Post your Questions & Topics for Tomorrow’s AFTVnewscast 42

I’ll be live streaming this week’s episode of the AFTVnewscast, at this link here, tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Let’s hear them! Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. Myst Da-Man says:

    I have installed a lot of apk’s on my fire tv stick like kodi, Perfect Player and UkTvNow. It seems that Perfect Player and UkTvNow never comes into my “apps” section or recent. But Kodi does, is there any way to put Perfect Player and UkTvNow on my home screen?

    P.S I know I can use FireStarter, but sometimes when you press the home screen, my family does not know to go back into firestarter. Unless you can disable/remap the home button to go to the firestarter instead of amazon home screen?

  2. Brad says:

    Successfully updated my Fire TV 1 to os5 with TWRP (thanks to you)… I have on observation and one question.
    StickMount didn’t work for me any longer, so just wanted to report that thankfully Paragon works perfectly for mounting my NTFS drives connected to the Fire TV via the USB hub.
    My question is concerning the nag screen that pops up on boot and tells me that there is a “USB Problem” because it sees the NTFS drives. Do you know if there is a way to kill that nag screen, I am afraid someone is gonna choose the wrong option and format my drive.

  3. Frank H says:

    I swapped the voice remote on my firetv with the nonvoice remote from my firetv stick. Since doing this I have to replace the batteries weekly. Have you ever accounted something similar? Would the firetv cause more RF traffic to a nonvoice remote and drain the batteries faster? Thanks

  4. naju says:


    I have never rooted in my life. I’ve been thinking of it lately.
    Have got a few questions:

    1) What can you do with a rooted fire tv that you can’t with a stock fire tv?
    2) Can you install Google Playstore leanback version on it(the one that is installed on android tvs) and install android tv apps from it ?
    3) What are some other cool stuff you can do with a rooted fire tv?
    4) How easy is it to unroot your fire tv? can you brick your fire tv?
    5) How is your experience with vpn on fire tv?


  5. damien says:

    I’m new to the site.
    ive binge watched most of the podcast

    #1 when i use a xbox one afterglow, before and after the 5.0.
    if kodi is on it makes the volume go all the way up…Have to default audio. V 16.1 as well

    #2 following your block update.

    im very familiar with open dns
    Always block:

    firetv V1 dis able the hardware block. it started updating instantly to 5.0

    your driving Alexa crazy watching podcast
    haa Alexa..Alexa..Alexa..Alexa..Alexa..Alexa..
    ding ding ding….

    • DJ WHO?! says:

      Just wanted to add to the above post. There is a windows based software called Debloater the current version is 3.9.0. You can find it at the site listed below. So, essentially what it does is it will disable / block any system and third party application on your device with ease and allow you to enable / unblock the application just as easy.

      You will need to have ADBFIRE setup and connect to the device then run the Debloater app. Full instructions listed below. Once you turn off the amazon update service it will error when you try to run an update from the menu.

      Debloater Link

      Just as a side note. I have my router configured to block updates already. When I took my firetv 1 on the road with me with stock 5.0 it updated to because I forgot about my router blocking the update files.

      Now I have to wait for root on my fire TV 1 with

  6. Adam says:

    Hi Elias. Yay, Friday! AFTVnewscast Day!

    Honestly, and I’m as surprised by this as anyone, coming home from work on Friday and sitting down to an AFTVnewscast already in progress (yet still rewindable to the start) has proven to be Zen-like in its ability to unwind me from my workweek and start my weekend.

    (Slightly) Shorter question this week.

    I’m sensing that Amazon is upping the stakes in controlling the device now that its successfully established. Given that they’d clearly be happier without the “hobbyist” crowd (rooters, Kodi/SPMC power users, Firestarter users), is someone, you, rbox, someone else I could donate to… going through the code of successive releases to look for new ways Amazon might insert code to unilaterally unroot devices, enable updates, or whatever?

    I’m reasonably confident my current release of doesn’t contain any secret code Amazon might use to reach out and grab my Fire TV, but now that Amazon appears to have gotten serious about locking down the Fire TV, I find myself paranoid about installing rbox’s latest pre-rooted ROM for fear that it carries a Trojan horse. ie. innocuous.apk that checks in with Amazon on July 1st and initiates an update.

