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I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

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  1. scofield says:

    I have noticed that in aftv2 in kodi under System-> System info – > Hardware the total memory is around 1500 mb, and the free memory is around 400 mb, in aftv gen1 at the same section the total memory is around 1940 and the free memory is around 1000 mb, so whats up with that? Ita seems that the gen1 has 500mb of RAM more…

    • stevep says:

      I second this! I would love to understand what is taking up the memory. Is it just Android 5.1 or could it be additional resources required by the new GPU? Also, does it really matter? Could Android 5.1 be better about managing memory and we are just needlessly worrying about it?

      • scofield says:

        i don’t think its because the android 5.1, because i have another device with 2gb of RAM and Android 5.1 (Tronsmart Orion R68) and it has total memory of 2000 MB or so, and free memory of 1300 MB more or less, so it must be some other reason…

  2. Jason says:

    New owner of a 2nd Gen Fire TV. Interested in emulator use with the AFTV. I currently use NES.emu and Snex9x EX+. Both work great with the Fire TV Game controller (2nd gen) after mapping the keys correctly. My question is, has anyone been able to successfully play a 2 play game (Battletoads, for ex.) with a non-AFTV game controller and a AFTV game controller? I know the emulators are capable, and I’ve attempted to do this a PS4 controller, but in my experience the PS4 controller seemed to lag too much compared to the AFTV controller. I just preordered a second AFTV Game Controller (2nd Gen) in hopes that I can use both AFTV game controllers without issue or jumping through hoops to get them to work right. I will try the PS4 remote again, and I also have a PS3 remote, but I’ve yet to go through the steps to try use it.

    PS – If you preorder the 2nd gen game controller, it comes with the Ducktales Remastered game. However, if you also preordered the AFTV gaming bundle, it also came with that game. I chatted with Amazon and was able to get the cost of the game refunded ($9.99), so that somewhat helped with the cost of the AFTV game controller ($49.99).

    • Dustin says:

      Surprised they refunded the $9.99. Did they do that because you ordered the gaming edition?

      • Jason says:

        Yes, I had preordered (and already received) the AFTV gaming bundle and the ducktales game. Sorry, didn’t make that clear I guess.

        The $9.99 was refunded from a random previous amazon order I had, not the game controller order. She wasn’t able to modify that price because I haven’t been charged yet for it (controller is released next week).

  3. Jensen says:

    Hey great site! I love the 2nd gen aftv on paper. But my app performance has suffered, my kodi experience has suffered and this purchase hasn’t justified its price tag. I still have my 1st gen aftv, so do you think I should return the newer model and just use the older one? Or do you think these problems stem from a buggy os that will be fixed in updates? Appreciate any advice.

  4. Stank says:

    Patiently waiting for an OS update for the Fire Stick/FTV1. Have you heard anything? Also, are apps automatically updated under FireOS and is there no way to see changelogs of the apps that have been updated?

  5. Steve says:

    Do the USB Flash Drive and the MicoSD Card serve essentially the same purpose on the Second Generation Fire Box? Is it important to have both? If I can only afford one or the other at this time, which would you recommend?

  6. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hello Elias,

    What have happened to Amazon that they has launched an unfinished 2nd Gen. of Fire-TV, that apparently also came with a FireOS-5 totally full of Bugs??

    I’m a big fan of Amazon and this is my 5th Fire-TV BOX…

    I currently have 1 2Gen Fire-TV BOX, 2 1Gen Fire-TVs, and also 2 Fire-TV Sticks and by far this New 2nd Gen Fire-TV-BOXseems to be the Buggiest One!!!

    Im sure that maybe the hardware is better than the previous, but the FireOS-5 is Terrible and it works extremely Slow!.

    But the most annoying thing is the New WIFI Remote, that does not respond properly and sometimes takes ages to respond!

    If the Remote-Control of the 1st Gen design was perfect as it is why change it..??

    I gave up with the WIFI Remote that came with my Fire-TV 2nd Gen. BOX, and just paired my 1st Gen. Fire-TV Bluetooth-Remote to complete the setup…

    I received a DOA Remote, that it didn’t pair with my Fire-TV, and now I will have to call amazon for replacement…

    Another Annoying problem is the Audio Volume, that unfortunately is extremely LOW…

    I Hardly can hear anything from the TV speakers or Headphones, and always have to raise the volume level to the double that I was using in my 1st Gen. Fire-TV!!

