Post your Questions & Topics for Tomorrow’s AFTVnewscast

I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. iCHAP3RZ says:


    I was wondering is there any way to install 2 instances of kodi onto the fire tv in order to use 1 for testing purposes and 1 for good?

    Many Thanks

  2. iCHAP3RZ says:

    Hello again,

    I have another question is there any way of setting up profiles for prime video so that you can have separate watch lists for different members of the family sort of in the same way as to how the netflix profiles work?

    Many thanks

  3. Robert Simandl says:

    Any word on when we’ll see the NBC and Fox apps? They’ve been saying “soon” seemingly forever now.

    Also quite annoyed the CBS app will only run on the newer boxes. Been asking for this app since the day CBS announced their service and feel hosed that my original Fire TV box won’t get it til sometime next year.


  4. Peter says:

    any update on the native mirroring app from amazon?

  5. iCHAP3RZ says:

    What is on your Christmas list?

  6. Cdlenfert says:

    If you have any more info on the progress of a more end user friendly root for the AFTV2 I’m all ears. Thanks!

  7. Jim says:

    I need to know why some apps like the nba app is not smooth when eatching a live game. It seems to be skipping like for a sec at times but on amazon prime movies it seems fine. So could this be the app? I have wifi connected and it avg 30-60 mbps

  8. Jim says:

    Another question, what is the safest way to eject the microsd card on a ftv2?
    Also kodi 16 is almost out so whats the difference and should I update it if its out?

  9. Jim says:

    Sorry i have another question, can i havr more than one xbox360 controller connected to the ftv2 i have two conteollers and one receiver. Thanks and happy shopping!

  10. Amit says:

    How can I perform a wireless internet speed test on my fire TV 2?

  11. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Hello Elias,

    A nice start of the weekend after all the news on terrorists all week here in Brussels. Good change of pace.

    1. I now have an apple TV (gen 3) and an AFTV1. I am going to see how long I can last with these 2 boxes as cord cutter before they really get to outdated. I am thinking I can last another 3 years. I use Kodi, Netflix, HBO now, Amazon, youtube, pluto. What do you think?

    2. The apple TV is getting good reviews everywhere. You have used it and do you think it has a more premium feel/user experience than the AFTV? I don’t really see it.
    Any updates on running Kodi on the new apple TV?

    3. Did you hear anything about the A la carte channel subscription plan of Amazon. What is it and what do you think?

    Thank as always and enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend.


  12. Steve Kline says:

    Hi Elias,

    Hope you had a good holiday.

    Do you know of any tutorial on how to properly use the Logitech wireless touch keyboard with the 2nd Generation Fire TV Box?

    I recently side loaded the Chrome Browser onto my Fire TV Box, but can’t seem to navigate through it even using the Logitech keyboard.

    Without the ability to navigate through the Browser, is there any point in keeping the Chrome Browser on the Fire TV Box?

    I welcome any advice you can give me on the subject.


  13. iCHAP3RZ says:

    Hello Elias,

    I have been waiting in the UK for Black Friday in the hopes that Amazon would reduce the price of the AFTV2 a little. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anywhere reducing the cost at the moment.

    Do you know or do you think that the AFTV2 here in the UK may be discounted on Monday or possibly later this year or in the January sales?

    I currently own a couple of AFTV Sticks and the AFTV1 so I am not in a great need to upgrade but I certainly would of purchased one this weekend if there was any reductions.

    Great website love the Newscast’s and hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend.

    Take Care

  14. Chad says:

    Any word on the next FireTV 2 update? It was said they would have it fixed by the end of November, and even with the latest update, Dolby Digital still isn’t working correctly. When enabled, the sound sputters and comes in and out, forcing me to turn it back off.

  15. Don_black says:

    I am currently rooting AFTV2 @elias, I found some problems with ians instructions, there is a aftv2 directory he references but I do not see it. I notice that zeroepoch used the get code to download the aftv2 files. Is this supposed to be include in ians instructions

  16. Eddy says:

    Hello, great show. Been an owner of a Amazon Fire Phone I was wondering if you could ask you contact if the Fire Phone will be receiving any further updates. Thanks.

  17. jmcguire525 says:

    will the Plex app upgrade on the older fire models when they get OS-5?

  18. Eddy says:

    With ISP enforcing bandwidth caps, do you know how much extra bandwidth Amazon’s Fire TV ASAP Technology can consume. And is there a way to disable it.

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