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I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, the new Fire TV Stick voice bundle, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. Mathias says:

    After using a Fire TV Stick for a year I just upgraded to the new Fire TV 2. I have many of the apps on the FTV Stick setup for the family (e.g. favorite shows, game scores) and would therefore like to move everything over to the FTV2. Unfortunately without root backing up apps and data is difficult. ADB backup and Helicon Backup don’t work on the stick (Helicon reports that the Computer Backup Password was not empty and for ADB backup there is no confirmation pop-up). Do you have any other suggestion how this could be done? The FTV2 is rooted so no issue there. Thanks.

  2. Lodewijk (Lewis) says:

    Hi Elias,

    How are you? Today 2 questions I would like to here you opinion about (if that’s ok)

    1. I am exploring Kodi more and more. Bought a NAS which is amazing . Can acces from anywhere and Kodi can acces it easily too. Now I am ripping my blu ray’s. I am doing this to MKV. Do you think that is the best format or is MP4 better. What is you opinion?

    2. It seems android TV is slowly going to die (except in smart TV’s maybe), wouldn’t you think so? AFTV is also some sort of android box I guess. Do you think that andriod TV fading out is bad for AFTV in any way?
    I have hear yoou say that there are only 3 andriod TV boxes (nexus, razor and Nvidia). What about these other boxes like Miknxs? You don’t think these are andriod TV’s?

    Thanks and take care,


  3. theHammer says:

    I have 2 fire TV sticks. I mainly use Kodi (SPMC) to stream local content (mainly MKVs), and sometimes TVMC to stream stuff from the web. We also occasionally watch stuff via our Amazon Prime account. Is there any compelling need for me to upgrade to Fire TV 2 from the stick? I don’t seem to have any playback issues with local stuff. Internet streaming stuff buffers some occasionally, and typically results in a warning that there is not enough room for a proper cache on the stick (or something similar, it goes away too fast for me to get it all). Would the ability to add an SD card in the Fire TV improve the caching situation?

  4. Argo says:

    I love gadgets and knowing what tech products people use. Would you mind going over what tech you use for the podcast, living room, phone, and computing?

  5. Gerard Pinzone (@GerardPinzone) says:

    Problems with the Hulu app on the original FireTV and Fire TV Stick are supposedly going to be fixed as soon as the original Fire TVs can upgrade to the latest OS. Any idea when this is going to happen?

  6. Dennis Dunbar says:

    Black Friday I’m getting a fire stick w/voice, firetv and fire 7″ tablet. I’ve setup my router using a smartdns provider so that I can get USA content from Canada. Already have Amazon Prime and will be subscribing to Netflix. This should provide lots of content for these devices.

    I have some dvd’s that I have encoded to mp4 that I would like to have access on all three devices. Is Plex the best solution? I have a macbook pro (2011) that I can use to host Plex Server.

    Great website with lots of information. Keep up the great work.


  7. Alex avalos says:

    How do i do a backup of kodi using amazon fire tv 2? I save to sd card…i tried but did not save due to android version. Is there a fix? Thanks

  8. My 2nd generation AFTV occasionally drops frames, especially when there is rapid movement. Have other people noticed this? I don’t believe that I ever noticed this on the 1st generation. It may be a 3:2 pulldown problem.

    • Jim says:

      I have the most recent OS i believe and when streaming from the nba app it seems to skip a little from time to time but I have 100mbps wired and about 50-75mbps avg wifi. When on wifi it seems to skip for half a sec from time to time not too noticeable but i still can see it.

      I have very fast wifi so that cant be the cause so can it be the ftv2 OS version having issues or maybe even the nba app? I have watched a ninja turtles movie using prime app and it seems smooth.

      • It happened with Amazon videos, “Mr. Holmes”, which is an Amazon rental and “Z” which is Amazon Prime. I have an ethernet connection to the AFTV, so wifi is not the issue. I never noticed this problem on the 1st generation AFTV.

