the allow root access prompt. I had to update the file on the PC and push it which was successful. I am able to get root access via the ADB shell and was able to do blocking method 1 from the shell. I also get a notification stating that SuperSU is out of date.

        Any other suggestions is appreciated.

        • Y314K says:

          Updating the SuperSU Binary thru the Holo Themer v3 method fixes the ES File Explorer Root problem. Clicking on the SuperSU notification will just try to open SuperSU without success.

          More info how to & link above in my response to “Rick” regarding XPosed.

          As for the UI connection issue still blocking things. I would advice you that on your modem & router side you make sure you did unblocked everything & that you are not doing the OpenDNS blocking method too. So mare sure you didn’t change any DNS settings in your FireTV. Also make sure you don’t have any VPN App running that might include a Kill Switch. I would also try to power down all thru devices to power cycle your modem & router & Fire TV in that order after verifying that it’s clear of any possible roadblocks in your router. Then lastly I would load TWRP on the FireTV & do a manual wipe of ONLY Dalvik & Cache (Those two only). Then try to see if everything loads.

          The SuperSU issue should not be affecting your UI. So I don’t think that is related. When I was having the ES File Explorer Root problem my UI loaded fine.

    • Riddlr says:

      I had the same problem – it went away when I manually re-entered the network credentials and re-registered the device with my Amazon account…

      • Landonfoot says:

        Unfortunately nothing seems to work. I’ve ensured that my router/firewall is not blocking access. I also connected the FireTV to a mobile hotspot bypassing my home router. I can ping the URLs successfully from the shell and have DNS resolution. I’ve never used OpenDNS or used that blocking method. I manually entered in network settings and re-registered the device to no avail. I also did a wipe of just Dalvik & Cache. I see the home screen, but no content. I can launch apps and have connectivity to content, but the home, tv, and movies menu is still blank.

        If you have any other suggestions I’m happy to try them. If not, is it possible to go back to OS 3 where everything was working and be able to launch into Kodi upon boot?


        • Y314K says:

          It is possible but not recommended. Some one wrote down the steps after they successfully tried it. Make sure you read the whole page 3 thread from the spot Evaporic did the walk-thru (link below).

          As a last ditch effort. Before you do the back to FireOS 3 option. I would recommend you do a Full Factory Reset (Minus /System or /USB) with all new downloaded files (ROM) & MD5 Hash checking in case the ROM somehow flashed corruptly. I would highly recommend that since your TWRP seems to be working fully. Which is the #1 cause of problems for folks (#2 problem is wiping /System without flashing a new PreRooted ROM before any rebooting). You will have to do the TWRP Method 5 update blocking before being able to do the Method 1. But you know know how easy that is.

          Don’t touch TWRP. But get a Fat32 USB drive & put in the same folder or root of the USB Stick the latest PreRooted ROM + its MD5 file for it. There is a MD5 creation tutorial here:

          I would try this specially if you have a fully unlocked bootloader.

          But if everything still fails. Here is the link from Evaporic’s walk-thru on how to FireOS 3 downgrade:

          He did a few of the steps a bit different then me. But that is because I prefer to always upload files as important as recovery & ROM’s thru USB & verify the hash every time. I trust USB more then ADB on important system stuff.

          • Landon says:

            I made a completely boneheaded move. I was in the process of updating both my fireTV and fireTV stick and accidentally pushed the montoya recovery meant for the stick to the firetv and ran “sh /data/media/0/”.

            Now when my FireTV boots up it flashes green a couple of times, I get the white Amazon logo for a bit and then it just loops. The bootloader is fully unlocked, but I am unable to get into fastboot. I see the Android device under computer manager briefly, but I am unable to issue the “fastboot devices” successfully or issue the “fastboot flash recovery.img” command successfully (hangs on waiting for device). It then continues to go into a loop.

            Am I totally bricked even with a fully unlocked bootloader or is there a way to salvage it?

            Thanks in advance

  22. diabolo says:

    Y314K and RickO thanks to both of you guys for your help.I did install the new rom to my ftv stick 1 successfully.After downloading the everything went according to plan.

    • Y314K says:

      np, good to hear.

