Post your Questions & Topics for this week’s AFTVnewscast — No Live Stream Tomorrow

I won’t be able to live stream my AFTVnewscast episode this week, but I will still record one offline and release it on Saturday as always. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Be sure to ask your question now, since you won’t be able to ask them live this week, and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. jon says:

    Anyone else experiencing issues with 4K content?

  2. Scott Howell says:

    It looks like a Windows work-around (and video walkthourgh) has come to light in the XDA forums in regards to rooting the Fire TV 2. I’m pretty technical savvy, but do you think it’s best to hold off until you write a guide? Personally, will you try to root your own Fire TV second gen?


  3. iCHAP3RZ says:


    I know the 2nd Gen Fire TV has not long been released but what would you like to see hardware and software wise on the next generation Fire TV?

    Personally I would like to see support for external storage without a file size limit and more internal storage space, User Profiles, A motion remote control for pointer specific apps like a web browser and then all the usual updates processor, Ram, GFX etc.

    That would be an awesome box for me.

    Secondly do you think Amazon will ever implement Prime Video downloads similar to what they have on phones and tablets? This would be great for me to eliminate the few times I suffer buffering from my unreliable network. (Homeplug Interference).

    Thanks I look forward to seeing the podcast this week once you upload it. Take care and enjoy your weekend.


  4. Patrick says:

    I kept a 2TB external hard drive connected to my gen 1 Fire TV and never had any issues when turning it on and off. On the gen 2 Fire TV, I’ve noticed that turning on the hard drive forces a restart of the Fire TV. It’s only a minor annoyance really, but I’m curious if this is an issue you know anything about. I’m confused as to why the recognition of external storage would force a restart on the new model.

  5. Olelaker says:

    Can everyone supply a list of their favorite streaming apps available on Fire TV or Fire Stick? Currently I use Plex,, Frequency, Netflix, and Crackle, Tubi TV and Kodi.

    Most have old / dated material. I prefer Plex and Pluto, but how and why are you using your specific player/app. If kodi, what plugins do you recommend (preferably legal)?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Patrick says:

      It’s not free and I know some people don’t like paying for content with ads, but Hulu is great for new shows. With a little effort, you can get it for free if you sign up for Bing Rewards. A free month of Hulu is one of the rewards and it’s super easy to rack up enough points every month.

  6. Steve Kline says:

    What is the best way to keep the Amazon Fire TV Box running lean and mean? Anything that we need to be doing on a regular basis to keep the device efficient and problem-free?

    Also, did you have any luck navigating through the Chrome Browser with the Logitech keyboard, referring to my question of last week?

  7. Steve Kline says:

    Is it my imagination or did Cyber Monday this year seem a lot less exciting than in past years? ditto for Black Friday?

    What happened to Amazon’s lightning deals for Prime Members?

  8. irshad says:

    Hi Elias,

    Awesome blog :)

    Q1: I currently have the 1st gen fire stick. I mainly use it for Netflix,bbc iplayer,YouTube and kodi. Should I upgrade to the fire TV 4K version? is it worth it? will it be a lot faster? edit: also I don’t have prime and am not looking to invest into getting one. it is also on offer at £65, as you mentioned in your blog.

    Q2: Will Fire tv os 5 improve the the first gen fire stick? I am just worried that, it might make it slow or clunky. any inside news on that aspect of fire tv os5? just curious :)


  9. ben says:

    What are some good apps to sideload? any list out there?
    well what apps have you personally side loaded?

  10. stevepet says:

    Anybody else notice that the FireTV2 (or Android Lollipop) cannot handle a static IP address change for a wired connection? If I boot up with a staic IP set, everything works fine. Then I change to a different IP in the same subnet, the FireTV with either crash, or disable the ethernet port. A reboot will get everything working with the second static IP address. In case you are wondering why I would do this, one IP routes over a VPN the other doesn’t.

  11. Mathias says:

    I am having issues with the FTV 2 not picking up the voice command when pressing the button on the remote. The blue “voice input” line shows up but no sound is being shown (the bar graph showing voice activity). After a few trials it usually works but it is buggy and annoying. Is this a known issue? I did install the latest updates including the remote update.

  12. Bob Cat says:

    When, oh when will they finally enable 24p output in HD out of of this thing? And I am talking about “real” 24p, i.e., 23.976 fps (not their 24.000 fps which doesn’t work right and I can’t even seem to be able to turn on in my FTV2 anyway).

  13. DENNIS DUNBAR says:

    Video Issue: LG427D (720P)

    Have not been able to get either of my new FireTV or Fire Stick (voice) working on my old 42″ LG TV. It works fine with my Shaw cable box which is set to 720P.

    I’ve tried setting Fire Stick to auto and manually setting it on another TV to 720P. I get the first Amazon splash screen then it turns black. I tried your suggestion to using holding both the reverse & up button. It flashes but I never get any screen displaying the current resolution. I tried the same process on another tv and was able to see what should be expected.

    Any suggestions?

  14. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Hi Elias,

    No livestream today. OMG what to do Friday night ;) I still have some questions though.

    1. According to your feeling would Amazon stock be a good investment as a 5-10 year investment? My feeling is they can and will grow much further. Echo, AFTV, Prime now, global expansion, tablets, etc. and what else is coming have still huge potential to grow I think. What do you think?

    2. I see still the AFTV2 gets quite some negative comments on Amazon these days. I am surprised by that. Why do you think that is? people expect too much, don’t know how to use it, or are there still too many bugs?

    Thanks and take care,


  15. Stank says:

    What up, E! When streaming local media to Fire TV devices via Kodi, is it best in terms of quality and speed to just use UPnP sharing from my PC running Kodi? Some others have said NFS or SMB are best. I like using the path of least resistance. Just wanted your opinion.

  16. Dave69 says:

    Hey Elias,

    Would you know if rbox is planning on releasing any more firmware updates for the rooted first gen fire tv.

  17. money4lyfe says:

    any word on that tcm (Turner Classic Movies) app that was promised in fall 2015?

  18. Tony j says:

    I have a fire TV 1 and 2 and when using for kodi I find the fire TV 1 a slightly smoother experience. The set up on both is identical but I notice a bit of judder on fire TV 2, whereas fire TV 1 is smooth maybe I need to change resolution settings to 1080p instead of auto 4k? It’s not a massive difference but the overall feel of fire TV 1 just feels smoother and more polished.

  19. Lisa Lynne says:

    Does Plex work on the new Amazon Fire TV?

    I have a WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage that I have put some of my content on and would love to watch it on the Fire TV
    I set up a Plex account. Now when I start Plex on the Fire TV I get the Plex logo and it just stays in the center of the screen and does nothing

    I don’t want to leave the computer on all the time when the content is going to be on the WD 4TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage

    But I just tried setting it up on my computer and the Fire TV still will not get past the Plkex logo either

    • James Herlihy says:

      I had trouble with Plex on my aftv2 when I moved the app to micro-sd storage. Moved it back to main storage and it worked fine. Also had similar problem with the YouTube app.

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