    • vulcan195 says:

      Whatever Dropout problems I have encountered are typically App specific. While that could be firmware (firmware APIs communicate with App API) … its more likely that its App related.

  9. Jim says:

    Hey Elias, I am wondering if I should ROOT all 4 of my ftv2’s?

    I am currently using only 1 out of 4 with KODI but dont see why I should root them (the rest are unopened). I was thinking about just installing KODI on all of them without rooting or if its possible to install KODI as well as rooting?

    When will you think it will become easier to ROOT my devices?

    I am planning to use my xbox360 controller with the usb charging cable and a receiver that plugs into a usb port to play some games but is this all I need or am I missing something?


  10. Freemz says:

    Switched on my Fire Tv Stick last night to find it had completely factory reset by itself, lost everything, any ideas why?


  11. John Thompson says:

    There’s no support for M-Go or Vudu on the Amazon Fire TV

    Is there going to be apps for those anytime soon?

  12. Markus says:

    Hi Elias,
    great job … aftvnews is my daily must-have with my first cup of coffee.

    It would be nice, if you could say something about the PLEX App on the AFTV and the AFTV2. I think a lot would like to use PLEX or does it already.

    Sadly there are a big issue or bug with PLEX on the FTV2 regarding AC3 / DTS Sound.

    All movies are stuttering if AC3 is activated in PLEX (started since update The only way to watch movies is to deactive AC3 Option in the PLEX app settings. This results in only Stereo Sound … not nice if you own a 5.1 oder 7.1 hifi-soundsystem.
    (Details can found:

    The worst thing is, that there is no feedback oder support from the PLEX developer since 20 days.

    Is there a chance that the coming aftv firmware update will solve the problem?

    I think a lot of aftv2 owners use PLEX and they are all affected by this bug. So it would be nice if you could say something … or perhaps you could get some informations from the PLEX developers.

    thx & best regards


  13. Marc says:

    Hi, I went to Best Buy last night to purchase a stick. I was told that the 1st gen stick is discontinued . Best Buy shows no store in my area as carrying the device anymore on their site even though when you go to the store they have them available

  14. Bob says:

    Love the site. Q: I have an AFTV Stick on factory FW since I was hoping for ROOT one day. Comparing what I’m missing out on from all the updates since launch vs the potential benefits of root, should I allow updates? Thanks!

  15. vulcan195 says:

    Queen’s Lyrics:
    Somebody, Somebody
    Can Aanybody find me Somebody, who knows when firmware update will be happen on AFTV2 to resolve the DD issue.

  16. Steve Kline says:

    Assuming that I protect my Fire TV from spikes in power using a well-rated surge protector, is there anything that realistically can go wrong with the device if I do nothing to harm it?

    Is it built to last or is planned obsolescence built into the machine?

  17. Mathias says:

    Thanks for your ideas on the backup. Just a quick follow-up comment. Copying over app data from the sdcard was my first thought too, but unfortunately most apps store at least part of their data (e.g. database, game scores, user accounts) under root/data/data/. If you look at sdcard/Android/data there are many apps missing (e.g. Netflix, TuneIn Radio, PBS). I guess there is no ways of fully backing up an un-rooted FTV, will just install all apps and re-configure manually. BTW ES File Explorer can actually pull the apk files but not the app data.

  18. Jim says:

    I almost forgot to ask you if it is ok to use a usb splitter so i can connect my usb thumb drive and a xbox 360 receiver ? Or do i just unplug the usb and plug the receiver back in everytime i use it lol?

  19. Carl says:

    I have successfully rooted my AFTV2. My question is, what now? I would like to have Kodi on the regular apps menu. Can I install Google Play Store? I know there are guides for AFTV1, but will they apply for the AFTV2?

    Thanks, and love the site!


  20. Carl says:

    Everything is good here.

  21. oppman says:

    One thing that I wanted to ask…. is it possible to use SKYPE in the fire tv ?
    I know we can plug a external USB camera and get it to work to do video and pictures… but can it work with SKYPE?

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