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This week’s AFTVnewscast episode will stream live one day early on Thursday at 1:30pm PT. I normally stream live on Fridays but I won’t be available this Friday. The edited version should be available on YouTube and the various podcast services by Saturday as always. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. If you’ve got questions about rooting, the 5.0.5 update, KingRoot, or anything else, now’s your chance to ask them! Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. G says:

    I use my fire tv stick 1 mostly at hotels. The hotel networks have multicast turned off, meaning a Wifi remote – which I understand is what version 2 comes with – would not work, correct?

  2. xavi says:

    how can i mirror my lg g stylo to amazon fire tv 4k ultra i try to see on my android phone cast or mirror or display mirror option and i dont see only on my wifi network i see amazon fire tv wifi i dont know how to mirror can someone please help me and i try to look for answers on google or other place even on Youtube and theres is no video or a comment how to mirror lg g stylo running 6.0 please help me someone

  3. taveras says:

    can i be able to change the background on AFTV 2 Gen

  4. John C. says:

    Elias, since you’re advising everyone to hold off on rooting until rbox releases TWRP, does this mean that rbox will have his own rooting method or some other way of getting TWRP onto the device?

  5. Dee says:

    I read somewhere online that Amazon is going to come with there own live TV subscription. Is there any truth to that or is it just speculation?

  6. IrishBiker says:

    With the update to 5.0.5 is it now possible to redirect the audio via Bluetooth to my phone for late night watching with headphones.

  7. Dee says:

    Back again! What other game controller beside Nykos do you recommend? I previously purchase the Nykos (newest version) game pad controller and had connection problems just using the batteries. I would connect my micro usb to my controller to the Fire TV but it would just connect and disconnect itself. I got frustrated with it that I returned it. Any suggestion?

  8. I_am_rushin says:

    @Dee ^

    I recommend the Xiaomi bluetooth controller. It can be imported through various Chinese websites for ~$22.


    My question is primarily for those watching the live stream, but I’m also curious as to any input from you.

    “Those who previously did not have root (specifically FTV Stick owners), what are your plans now that root has been achieved?”

    Personally, I just want GApps so I can consolidate my FTV Stick and Android TV by adding Youtube and Google Play Movies to the FTV.

  9. TechyChris says:

    Hello Elias, I’ve noticed a change to my wifi signal strength ever since the OS5 update, but I’ve not heard anyone else report this.
    I have 2 Gen 1 FTV’s, purchased the first Dec 2014, second March 2015. Both always on same wifi , never changed settings or router and both have always shown MAX 4 bar signal with “very good”. Got the first update 3 weeks ago, the second 2 weeks ago. Now both FTV’s show 3 bar with “good” wifi (presumably a 25% reduction), can’t be a coincidence since the signal change happened to both right after update. Has actual wifi quality been reduced or is it just the OS5 interpretation of the wifi signal strength scale 1-4 bars? thanks for any feedback, love the podcasts!

  10. vulcan195 says:

    Amazon UI design continues to frustrate. Since updating to the latest firmware – it takes a total of 26 key presses to take me from HOME to my add-on video subscription (in this case, CuriosityStream). Its located in the bottom row under My Videos. On a related note, the UI has so much wasted space. Rather than have a single row of cover art where each cover art fills 1/3 of the screen, they ought to shrink these and fit more titles on the screen. Is Amazon catering to users with 19-inch 480p TV screens? Amazon developers need to step back and re-design their UI to improve navigation efficiency. Please pass on the message.

    • Dee says:

      ^ I’ve been saying that my last couple post. They’re doing very little tweaks here and there with the UI on the latest update. They need to fix it where you don’t have to scroll 100 apps just to find what you want. I hope they fix that on the next update along with wifi connectivity issue bug before they start on the next Fire TV product.

  11. Adam says:

    Hi Elias, hope all is well with you. :-)

    Regarding the wifi …hotspot I guess it is, that the Fire sets up for the remote, I saw it when I initially received and set up my Fire upon its release. But then I could swear to Alexa that it went away, perhaps as consequence of something I did playing around with the device on wifi and on cat5.

    So recently when I was messing around while rooting my Fire, it came back, and I don’t know for sure if it ever left, or if I just didn’t see it on the network.

    Do you know of a way to turn it off? I realize that its for the remote, but can’t the remote operate on my own wifi network?


  12. CoyoteDave says:

    Hello Elias,
    I have a 1st gen Fire TV now running 5.0.5. Your procedure for moving Kodi to an USB source fails with a protection error on the “mkdir” command. Are you going to update the procedure?


  13. Craig says:

    Does the OS 5.0.5 prevent copying from folders in ES Explorer to a usb? Ever since the update I get a “Copy Task Failed” error in ES Explorer.


  14. Jehri_R says:

    When do you think a new Fire TV Stick will be released and do you think it will have a quad core processor?

  15. Peter says:

    Where is this new Echo? echo echo echo

  16. TROJAN4EVR says:

    Why did you block chat in the live YouTube stream? In past live strams you had it on. Some of us don’t like/use twitter…

  17. Don Mac says:

    Can you please post how to return to Stock 5.0.5 from a rooted AFTV 2. Thanks

  18. Steve Kline says:

    They say that if you get a job at Google or Apple it’s a great thing, lots of perks and benefits and a creative place to work. Is this also true at Amazon?
    Does Amazon attract the best and the brightest engineers like Google and Apple are said to do?

  19. Bill says:

    Amazon will have an advertising supported show next season.

    So, my question is… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mark says:

    I would like to see (best as an article on this site) a complete guide to understanding rooting the Fire TV. It needs to include all the things that are discussed on this site (and xda forums) that aren’t put in any kind of coherent method of understanding them and how they relate to each other and why they are needed.

    Topics would include:

    What is a pre-rooted rom/pre-rooted stock image?
    What is a recovery?/custom recovery?/custom recovery installer?
    What is root?
    What is the proper order of doing all these things to have a properly set up Fire TV?

    In reading this site and xda forums it is very frustrating for someone who knows nothing trying to grasp what they’re reading, why it matters and the proper order (and the most current instructions) for how to do all of this.

    I’m happy to read and learn, but it would be nice if someone would write and introduction to the scene so that we could walk away comfortably armed with some level of knowledge that we would know what to do.

  21. deez says:

    ok so what should i do? i have the 5.0.5 right of the box … how can i block the updates when i can’t use adbfire to connect

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