    Thoughts, and thanks?

  7. Adam says:

    Wow, that reads poorly.

    If I may correct: Thoughts? And thanks.

  8. Tony says:

    Hello Elias, another really Great week on aftvnews with root info etc!

    I plan to root my prerooted firetv1 from os3 to rooted os5 but have delayed it until you get more guides up in the future. But I was wondering if you think it will ever be too late to make the move from os3 to os5 such as Amazon later making it more difficult to block updates.

    I am staying patient after reading about a few people bricking their units during their rooting attempts. Hopefully it will go smoothly for everyone after we know all the details about the twrp install issues.

  9. Dan says:

    Morning Elias, I hope to catch you live this week!

    Have you tried to remove SuperUser yet from the Stick in favour of SuperSU?
    My stick rooted first time with latest firmware and KingoRoot but as many probably are I am looking forward to a mighty pre-rooted image from rbox so I can be sure of what is installed and also gain some control back.

  10. Tom says:

    Can I just root on following this guide:

    and then at step 34 use the newest 5.2.1. rom to install instead of the 5.0.5. pre rooted?

    What exactly is step 34 with the “sloane” file doing to the device?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. IrishBiker says:

    Both my FireTV 1 and 2 are now rooted and I’ve used opendns to block the following:

    Couple of quick questions

    1. Blocking the above, does that also block app updates? I noticed one of my apps is well out date when it comes to updates.

    2. Has anyone got a working VPN solution for FireTV? I’m moving back to Ireland and I want to still be able to watch iplayer etc.

  12. John Grover says:

    Hello. I’m in the UK and still yet to receive the new updated firmware on my AFTV 4K. Have they pulled it or are people (like me) still waiting?

  13. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    I received two weeks ago this new software update, on my FireTV2 and FireTV Sticks, but I am still waiting to receive the firmware on my two FireTV1 Boxes.

    As the new update is for all models of FireTV (new and old), perhaps Amazon has decided to release it slowly.

  14. Simon says:

    Jeff Bezos has been in the news recently talking about not allowing Android TV and Apple TV boxes to be sold on Amazon. Any thoughts?

  15. Ray says:

    Hi Elias

    Have a bit of a 4 part question for you, but I’ll try to keep them brief:

    1. You mentioned RBox will release 5.2.1 at a later date for the FTV1. Any ETA on that?

    2. I got TWRP on my FTV1, and I installed the ROM. Should I of installed 5.0.t first? Asking because it doesn’t seem as smooth as I had hoped, I only manage to get Kodi on my recent apps list, none of the other (ESFile, games, etc) show in recent or in my app lybrary. Also, while doing 1st run activation, I had to let it check for updates. If I was to re-do the process again, does TWRP avoid it updating if it downloads 5.2.1??

    3. Have to managed to look in to any of your old tutorials to update them? Mainly moving full apps/games to USB. I for one have problems with all File Explorer (even Root Explorer) mounting the /system folder for writing, even after allowing root access, so maybe all apps have issues?

    4. Do you have a link for that Alexa MOD you mentioned once for voice to text in Kodi??

    Thanks in advanced

  16. PlayerJuan says:

    any guides available describing a setup with a USB hub, usb hard disk, and kodi? specifically looking for automount NTFS with rwx permissions?

    Thanks for all your hard work!


  17. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    I have noticed that after the update of FireTV2 to FireOS-5, trying to move all the Kodi files to a MicroUSB-Memory is not possible anymore.

    I have not tried, partially or totally, to move the Kodi files, after the latest software update, but I wonder if you can still move most Kodi files to the MicroUSB-Memory to free up the internal memory of fireTV2.

    Elias could update the tutorial AFTVnews or tell us how to do it if that is still possible?

  18. Max says:

    I have bricked my fire tv1
    i am stuck at the white amazon logo
    i tried any method but no chance
    my device is not fully unlocked
    is there any chance to get recovery?

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