    I really hope that Amazon will Fix ASAP all this problems…

    Please Elias, excuse all my complaints, but I thought that could be better to mention it here, So you could recommend us what to do about it…

    As Always, 1000Thanks for Offer to all of Us this Excelent Site for the Amazon Fire-TV!!!

    • Scott Howell says:

      You know what.. I’ve had to turn the volume up to full level to hear too with my second gen box.

    • Nathan says:

      I also have given up on new remote. I am using fire stick Bluetooth one. Any word on fixing that? The remote is horrible.

    • daffung says:

      same here man, i to received a DOA 2ng gen remote. whatsup with amazon did they really rush this box to the public?? i mean the 1st gen was perfect as it is, as i have about 10 fire tv ive programmed 2 for me. 1 for my parents, 1 for brother, and for friends and never had any problem with remote…
      this though did pair at all.. just used my old 1st gen remote to complete setup…

    • HeyRadar says:

      I had reported the volume thing to Amazon. They had me send my AFTV2 back to them for them to review.

  7. stevep says:

    Do you think it will ever be possible to get AndroidTV (as an .apk) running on the FireTV now that the 2nd gen box is running Android Lollipop? I thought rbox was looking into doing something along these lines when AndroidTV was first announced.

  8. Ramerson says:

    I have the same doubt… Leanback Launcher from google TV is working on 2nd Gen Fire TV? or 1st gen with update? Root needed?

  9. Dan says:

    Is a Nexus 4K box likely ?

    I’ve heard Google will offer androidTV more widely next year from a Chinese android box company. Have you heard anything similar?

  10. Crumsnacha says:

    I have used fireinstaller to sideload kodi. Worked for 1st gen box and worked for a recently bought fire stick. I got 2 sticks same day loaded one,waited a couple of days and tried the other but not working. Version could this be the problem? I have a user number. If needed

  11. Dustin says:

    What are your impressions of the Fire TV game controller?

  12. CR7 says:

    HI there,
    i have the 2nd gen Fire TV , and i have noticed that Torrents on KODI does not work on the 2nd gen device… i also have the first gen device and the torrents works good on it… so it is because the android 5.1 or something else?

  13. Ottis says:

    Why optical is so important.

    An HDMI cable is ran from a device to a tv then the optical cable goes from the tv to the receiver. What most people don’t know is that the vast majority of TVs down sample this to stereo. I don’t mean $200 Goldstar from Wal Mart most TVs from low to high end from all manufactures don’t out put DD or DTS that’s why optical is a must for anyone with surround sound.

    • ferndoh315 says:

      Are we able to use a Wii-U pro controller with the Bluetooth usb dongle or xbox 360 controller with the usb dongle on a Fire TV 2?

    • Mark says:

      No, most of us use the HDMI into the AVR, AVR to TV via HDMI and VOILA!!! Surround sound without Toslink…

    • vulcan195 says:

      I have a 2014 Samsung 4K TV connected via HDMI to the AFTV2. I run TOSLINK from the TV to the receiver. Even after the firmware update, the TV only sends stereo to the receiver.

      However, when I replace the AFTV2 with the Roku3 and set it to send DD (instead of DD+), the TV sends DD 5.1 via TOSLINK to the receiver.

      So what does that tell us – it says that if Amazon were to offer DD as an option (instead of DD+) … a significant number of us (including those who go via their older HDMI receivers) would be able to get DD 5.1

  14. Eric says:

    So I just found out that the FTV2 netflix app doesn’t support 4k/UHD streaming.

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned it here yet, do we have a time frame on when the updated netflix app will come out for this box?


    • vulcan195 says:

      Huh. I have been getting 4K on Netflix even with original firmware. Its the stereo-only issue that is the problem.

      • Eric says:

        Ok, so let me ask you this.. how do you know you are getting UltraHD? when you are the screen with the synopsis and the running time does it show HD,UHD ?

        cause mine shows UHD on my toshiba4k built in app, and only HD on the FTV.

        and the app is dated from Oct 15,2014 which do you have?


