Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 2 Released


Rbox has released a pre-rooted version of the software update for the Fire TV 2. You can download it over on XDA and install it using TWRP as always. This allows Fire TV 2 owners with rooted devices to update to the latest software version without losing root. Those of you with the first generation Fire TV, a pre-rooted version of was released last week. If you have the means, be sure to thank rbox for his continued effort by donating to him.

  1. AFTV Fan says:

    I have new in box AFTV 1, 2, and AFTV Stick 1, 2. I imagine they all to have the oldest firmware as I bought them all at release. What’s the recommended procedure to get them safely rooted since I’m way behind the curve with a AFTV 3 about to be released.

  2. Mike says:

    I didnt update my FTV2 since 5.0.1,it is rooted , do i beed update first or just use the new realesed room right away?

  3. Adam says:

    You can just right to the latest ROM.

  4. Adam says:

    What I do is download it from the XDA link above, along with the md5sum file. Then I put both on my microSD card and put it into my Fire, reboot and use TWRP to install it. TWRP checks the md5sum automatically, which is nice. Afterward I wipe the Dalvik cache (which takes a long time, BTW, so don’t panic)

    This is also when you would do the steps to block updates by setting the FireOS version number:

    Then reboot, and you should be in business.

    • MM says:

      Just a question about the above blocking method…posting it here since no responses in the original article comments…I changed the version number in build.prop file as the method states and copied over the modified file, but after rebooting the fire tv, it’s stuck on the amazon boot animation screen and not loading the home menu. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

      • Adam says:


        Well, this is what TWRP’s recovery is for.

        First, since this is the easiest, boot into TWRP and clear your Dalvik cache (it takes a while) then reboot.

        If that works, awesome.

        If not, in TWRP I would try a factory reset:

        If successful, remember to reset your update blocks.

        If that didn’t work, I would reinstall the ROM, making sure that I included the md5sum file for good measure.

        If successful, remember to reset your update blocks.

        As I understand things, doing these three things is a complete reset of everything on the the box (someone please correct me if I’m wrong)

        • Adam says:


          Actually, the first thing might actually be boot into TWRP and re-copy the build.prop over in case something fubar-ed in the original transfer.

          Using my other steps will should get you a good build.prop IF that’s the problem, but this will possibly save you the trouble

          Good luck, we’ve all been where you are with something, and its no fun.

      • tech3475 says:

        Did you remember to also to change the file permissions using chmod?

        • MM says:

          Thanks for the responses…I should have been more clear when posting my question…I am not trying upgrade to the latest pre-rooted rom…I am still on the pre-reooted 5.0.5 (I know quite old) and I am trying to block updates via changing version number in build.prop file…fire tv got stuck on the boot animation screen after I copied over the modified build.prop file. I don’t remember changing the permissions on the modified…may be that should do it. Anyways, I am thinking of upgrading to the latest pre-rooted rom now. Thanks for all your help.

          • Adam says:

            You shouldn’t need to change the permissions. Its not in the guide instructions, and I’ve never had to do it when I moved the build.prop.

          • MM says:

            I resolved the issue by changing the version number to the original one (for rooted version 5.0.5) in build.prop file through TWRP and got the fire tv up and running again, but still would like to know what I was doing wrong to avoid loosing root in the future.

        • tech3475 says:

          The reason why I mentioned file permissions is because someone in the comments mentioned that it’s one possible cause for it getting stuck on the fire tv logo.

          I’d suggest trying again if restoring it worked but this time try the higher build number using the same method you did to restore it.

      • Smile says:

        Why cant you just flash to the new rom without clearing the Dalvik cache? As the fire tv reboots unplug the cable from your cable modem. Then use adb to block updates using method one on the aftvnews guide. Then reconnect your internet.

      • Greg says:

        I had the same problem do this:
        reInstall pre-rooted rom
        use esfile explorer to modify the version number in the file

        I think the problem is caused by the difference between a unix ans windows file format hidden characters that mean new line. Anyway, modify it directly on the fire box using esflie explorer

  5. Adam says:

    And also you’ll want to make sure you disabled the OTA update service if you haven’t already.

  6. Connor says:

    I’m new to rooting but not new to ‘unlocking devices’, like I’ve jailbroken for years etc.
    So I have a Amazon Fire TV 2 on FireOS annoyingly. So I was wondering is there anyway to downgrade? I doubt it so if there isn’t what’s the average time frame for an OS to be cracked and rooted?



  7. LG says:

    Will I loose my installed apps or this one just will update the system files?

  8. Some One says:

    Any comments on debloating the OS after install? Or services to doable for extra performance (PM Disable)?

  9. Donny says:

    I have 2x AFTV first gen in the store room and would like to install Linux,FreeBSD if possible.

    How do I do that ?

  10. Dr M says:

    What are the benefits of using rooted rom? Many thanks

  11. adam says:

    HI, I’m stuck in a bootloop. I went into recovery and reinstalled the sloane rooted and rebbot will work. then after being powered off it will get stuck in bootloop again. The only way I can get it to work is to reinstall the rom. And yes I have tried wiping cache. I have noticed that the white amazon logo will appear then the screen flashes and goes to the white and then colorful logo and stays stuck there. I read somewhere, I cant find it anymore. I may have double installed the bootloader? maybe? Is there a fix for this? I really need help please.

  12. Don Black says:

    File says zip file corrupt!
    error installing zip file

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