Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 1 Released

A pre-rooted ROM of the new software update for the Amazon Fire TV 1 has just been released by rbox. You can find the download link over at the XDA thread. If you need a refresher, here are instructions on how to install it using TWRP on a rooted device. This ROM allows those with rooted Fire TVs to update to the latest software version without losing root. See my rooting starters guide if you want to know if your device can be rooted. If you have the means, please consider donating to rbox to thank him for continuing to keep all of our rooted Fire TVs updated.

This software update does not add any new features and does not include the new interface. It is just a collection of bug fixes and security patches. The new interface has not been released to 1st-gen devices yet, but is expected to arrive later this year. I have not been able to capture the Fire TV Stick 1 update URL yet, so that’s why there is only a new Fire TV 1 ROM for now.

  1. drumst1x says:

    man, rbox always comes through. This guy is amazing. And Elias, thanks for your help as well (with SO much …. getting the URLs to the updates, keeping us informed of all the news, providing such easy instructions, etc). Glad to see the FTV1 still getting some love from Amazon and from the community.

  2. Lo says:

    How is it that the fire stick has the latest new interface and the FTV1 still hasn’t gotten it?

    • AFTVnews says:

      The 1st-gen Fire TV Stick does not have the new interface. The 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick does.

      The newest devices are getting priority with updates, which is what you’d expect.

      The order from newest to oldest is:
      2nd-gen Fire TV Stick (Oct. 2016)
      2nd-gen Fire TV (Oct. 2015)
      1st-gen Fire TV Stick (Nov. 2014)
      1st-gen Fire TV (Apr. 2014)

      • JayDeeDaz says:

        Using ES File Explorer, you can backup the KFTV Launcher apm from a 2nd gen AFTV box or stick, and sideload onto the a 1st gen box or stick to get the new interface.

        This is what I’ve done, and it works great!

        • JayDeeDaz says:

          I meant to say “apk”, not “apm”, apologies.

        • Kblgy says:

          Where do you find that API file

          • MrMature says:

            Re the KFTV apk…

            .Install ES Explorer if you haven’t already.
            .Select “Library” from the drop-down menu top left.
            .Select “APP”.
            .You’ll see a list of “User Apps”. Change to “System Apps” via the drop_down at the top.
            .Select the “KFTV Launcher.apk”, and then the “Backup” option at the bottom of the page.
            .You should then be able to find the file in “/sdcard/backups/” (or similar dependinng on your device). The backup folder can be found in the ES settings.

            Only takes a minute or two if you’re familiar with ES. The file is around 10mb.

            If your AFTV is on the same network, you can use ES to sideload it or install direct; no PC required.

            But… I’ll let JayDeeDaz field the questions about the install.

        • Y314K says:

          @JayDeeDaz – Can you upload the APK somewhere & post the link please.

          Are any ADB commands needed like when changing the default keyboard or is it as simple as installing the new APK over the existing one & rebooting ?

          Are there any errors or non-working parts on the new GUI. We know most options are already baked into the FW. But wonder what parts still need to be baked into an updated FW when the GUI is officially released ?

          Does using the new GUI feel faster or slower for you then the old GUI ?

          Can you now fully control the Apps list order with the Amazon Fire TV app or is still not part of the options because of the current FW ?

          @AFTVnews – Any chance you can post the APK for us. And maybe make a tutorial if anything more complicated then simply side-loading is needed for this mod ?

          I also wonder if the APK from a FTV2 & FTVS2 might be any different but I doubt it. Any way you can verify this by checking both APK’s MD5 Hash ?

          I believe this should be possible to do with a rooted & unrooted FTV1 & FTVS1 on any FireOS 5 version. Can you verify this ?

          • MrMature says:

            I’ll let JayDeeDaz field the install question specifics, but for reference the KFTV Launcher apk came from a second gen Fire TV Box, and was installed successfully on a first gen Fire TV Stick.

            JayDeeDaz – Can the help out with specifics?

          • MrMature says:

            I can confirm the TV Box the apk came from is not, and has never been rooted. Straight out of the box, and UI updated by Amazon as part of their roll out.

            Hope that helps, I’m off to bed… :)

          • JayDeeDaz says:

            @Y314K – in terms on installation, sideloading the app and rebooting works. I used ES File Explorer.

            There are a few issues, which I’m sure, for some, will be a show stoppper (but I can live with them… for now):

            1. Both the Apps “stream” on the home page and the Apps page don’t function correctly, they just appear blank
            2. The Settings page appears blank

            Not sure if there are independent APKs that power these.

            However, in terms of things that do work:

            1. Home page Netflix integration works – I have a “continue watching” stream, which jumps straight into the respective Netflix show
            2. Menu button options works on tiles

            I haven’t yet tested search, or tile re-ordering… I will test tonight and post back.

            My watching habits are pretty much restricted to Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Kodi, which all appear within the Recents stream… I haven’t delved too deep into the UI.

            On a side note, I’ve also sideloaded the Android TV versions of YouTube and Play Music, which also work fine. YouTube has a cleaner interface, and seems to run faster than the native AFTV app.

        • Jimmy says:

          Hi can you post that fire tv 2 launcher. And install instructions

    • Xen Gryphon says:

      I have the new update on the Fire TV 1.

  3. viper says:

    I had an idea to change the folder permissions of the folder updates download to. Do you think that would work to block updates regardless of the server it is delivered from since those URLs change from time to time?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I experimented with the ‘chattr’ command a while back, but the update app just kept making new directories and files when it couldn’t access the default ones. Theoretically it should work if you can fully lock it out of the file system. Just remember it needs to be able to check for updates enough to get through the initial setup if you ever factory reset.

  4. kywildcat says:

    I’m on 5.0.5 what does this break..

  5. ace boogie says:

    Can this one run kodi launchers or is that over with since

  6. Jj says:

    Is there anyway to use an usbdrive to update any updates rooted or unrooted on an unrooted device. Blocked updates. Stuck not updating old firetv1 software and not loading, only black screen

  7. Jimbo says:

    Anyway to root a firetv 1 on 5.2.1 yet? Foolishly I took aftv advice many moons ago not to use kingroot to root :( since then it’s never been possible to root. I want access to the USB port (NTFS).

  8. bk says:

    I’m in a bit of loop here. Maybe you guys can help?

    Ive been trying to learn as much as i can but im stuck. I have a fire stick 1 that runs, so i understand it cant be rooted unless its an earlier version, but i cant find a way to get back to an earlier OS with being able to root. When i reset to default it defaults to 5.2

    Is this where i need adblink to do it through my pc?

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