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I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. Tom42 says:

    Why is the sky blue?

  2. vuilcan195 says:

    On AFTV2, there is a bug wherein … on wireless connection … custom DNS ip address entries do not stick. It appears to accept the entry but the system reverts back to DNS from the DHCP server.

    The same works FINE on WIRED.

  3. vuilcan195 says:

    Has Amazon indicated if they will include Netflix content in the Voice Search feature?

  4. David says:

    Do you still believe FTV gen2 really sold out?

  5. vuilcan195 says:

    The current Amazon UI is very tedious to navigate. Apart from the fact that its very Amazon centric, it is cumbersome to scroll through all the selections.

    Lets take the Movie titles for instance – all are in one very very long row and the user has to scroll and scroll while browsing. All of it in one row, while the rest of the screen real-estate is used by rows of other irrelevant categories.

    Compare that to Apple TV, where selecting “Movies” will change the screen to show movies in multiple rows and multiple columns. This allows the users to quickly glance at significantly more number of titles at once (since it fills the screen in a matrix format) … and no other categories taking up real-estate.

    Amazon needs to revisit the way their UI functions.

    • pinoy4ever says:

      I like how Amazon designed the home screen.
      It gives me a feeling that a lot of entertainments stuff are just a mouse click away and not just your Kodi app you install but you get to know other new stuff that are available on AFTV platform.

      Dude, when it comes to the home screen it’s a win-win situation.

  6. Dan Atha says:

    Is there a good working way to get vudu on the ftv?

  7. Bill says:

    I purchased the AFTV2 gaming edition, so got the new wifi gaming remote. I would like to use the BT stick remote from my AFTV now that I’m taking it out of service. However, I am unable to get the AFTV2 to use the remote from the AFTV.

    On the AFTV2, I know the ‘Find Remote’ option will use wifi to search, but I tried it anyway. Fail. I tried searching for bluetooth devices and pressed the Home button on the AFTV stick remote, but it never finds it.

    I have read web posts on other sites where others have accomplished this using the same procedure I did. Can you offer some guidance as to why this is failing, how to get the remote recognized, or whether Amazon will even support this.

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Since I received my 2nd Gen. FireTV with a DOA WIFI Remore, I have been using my 1st Gen Bluethooth remote all the time and it works flawlessly….

      But you are absolutely right, at first it’s a little difficult to achieve pairing, but I finally managed to pair it, trying several times and keeping the Remote near to the FireTV unit.

      Although the response of the Bluetooth remote sometimes have an little imperceptible lag, I have found that works better than the new WIFI model, because as some users have complained, the new WIFI model currently have problem to maintain the connection.

      I’m trying to get Amazon to send me a new remote, so I will compare both of them, and will see if the WIFI model works better or worse than the Bluetooth version that I am currently using.

      • Bill says:

        I retried pairing with my bluetooth remote inches from the AFTV2. Sadly, still no go for me.

        Just to see if the remote was opening to pairing, I set my PC to search for Bluetooth devices. The remote showed up within 2 seconds of pressing the Home button. So, I can rule out the remote having a problem.

        I’m open to alternative methods of pairing or other suggestions.


  8. Bill says:

    I have configured my AFTV2 with Kodi and the fantastic Aeon MQ 6 skin. Details can be found at this link:

    This is such a fantastic skin, even better than Aeon MQ5 which was better than any other skin (IMHO). There are too many great features to list here, but I wanted to specifically point out that this skin has widgets that automatically pick up the Android Apps on the AFTV. So, quickly sliding over to the Programs menu will show the Apps on the AFTV as icons which can be run directly from Kodi. To shorten the list, you can even set certain programs as ‘Favourites’, giving yourself a short list of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, etc… so you can easily make a list of streaming services and games you actually use.

    Aeon MQ 6 makes it dead simple to use as the main interface (using your tutorial on autolaunching) and not even have to look at the AFTV menu.

    I suggest you try this and promote it through your site. There are so many complaints about the AFTV menu, I was shocked at how great this Kodi skin was for eliminating it.

  9. Bill says:

    I have noticed three or four times in the last week where my AFTV2 is unresponsive. I think it is after the unit is inactive for hours. I try the (gaming) remote and see the white lights flashing on it, but no light blink on the AFTV2 I have to unplug the unit and restart it. Once done, the unit works fine.

    Is there another way I can use the remote to force the AFTV2 to respond? I have tried holding the Home key for several seconds with no luck.

    Is this something others are experiencing or is it something unique to my unit? If I’m the only one, then it may be a hardware failure, or something Kodi is doing and I’ll pursue other fixes.

    • natebetween says:

      This happened to me the first week when I left it on overnight…it was frozen in the morning. Only a power unplug would fix it. It wasn’t overheated or anything. Hasn’t happened since though…even when I’ve left it on for a long time. Weird…

  10. Sohom says:

    Will the 1st Gen Fire TV stick receive the FIRE OS 5 update? If yes, when? I really want to check this out on my stick.

