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I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do most Fridays. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the new add-on video service, the Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. AJ says:

    Llama DOES NOT work on the New Fire TV. Any updates on this???

  2. I’m interested in moving to digital films over blu ray, but blu ray is the only way I can reliably get Director’s Commentaries. I know Itunes has started including them, but they don’t work on the original Apple TV. I can’t see how to tell if a Prime Video with Bonus Features has commentaries, and if they work on my first gen Fire TV. Discuss. :)

  3. Steve Kline says:

    First Question:

    Why do some ISPs now charge their customers more if they exceed certain monthly internet data limits, yet have no such restrictions on the amount of cable television their customers can watch each month? Don’t both television and internet data travel over the same cables? Why the difference?

    Second Question:

    Are there ways to watch programs on the Amazon Fire TV Box and economize on the amount of data we consume while doing so? For instance, I believe that watching just one hour of Amazon Prime Video streaming HD consumes about 3GB of data. With that figure in mind it explains why it is so easy to exceed the monthly limits some ISPs are imposing on their customers.

  4. ka says:

    we have a leaf 4k 6×6 Matrix with HDbaseT from control 4 . The only known issue is with the Amazon 4k player no display on 1080P tvs, control4 tech guys saying it is using outdated 4k protocols.

    Control 4 said We have not had reports of other 4k players having issues.

  5. Jim says:

    I am wondering if putting the fire tv 4k or any streaming device in vertical or any other position other than the intended position harm the device?

    Also how can i make it the default for newly downloaded apps to store on my microsd instead of the internal storage?

    If an app is stored in a microsd card then would all the related info also be stored there too and vice-vera for the internal storage? Like when I am playing a game where would the saved info be stored?

    How would one know if a video on the the ftv4k be 4k? Like when I use the amazon app or youtube app for example. I have a dell 4k monitor.

  6. Artimus says:

    Do you think the new add-on subscriptions will reduce the amount of free Prime content in the future?

  7. G says:

    So I put a 32gb card into my AFTV2, but what can I do with it? I will never run out of the internal space as I do not play games … Can I play movies and music from it?

  8. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Hello Elias,

    I hope you are doing good. I didn’t see too many comments so a long from me today if that’s cool.

    I would love to see HBO now and Netflix come to the amazon add on prime program. Like this all would be together in 1 place and in 1 app on other devices. I guess netlfix won’t happen. What do you think about the changes for HBO. I mean you can already subscribe via Amazon I believe. What would be against it for HBO? I guess 99% of the people using amazon TV are prime members anyway.

    The datacap problem seems to get bigger and bigger by the day. And the compcasts seem to get away with it because they have no competition.
    How come there is no competition? In Europe the owners of the infrastructure have to allow competition to use it. Is it different in the US? It’s a great opportunity for google fiber, isn’t it.
    I think the strategy of the comcasts to introduce datacaps, charge a lot of money for unlimited internet usage will only benefit them in the short term but hurt them a lot in the long term. What do you think?
    Maybe Amazon should start there own internet service like google.

    Thanks and take care,


  9. warren says:

    If I subscribe to Showtime through Amazon’s new addon thing, will it give me access to the showtime app? What about the reverse?

  10. vulcan195 says:

    On my Samsung TV native Amazon App – the cover art shows whether a title is in HD and whether its in Dolby 5.1.
    Fire TV does none of that – one has to jump through hoops to figure out that info. When a title is in ULTRA 4K, the cover art shows that. So why not display HD / 5.1 on the top left of the cover art to make life easy for us.

  11. Stank says:

    Thanks for all the news this week. This doesn’t really pertain to aftv, but since I have such a love for FTV, Kodi, and their apps, I’ve thought about tinkering around programming. I know you have some programming experience, so what should a somewhat tech-savvy adult beginner start with in your opinion?

  12. Troks says:

    I completely a survey from Time Warner Cable about cord cutting a few days ago. They wanted to know how much I was willing to pay for online only access to their content. Prices ranged from 20.0 – 30.0, 40.0 – 50.0 & 60.0 or more.

    Two shows back you mention wanting one of the Synology products.At one time I myself craved one of their Diskstations. So I bought one of the diskless devices (about 300.00) and tested it against and AMD system.

    The computer was built with a micro ATX Asrock FM2+, an A8 7670k cpu, 8 gig of Gskill 1866 ram and a Seagate SSHD ST2000 (2 TB HD + 8 gig MLC). I used the same hard drive in the Synology. Ubuntu 14.10 LTS installed on the computer.

    I was able use Plex on three different fire TV’s to stream 1080p content from the computer, backup a windows and fedora computer and stream 2 different movies to android device via Minidlna at the same time. I could not replicate this on the Synology. Plex would stutter and Minidlan would crash.

    During the test the CPU usage on my Netgear R7000 (with DDWRT) hovered around 60% with the computer and 90% with the Synology.

  13. Dan says:

    1st gen fire tv has watch abc app, why not 2nd gen fire tv? A relative has watch abc app on her 1st gen fire tv and i can’t download the app on my 2nd gen fire tv.

  14. Eric says:

    I noticed that Kodi system info shows the IP address of the firetv 2 as binding which is an internal IP used for the remote communications. Under the network info for the FIRETV Settings shows the correct lan ip of 192.168.1.x This doesn’t let any of the KODI remote apps detect it on the network.

    is there a fix or workaround, I’m already using the latest nightly build of kodi.


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