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I’ll be live streaming this week’s episode of the AFTVnewscast, at this link here, tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Let’s hear them! Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. Roy says:

    Apple TV just got the AMC app. Will AFTV get it too or will this be an apple exclusive?

  2. Jaremy says:

    Can you comment why the Amazon app on Roku is so ugly? Why hasn’t this UI been updated to match other platforms? Do you think they ever will improve it?

    Even new devices like the Samsung UHD BD K8500 have the psuedo Fire TV style UI.

    • Vulcan195 says:

      Sometimes its good to leave things the way they are. I love the quick and minimalistic approach Apple TV takes for navigating the Netflix catalogue. It may not have the jazzy UI but definitely gets you to your destination much quicker.

  3. Wrecks says:

    When you repeat play songs from a Prime playlist, does it stream each song over and over again, or are they transferred to the ReplayTV once and played locally?

  4. TechyChris says:

    If my Amazon Fire TV (Gen 1) loses power for an extended period, say 8 hours or more, could that trigger a factory reset upon restoration of power or must you actually engage the factory reset button in the settings menu? Thanks!

  5. Alexandra Fassett says:

    Can data be moved from Kodi 16.1 to SD card on Fire TV 2 latest software?

  6. Vulcan195 says:

    Several users of Fire TV, have complained that the single axis navigation of titles results in much longer time and keystrokes to get from beginning to end (especially of the list has 99 titles). Will Amazon see value in using the forward and reverse button on the remote to advance several titles in one key press. Currently, these keys are never used when navigating content.

  7. Vulcan195 says:

    Under Apps -> Popular Lists there is a list titled: ‘Customer Favorites’. And the first one on that list is ‘Shop by Remote by HSN’. Clearly, Amazon data analytics is flawed. Unless, Kodi users are also avid HSN shoppers.
    On a similar note, when you go to any App info page … Selecting ‘Similar Apps’ shows apps that have zero correlation with the App that is currently on the screen. Is Amazon getting kickbacks for skewing the search engine results on the Fire TV?

  8. Jim says:

    Whats up big E! I am thinking about rooting my ftv2 because I ALREADY HAVE KODI INSTALLED and want to KEEP KODI FOREVER so the first step is to block router updates using your instructions right?

    On method 3 my asus router dont seem to support filtering https (“Https webpages cannot be filtered”). The message is under “url filter.” Even with the message I inserted:


    And then tested by downloading a file from your guide using my macbook and it downloaded meaning method 3 doesnt work! So now should I block it using method 1 (but my ftv2 is not rooted) or method 2 for unrooted ftv2? Which is easier?

    Question 2)
    I have an unopened ftv2 (not sure which OS) and should I ROOT IT FIRST AND THEN INSTALL KODI or INSTALL KODI AND THEN ROOT IT what should I do first???


    THANKS BIG E!!!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      Almost forgot to ask you HOW WOULD I INSTALL KODI FOR BOTH FTV’s IF I NEED TO ROOT FIRST (especially the 2nd question since my inopened ftv2 does not have Kodi before?)

      • Mark says:

        You don’t need to root just to sideload Kodi and use external storage using FAT 32.

        Now if you want to play movies using an external HDD over USB (not streaming) and use a file system like NTFS then you’d need to root just to mount the drive with this particular file system.

  9. Llyod says:

    Have you noticed different HDMI behavior between the 1st Gen Fire TV and the 2nd?

    What I mean is, with the First Gen hooked up to my TV (Panasonic), while watching the Fire TV on HDMI 1, if I were to press channel up or down on the TV remote, or press a channel number, the TV would switch from HDMI to TV.

    When I replace the 1st Gen with the 2nd Gen on the same HDMI1 port, the channel up or down, or pressing channel numbers has no effect, I need to manually switch ports on the remote to watch TV.

  10. Lori says:


    I know you have written a couple of articles on the subject so I understand if you don’t want to comment further. But I thought perhaps you go a little more in-depth on what the App MrMC can actually be used for.

    For example: If my mother-in-law was looking in the app store, I don’t think she would understand how MrMC might be used. In layman’s terms, what would you tell the average consumer regarding MrMC practical uses and capabilities?

    Thank you as always for your answer.


    • Jerry says:

      Good question. I think the main thing would be if someone had movies on their own NAS or something and wanted to play back either that or local content (i.e. via USB stick) but using a nicer interface than something like ES File Explorer. Same could be said for music playback as well. I would like to hear Elias talk about this more too.

      The thing is, for most people that have a NAS or know about home networking enough you think they would just install KODI or some free variation of it and also get the benefit of the plug-ins.

    • Bob says:

      Looks like the description on the amazon store covers it:

      It allows users to play and view most videos, music, and other digital media files from local storage media and media devices such as the HDHomerun, tvheadend and more.

      Not much more to it.

  11. What’s the best way to create a custom image for an ATFV2.

    The rbox images are great but I want to streamline my rooted image installs with tweaks and data load outs.

    Recovery allows restores but only from the serial number directory of the device and I don’t see an easy way of moving/redirecting the backup files over on the SD card to a readable restore point.


  12. Looking for recommendations for a APK remote support app.

    Teamview Quicksupport runs just fine on sticks when rooted but if you uninstall Kingroot after disabling updates you lose the ability to move the mouse and do clicks.

    On the AFTV2 rbox 5.0.5 image Quicksupport crashes complaining about missing files once connected to.


  13. Also looking for TWRP 3.0.0-5 for the 5.0.5 AFTV2 images.

    I’m assuming this is a custom build for FTV?

  14. rr says:

    I have tried several ways to play emulators on my fire tv (gen2). Every controller I have tried ps4 wireless, ps3 wired, and OUYA all lag. Is there a way to fix this? Or is there a particular setup guide I should be following etc.

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