Pre-Rooted ROM for the Amazon Fire TV 2 Released


Rbox has released a pre-rooted version of the latest Fire TV 2 software update. You can get pre-rooted here. You can install this new ROM regardles of what version is currently on your Fire TV 2. Be sure to also grab this MD5 file and include it with the ROM to ensure the ROM is not corrupted before flashing. A pre-rooted ROM for the 1st-gen Fire TV, as well as a finalized fix for the TWRP looping issues for the Fire TV 1, will be released at a later date.

  1. playingmax says:

    Thank you Saba & Rbox! u guys rock.

  2. Cade Foster says:

    What does this do?

    • tech3475 says:

      It allows rooted FTV2 users to updated to a newer version of Fire OS while still retaining root/custom recovery.

  3. Tom says:

    Could you please write a guide on how to install this newest rooted rom on a non rooted fire tv 2 on

    • Jonas Leary says:

      there is a guide alreay out for this. If you rooted using A to A usb cable method TWWRP recovery is already on your device. If you used the kingroot method there is a guide on how to get TWRP recovery on your device. Once you have TWRP just put the downloaded firmware on your SD card and flash it normally

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      You need to root your device before you can install this pre-rooted rom. So learn how to root first before you think about flashing this

    • Edog323 says:

      You have to be rooted to use the rom

  4. Ultraschorsch says:

    Still no love for the Fire TV1 with, right?

  5. Stank says:

    If I’m not concerned with updated Alexa/voice commands or 4K support, I could just stay on, right?

  6. Jonas Leary says:

    Did i miss something? Does this update add 4k support to the first gen fire tv boxes? My understanding is that that capability is due to the hardware inside the second gen fire tv boxes, because as far as i know the sticks on OS 5 dont do any 4k output.

  7. Forty0z says:

    still no Firetv 1 pre rooted rom. I guess I will just go back to stock or check how much they a rooted firetv 1 is going for on ebay

  8. Tibba says:

    How to do with fire stick Gen 1 ?

  9. Paul D says:

    I installed this pre-rooted last night using the non PC way. Fire TV 2 was previously
    rooted with Kingroot. I didn’t wipe after installing. Now I have lost root and of course the already installed Kingroot won’t root it now

    Any thoughts that preferably does not involve a complete wipe?

  10. daboybk says:

    Will this work for the Amazon Fire TV stick?

  11. David says:

    Seem to have lost USB connectivity with keyboards/mice with this update. I assume this is amazons doing and not the custom rom? lol..

  12. azido says:

    Hm.. just to make sure i understand it..

    Am i able to root & install recovery to a non-rooted FireTV 2 with original Firmware or not?

    Quote: “You can install this new ROM regardles of what version is currently on your Fire TV 2. ”

    Aksing because in the original thread for FireTV recovery installer it says “This only works if you are on a software version BEFORE!”

    • benjamin says:

      thats something i would like to know aswell , im having old 1st gen FTV with non-rooted with kodi 16.1 ,
      i bought FTV 2nd gen and it’s not unboxed yet , im not sure which version is on the bought 2nd gen at first, im able to cut-down ISP connection , so i need some masterplan what works and what doesnt work.

      so overall again the question : if having FTV 2nd gen and this is e.g. latest , are we (azido , me and many others) are able to put the pre-root on it ?

      perhaps someone could clearify this


  13. Chemister says:

    Install this prerooted on aftv 2nd gen. PlayStation vue says not supported on the device. My other aftv2 non-rooted and on works as expected. I am guessing the problem is because the device name is changed to block updates on the prerooted ROM. Any advice on how to deal with this? I need to be able to use PlayStation vue.

    I have blocked updates using opendns and it works great.

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