  11. natebetween says:


    First off, my AFTV2 is working better than on launch date…so I’m getting happier each week.

    I hope I’m not beating a dead horse here, but is there ANY chance of AFTV 1 or 2 being able to natively accept non-FAT32 formatted drives for those of us who have files > 4GB? (The going reasoning, as I understand it, is that by not allowing this Amazon is somehow staying in the good graces of the studios because of potential piracy issues??..)

    And IF NOT, is there any chance of a root or hardware hack allowing allowing this in the future??

    P.S. Currently using a 4x4TB Synology NAS which works great…but I really miss the ability to hook up local storage when I’m travelling.

  12. jim says:

    Since I am totally new to “side loading” or even “rooting” I have no clue on where/how to even start so there should be a guide that should CLEARLY be LABELED for first time ftv2 installers.

    Also, all the terms needs a clear explanation before a newbie like myself get started to side load kodi, apk, etc… What is it and where do I get them. Anyways…

    So I have a brand new ftv2 sitting next to me as I skim through every ftv2 article in this site just to piece everything together before I start “side loading”.

    So here is what I am planning to do for side loading:
    1. plug in ftv2 and if it forces me to update then so be it since I am not rooting (whatever that means).

    2. use this link:
    to side load kodi.

    3. use
    to easily access kodi with 2 home clicks.

    4. Then…. What?
    What do I do with kodi now? From my readings on comments some people said it is empty and you would need to “add-on” or something like that.
    So…… Where/how do I start?


    Really appreciate who can help me.

  13. Jim says:

    Also, I want to watch free sports so how would I go about that? Thanks

  14. Adam says:

    Thanks for all your coverage of what’s going on with the buggy Fire TV 2 launch, it really helps to know what’s going on.

    Regarding the sound fixes they’re working on, do you know where HDMI audio pass-through is on the list? Largely thanks to you, I’m confident that Dolby Digital will live on my system again, but I haven’t seen any information on the HDMI audio pass-through problem.

  15. Is anyone else having problems shutting down Kodi with firestarter….when I click exit it will not shut down unless I go into aftv home screen and force stop Kodi.

    • pinoy4ever says:

      do “force stop” before you launch any side loaded application.
      That will give you clean start if there is any old threads are running.

  16. Keith says:

    Completely selfish topic but id like to get the word out for nexus player major price drop to $50 and target was offering it for $25. Which i got bestbuy to match.
    Its got development that a lot of users here wish aftv could get. Im getting mine tomorrow and other than unlocking bootloader and rooting im not sure where to go. Looks like both cwm and twrp are available and cm 12.1 + marshmallow. Oughta be fun but i dont expect to hear about it unless its a slow news week for aftv.

  17. John says:

    Is there anyway to do VPN on the Amazon Fire 2?

  18. Jerry says:

    Is it true that Amazon will add support for older Dolby Digital (not Dolby Digital Plus) systems for the first time in this November 30th update? I was never able to use my sound system which supports Dolby Digital (not Plus) on my original fire tv box. I have to use Kodi to get my surround sound fix. It will be great if the update adds support for non-plus

    “Thank you for the feedback. By this coming Monday, October 12th, you will receive an automatic software update that enables Dolby Digital Plus for customers who have a Dolby Digital Plus system (including support for Netflix and Amazon Video). An update for older Dolby Digital systems (not Dolby Digital Plus) will be distributed on November 30th.”

  19. Luis says:

    I really want to know if it’s normal that the indicator light on the front of the 4K Fire TV is not always on. It only shines when you press the remote unlike the 1st Gen where its always on. And if not is it a software bug?

  20. James Anderson says:

    Will we ever see a browser for Fire TV?

  21. Vulcan195 says:

    I have been told that the AFTV2 is incapable of playing YouTube in 4K since it does not have a VP9 codec. Is this true?

    Is it possible and practical for a software codec to decode 4K streams?

  22. Vulcan195 says:

    I sideloaded an app onto the AFTV2 to monitor data usage.

    Last night, I watched a 1080p TV episode on Amazon Prime. It was 57 mins long and consumed 4GB. That equates to a 9Mb/s bitrate. This is significantly more than I was expecting. Is it possible that Amazon allocates wider pipes when client device is their one of their own … to give them an edge on Picture Quality?

    In my area, Comcast has a 300GB monthly limit. So I am forced to stress over this.

    • Vulcan195 says:

      Also, a Amazon Prime 4K stream consumed 24Mb/s. I have a 75Mb/s pipe.

      • Danizelli says:

        Is that a guarantee/actual speed or advertised speed ?
        Usually you don’t get as advertised.But even 50 is good enough for 4K and some traffic from your other devices. Use QoS if your router comes with one.

  23. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Hi Elias,

    How are you?

    1. I installed Alexa on my phone and it says Alexa will be available soon on my AFTV1. Any more concrete idea when this will be?

