Post your Questions & Topics for tomorrow’s AFTVnewscast 68

I’ll be live streaming this week’s episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Let’s hear them! Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. Crixman says:

    Would haulted production of the FireTVstick and box increase prices elsewhere?

  2. ML says:

    I searched but don’t see anywhere that you have ever posted an article on solutions for when the Fire TV remote just stops working.

    In my case it’s a voice remote for the Fire TV 1. It just stop working. Then, after a while it starts working. I’ve searched all over the interwebs and there doesn’t seem to be single solution.

    Have you ever experienced this problem?

    • Gareth Price says:

      It might seem obvious, but have you checked for intermittent loose battery connections. Why not speak to Amazon Support, they’ll probably just send you a replacement

  3. MarcM says:

    Any update on when FireTV 1 will get the new UI and other updates that were rolled out to FireTV 2?
    Any update on when the Amazon app on Xbox One will be getting its update?

  4. clocks says:

    Do you still have plans to do some testing of the Mi Box?

  5. Larry D Clark Jr says:

    Is everyone having issues with the Direct TV Now service on the Fire Tv or The Apple TV 4. I am experiencing crashing, buffering, and QP1502 error

  6. nevin says:

    can you download movies from kodi 17 to sd card

  7. Roy says:

    HDhomerun how does it run on a fire TV?

    • Jon says:

      I use a HDhomerun on my FTV2 box, kind of. If you dont want the PVR functionality then you can just use the native plugin for Kodi and connect directly to the HDhomerun. My HDhomerun is connected to my server, and my server acts as the back end for Kodi. This allows me to have PVR and a good guide.

      There are many, many options for a back end, including an openELEC machine, an extra Windows computer, or just about any NAS that runs linux. If you dont have anything to use for a back end, the cheapest option is probably a raspberry pi. Take a look at the Kodi wiki, they are officially supported by HDhomerun and have great guides to get it running.

  8. hdmkv says:

    Do you have any info as to whether Amazon plans to add the OTA integration capabilities demo’d on Fire TV integrated TV’s to their set-top boxes? It would be great to use HDHomeRun devices or USB tuners w/AFTV sticks or boxes… hopefully w/DVR capabilities at some point.

  9. wisam says:

    Hi Elias an idea about 3rd part remote/mouse apps for fire tv like Remote for Fire TV by guidology or CetusPlay they are not working for me anymore?thanks in advance

  10. Alfredo Rodriguez says:

    Hello Elias, how do you find or determine what is the URL of an APK? or you just put the page name on the downloader app to download the app? Ej:whats the URl For this Page,thanks in advance.

  11. DR says:

    Is there any way for the Fire TV to report its metrics (such as what’s displayed in the System X-Ray bar) using SNMP?

  12. Graeme Oxley says:


    Any news on Alexa coming to the fire TV in the UK now Alex is here?



  13. Zog says:

    Trying to restore a bricked Fire Tv2 using R-Box’s 3 file method. Got to the “You must type the name of the image you want to use.” Tried “unbrick+ramdisk.img” (error) Then tried unbrick+ramdisk.(error)
    What exactly am I supposed to “type” there.
    Tried dragging the unbrick+ramdisk.img. file to the box and got to the yes/no part but stops at 7% of the first file after 2 hours, so that’s not working.
    Any suggestions ?

  14. jim says:

    Is there a way to store newly downloaded apps onto the micro sd BY DEFAULT ON A FIRE TV 2? Currently I download an app but have to move it manually each time to my micro sd and is becoming tiresome. I have OS 5.0.5.

    Can the downloader app can be obtained as an apk so I can install it on my shield tv? If so where?

    Lastly is it safe to update my OS to the latest and then Root my ftv2?
    Also if my ftv2 is not rooted then is it safe to update to latest OS without loosing side loaded apps like kodi?


  15. Tony says:

    I’m looking to upgrade my 1st Gen Fire TV to the Xiaomi Mi Box. However, I’m not sure whether the CPU on the Mi Box is better than the one on the Fire TV. Is the Mi Box any better than the Fire TV in terms of processing power?

    Would be great to hear your advice.


  16. hawkerw says:


    Thanks for your great coverage of CES. Have you heard anything about Shield getting Alexa? Here is a article.

  17. damien says:

    hi elias.
    at CES did you see the ultra thin tvs?
    I was wondering how do you plug things into it like usb or hdmi if its less them 3mm thick?

    thank you

  18. hawkerw says:


    Are you still working on a forum?

  19. SconnyUK says:

    Do you know of a SuperSU apk that actually opens for Fire TV 2 ?
    After a long process quite a while ago i managed to get SuperSU swapped over from KingoRoot on the FireStick (before the custom recovery was around) and managed to get a SuperSU apk work fully with an interface with options.
    I know the pre rooted roms (5.0.5 in my case) come with pre installed SuperSU but the isnt a working interface, the pop up permission box work fine but there isnt an interface.
    One more question, after alot of trial and error i feel im no further forward, i want to disable all amazon related processes but keep the amazon prime video available, is there any chance you can investigate this ? i have investigated myself and found a very long script (found a very informative site) but gives very little info about what the processes do.
    What id like to do is disable as much as possible without taking amazon video/prime video away. thanks very much for your time and reading.
    Thanks for your show, i try to watch when im able. keep up the good work.

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