  15. kinseki says:

    I installed the firestarter 3.1 on firetv 2. The firetv2 is connected to the receiver via hdmi cable. Everytime I turn off the receiver, the firetv 2 auto trigger to turn on the receiver again. The only current solution is putting firetv 2 into sleep mode before turning off the receiver. Is firestarter the problem? If yes, is there any way to modify the setting of firestarter to solve this problem? If not, please help.
    Thank you,

  16. Juan says:

    I would like your opinion of the sudden decision by Amazon with no previous warning to stop honouring the year of Prime included with the Amazon Fire phones. Coming up with excuses, not valid from 3rd party sellers when they have included the year of Prime previously for thousands of Fire phones from the very same 3rd party sellers previously.
    I have been shopping on Amazon for more than 10 years. Prime member for last 5. Owner of two Amazon fire TV devices…
    And there are thousands affected by this. Not a way to treat your customers.
    An entry in this blog would be welcomed as those 3rd party seller sales had entries on this blog (that is why I jumped to buy one~).

  17. Stank says:

    Should all apps/data/media be installed on the micro-sd on the AFTV2? What should or shouldn’t be installed there?

  18. Tal says:

    I recently updated to the new AFTV2 ( and have noticed a consistent issue with Kodi (ARM 15.1).

    While almost all video add-ons work flawlessly on Kodi I have noticed that live sports streams have a consistent “stutter” throughout the broadcast.

    Having timed this stutter it is almost at identical intervals of 16.5 seconds apart.

    To compare, I tried the exact same streams on a PC and did not notice any form of stuttering at all. This eliminated the notion that the stream itself was the issue.

    I have tried adjusting the refresh rate settings as well as enabling/disabling hardware acceleration all to no avail.

    Is this a case of the AFTV2 lacking the processing power/memory to stream these streams properly or are there other issues at play (cache, etc.)? Can this be fixed?

  19. natebetween says:

    I 2nd (or 3rd..or 10th) the remote! WTF is the deal with the new remote? Slow to respond…sometimes non-responsive until it reconnects. Completely unacceptable that people (and maybe myself) are dealing with this by paring their OLD BT remote, rather than use the “new and improved” Wifi remote.

    I’m trying to have an open mind here, but this is BASE functionality that is lacking!

    • natebetween says:

      BTW…thanks for all the awesome work! The site is awesome! Besides buying from your Amazon link, is there anything else we can do to support the site? Donations?

      • Vladimir says:

        Yeah..I would love to donate too , but Bitcoin currency pls…

        At the same time I can sense that site like these do not need donations at all …

    • The Pathfinder says:

      There is a “fix” for this…change the wifi channel of you wireless access point. I did this and the remote works without issue.

      And yes I agree you should not have to do this, all I am saying is if you do it works or at least it did for me.

  20. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Hi Elias,

    I hope you are doing fine. Should be present tonight. It’s the perfect Friday night Leisure after a week of hard work.

    1. Have you ever tried these airplay apps for fire TV to airplay with your Iphone? Are they any good? Kodi is suppose to do it as well but that doesn’t work in my case? I think nobody still can beat apple’s airplay on apple TV (unfortunately).

    2. I assume you are a cord cutter like most of us. Is that right? When did you cut the cord? What is your setup? Cord cutting is soooo much better than old fashion cable/linear TV.
    Any idea how TV will look on the long term?

    Thanks as always and have a nice weekend!


  21. Hi!. I have a Fire TV 2nd Gen imported from Germany (I´m from Spain) and I tested it yesterday.

    I have noticed that the USB port don´t work with any pendrive or HDD, formatted in FAT32. Even a USB Wireless Keybord don´t work. Is my unit defective?.

    Also very dissapointed with the lack of 24P. Seeing this material over 60Hz is not good. I´m switching over the same material using the Smart Share of my OLED TV and it play smooth and perfect, and in the FireTV there is a microjumps caused by the pulldown 3:2 that do the thing…

    I hope a near future update will fix this, because the Fire TV works very fast, playing 4K, H264, HEVC…using 5Ghz Wifi at a lighting speed. Very happy in this side, really.

    • vulcan195 says:

      Dumb question about 24p … when I play UHD/4K from the AFTV2 to my Samsung 2014 4K TV … it plays at 24p. Are you asking about something different?