      KingRoot & other root methods like it are very messy. So I hope you did the manual Factory Reset (Dalvik / ART Cache, Cache, Data, and Internal Storage) from within TWRP like Elias highly recommended. That starts on step 17 onward on the second guide link I posted on my response above.

  23. JaffeJoe says:

    Last night I finally updated my FTV 1 from 51.1.40 to the this latest pre-rooted version by first installing the boot menu, 51.1.63, TWRP, then the latest pre-rooted version.

    When i booted up, the screen had the titles for ‘Home’, ‘Apps’, ‘Setting’, etc, but the rest of the screen was blank, with these 3 dots on the bottom right side moving. I rebooted and got the same thing…went into the settings and saw I was no longer logged into my Amazon account, so once I got the Fire TV registered again, and put by wifi password in (b/c for some reason it disconnected, even though it was logged on initially after the update) the home screen populated. Everything except the ‘Your Apps & Games’ section. The section is just empty space. When you scroll to it you cannot do anything. So the only apps that show on the home screen are in recent (which didnt seem to update when I used an app, like after installing Kodi 17.1 and using it. It didnt show up in Recent Apps). So the only way to access apps is through ‘Recent Apps’, Settings, and holding the home button and using that menu.

    I have a new router than has no blocking implemented. I did block updates when I first got the FTV 1 but on the FTV 1.

    Any ideas on what is going on?


  24. RuffRhyno says:

    I haven’t updated my Fire TV 1 since rooting it and installing the custom ROM years ago. Kodi has become increasingly unusable and my disc space was being used up almost completely with only about 500mb left of space, with only a few streaming apps installed.

    So I decided to perform a factory reset/wipe and install the latest custom ROM. I wiped successfully, and downloaded the newest listed here, but the formatting on my HDTV cut-off parts of the CWM screen and I didn’t realize I still needed to update to TWRP. So I attempted to flash the newest ROM (in CWM), and got some error message at the bottom of the screen about an image (again, couldn’t read it bc tv formatting had cut it off).

    Now, when I turn the device on it boots into Rbox’s boot menu, but if I don’t choose Launch Recovery, the Fire TV freezes when it counts down to 0. I’ve spent the past 2 days researching what to do next without bricking it. I ultimately want to upgrade to TWRP and the newest ROM.

    Can I install TWRP from CWM, then install the latest ROM from there? I’ve been reading contradictory info and some suggests downgrading to the rom that removes the boot menu. If I do this, does this pretty much restore my Fire TV to stock build?

    Would I need to go through the entire process again (KingRoot) to unlock and bootloader?

    • Greg says:

      My rooted Fire2 finally choked out similar to yours. Now, I get the Amazon logo and then a black screen if I choose to system boot. Can still get to TWRP okay, but no system.

      In recovery, cache wipe seems really flaky and trying to install an updated ROM still doesn’t let me boot to the system.

      I’m wondering if I also have to roll my box all the way back to stock to revive it. Hope not. How did you solve your issue?

  25. Johhny says:

    hey guys I did install the new rooted stock rom, and everything works fine. My only problem is the apps. they’re not showing at the home front. Under apps at the top next to the settings. all my 3rd apps are not showing including the original apps. Any ideals to fix it? thx guys.

  26. SaRa says:

    I was able to install this pre-rooted ROM for my rooted Fire TV 1. I was able to see the latest updated Home screen after restart.

    Later for some reason using Fire TV 1 remote, I clicked center button and play/pause button to restart. Since then Fire TV would not start. I do not see any light on front to Fire TV 1. I tried to unplug and plug back in.

    Still the device is not starting. Any ideas what needs to be done to bring it back. Anyone had this issue before ? Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Mike says:

    I installed this pre-rooted rom on both Fire 1 and Fire 2 without any issues. Recently, I noticed on the Fire 1, it will boot to twrp recovery after a certain period of time. A reboot will make it to Fire OS without any issues and everything’s working fine. After awhile after idle, it will boot to the recovery main screen again. The Fire 2 doesn’t have this problem. Anybody knows what’s wrong? Thanks!

  28. Maile says:

    Anyone else having problems running Netflix app on Gen1 FireTV after going through this update to with TWRP? Netflix doesn’t even show up in my app search and says the app is incompatible with my device.

  29. volc says:

    rooted ftv1 with twrp. followed guide and updated to prerooted. works fine but now i cant access twrp or su.

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