    2. It says the smart home function won’t be available on my device (like on the echo). Eventually this should also be available, right? Any idea how long that will take and/or why they don’t include it from the beginning?

    3. Do you have an amazon Echo? Do you like it? What do you use it for. Is it worth the price?

    Thanks ad always and all the best


  24. Kevin says:

    I am willing to be patient as Amazon fixes the sound issues and bugs on the device. I did pick up the gaming version but it didn’t come with a remote (my bad I didn’t read the reviews ; it was an impulse buy since I had an expiring Staples 25% off coupon). I did pair (finally) the blue-tooth remote. My big issues/questions at this point are how soon will the old remotes get Alexa? Will the new remote be sold separately and for how much? Will I be able to have that remote (assuming I can get one) upstairs and connect to the Fire TV downstairs via wifi and be able to control it via Alexa? I haven’t been able to get my iOS device to find the new Fire TV so I can’t try that functionality out.

    Lastly, I am having issues playing Pandora on the new unit. Installed/re-installed but it will see my account, show me playlists etc. but not play anything. Anyone else having issues?

  25. The Pathfinder says:

    When I login via a browser to Amazon Apps many of them show not compatible with either my 2nd gen FTV or my 1st gen FTVS yet if I find them via the device I can install them. Anyone else having this happen?

  26. vulcan195 says:

    This question is for the Android Developers – When I use a smartphone to download apps from Google Play Store and sideload to the Fire TV … does it result in a phone version of the app running on the FireTV … OR … does the APK contain versions for multiple devices and automatically installs a different version on the Fire TV?

  27. Bill says:

    I sideloaded Marvel Unlimited on the AFTV2. It works, after a fashion. I have the gaming remote and it takes nearly every button to maneuver to browse. Once there, it’s awkward to use, but still pretty awesome to read comics on a 10-bit 65″ UHD. The top bar won’t go away, but it’s not hard to read around it.

    I wanted to let others know that it’s possible so that perhaps a community could figure out an alternate keymapping to make navigation easier.

  28. Steve says:

    Besides Kodi,FireStarter, and games, are there other apps which you would highly recommend to improve the AFTV experience for the majority of users?

  29. vulcan195 says:

    Considering that Amazon website shows Nov 7 as the shipping date for AFTV2s – does it provide a clue on a likely ETA for the updated firmware?

    The official line is ‘firmware by Nov 30’ – if that is accurate, Amazon would be essentially shipping units with the same set of bugs we are complaining about.

    Just playing a little Sherlock.

  30. Jensen says:

    Hello, just curious as to what you believe are some must have add-ons for kodi? Thanks.

  31. Tim says:

    While you have noted Amazon employees are testing the current Fire TV to find potential software issues, are you aware of any noted hardware issues currently being discussed at Amazon? Additionally, when can AFTV2 box users expect the next software update?

  32. Eroh says:

    I have AFTV2 (my first FTV) and am frustrated that some apps like ABC and Yahoo that have recently been announced as available on FTV are not available on this newest model. I know they updated the OS and the install base for FTV2 must be much smaller, but why would they not make the effort to make these new apps available for both FTV models? Have you heard anything about whether they plan to address this soon?

    I want to love my first Amazon media box but this seems like it is just one more oversight that makes me want to send it back. I’ll probably end up keeping it, but I’ll never by the “new” model of anything Amazon again!

    Thanks for the site and the show!

  33. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hello again Elias,

    I know that you mentioned, that someone from Amazon confirmed to you that all the problems that we have had with the FireTV2, are due to the FireOS-5 and that the FireTV2 unit hardware is Ok…

    However, Since I received my 2nd Gen. FireTV with a DOA WIFI Remore (I have been using my 1st Gen Bluethooth remote), and just in case that Amazon decide to change something internally in the remote, I have delayed that they send a new replacement!

    So, I would like to know if you are Fully Sure that the current 2nd Gen Fire-TV and its New WIFI model Remote, NOT have any Hardware problems??

    Excuse the long post, but I thought that you would like to know something about the Low volume problems on the Fire TV2…

    I also would like to mention that Amazon has recently released an update (on their APP Store), of an APP called “NHK WORLD” that surprisingly does not have the LOW Volume problems, that all the APPs on the FireTV2 currently have!!

    This New NHK WORLD APP v4.1.0 Update 10/20/15 (with support for FireTV) is the Only APP, that the volume level is high and the same as on the old FireTV1.

    So apparently the Low volume problem on the FireTV2, is not a hardware problem and could possibly be fixed with a software update!!

    Elias, 1000Thanks again for always help with all our requests!!

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Elias, my doubts with the hardware of the New WIFI remote, is because is not available in the US from Amazon yet, only in Japan!

  34. Johnsmith812 says:

    When will the Fire TV first gen get Fire OS 5?

  35. Dusten says:

    Do you own a Nvidia Shield TV or ever think about have a website for the shield similar to the Fire?

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