      • You can play 24P files of course, but the TV don´t switch to 24Hz mode (only 60Hz mode) and you get a irritating judder at slow pans and that hurts me.

        There is some devices that can make Auto Framerate, soy get true 24P play without judder.

  22. Chad Loughrige says:

    I am new to the Fire TV and have heard about “free” coins. I did some searching and saw that there are sometimes promotions for free app that then offer coins. My question: is there a current list of these apps? Also, when on the Amazon App store, is there an area on the page noting any coin rewards for a particular app? I can’t seem to find any “apps with coins” so I don’t exactly know how to check.

    • natebetween says:

      HI. Look to the right of the page under “Latest App Deals” and you’ll find what you seek. I haven’t seen a FREE with coins app for quite a while, but I imagine if there was one, that’s where it would live.

      Also at the top of the page under “Deals”, you can look at app deals, as well as deals with free coins and credits.


  23. Bill Piper says:

    Hi Elias,

    Im still having problems with the Plex app on the new Fire TV (newest update downloaded) with MP4 container and H.264 and AC3.

    Video sometimes stutters w/pixelation and the App dies and goes back to Fire home screen. I’m connected through ethernet w/ a dedicated 2014 mac mini, 2.6 Ghz dual core I5, 8 GB Ram running latest version of the Plex Server. I believe I have the latest version of the Plex App

    Don’t think this is a transcode problem. Roku3 works fine. Any suggestions?


  24. anthony says:

    tried to use sd card and usb storage on kodi for downloading movies etc as you can do in certain addons which worked in os3 but doesnt work on os5 , goes through the motions but when looking at external storage no files are there? any ideas. ps i have also tried kodi 16 beta 3 and this is the same as kodi 15 , not working

  25. vulcan195 says:

    I have the FireTV2. I also have an Apple TV. I am kinda new to the Android ecosystem. Coming from the Apple ecosystem where security tends to be a little more tighter, I have been reluctant to install Kodi and download apps from sources that I cannot validate. Instead, I pulled out a Nook HD+ tablet which I have never used and installed Google Play and Apps2Fire – with this setup I am able to download a ton of apps from the Google Play store. Amazon App Store has an app call App Organizer that allows very easy access to all the downloaded and native apps. Very happy with this. I even download have apps that allow me to play all my local videos that I have stored on a DLNA server.

    So the question is – what am I missing with not having Kodi? Also, am I being overly paranoid about apps from unknown sources?

  26. Will gen 2 ever get llama to work so we may make an icon a shortcut for Kodi?

  27. John Cena says:

    More of a Kodi-oriented question: Is it possible to control the volume of video and audio playback on Kodi running on the Fire TV? Changing the volume through Kodi has no effect and it can get quite annoying. Would appreciate a reply.

    Thanks as always. :)

  28. Josh says:

    I’ve been very happy with the firetv 1st gen. But I’m looking for a 2nd machine. Have you had a chance play with the nvidia shield tv in real life? how would you compare that experience with the 1st gen fire tv.

    • Dan says:

      I’ve tried shield. I think it’s superior for gaming. Otherwise, I didnt see better performance (I don’t have a 4kTV) and the androidTV OS still needs some work.

      Shield also only comes with a gaming remote. The standard remote is another $50. It’s a really nice remote which is rechargeable. The frustrating thing is it dies not have a menu button ( game controller does).

      Finally, Nvidia support is weak.

  29. Raul Plaza says:

    Is there a way to play Google Play Purchased Movies on FireTV 1st gen rooted?

  30. Anthony says:

    Having just watched the newscast, one word. EPIC EPIC EPIC, which is 3 words but what the hell. Keep up the good work and i hope amazon appreciate you as much as we do.

  31. Chris says:

    May be too late, but I’m curious if anyone has sideloaded the Big 10 Network android app onto the fire TV and if it is working?

  32. DJ1 says:

    Is there an update coming to fix the remote issues and the volume issue we are seeing on AFTV2. I have to double the volume to get the same o/p as in my first gen AFTV which i find very odd. And not to mention the host of othr probs that others are facing with 4K video etc. I have reached out to Digital Services but all they say is they will pass on to higher up’s.

  33. Dave says:

    Hopefully for next weeks podcast. Just looking for update on Slingplayer app availability on FTV2. It is available for FTV1 but not 2.

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