Post your Questions & Topics for Tomorrow’s AFTVnewscast

I’ll be live streaming another episode of the AFTVnewscast tomorrow at 1:30pm PT, as I do every Friday. Post your questions or topics in the comments below for me to answer and discuss during the episode. I’ll also have both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV, voice remote, and game controller on hand for a brief video overview. Anything goes for questions, whether it’s about the old or new Fire TV, AFTVnews, or tech in general. Even if you can’t watch live, ask your question now and catch the episode on YouTube later.

  1. mike stone says:

    Can you keep us uptodate on changes to the 24p Problem. I’d like the Fire Tv if it supports 24p on HD res.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    I have yet to hear, read, or see a review of kodi on the new fire tv. Is it speedier than the 1? Mpeg2 improvements at all? etc.

  3. todd says:

    I have had many friends that struggle to get Kodi icon in menu and Firestarter to work. Are these being blocked or disabled?

  4. Patrick says:

    Can app data be moved to the micro SD? For example, the Grand Theft Auto eat up several gigs of internal storage because the data cannot be moved on the 1st gen machines.

  5. Johnny Lee says:

    Your article and explanation of Amazon’s reasoning for banning competing devices from last week’s episode seemed biased and defensive of Amazon. Care to comment on that?

  6. Grinder says:

    Since you seem to be chatting with Amazon devs a lot, can you let them know the number one request you come across is to get Kodi into the app store. Failing that, to be able to customize our own launch screen and be free to populate it with sideloaded apps (like Kodi). The screaming level of store bloat – that most of us don’t use – is vomit inducing.

    Is one little strip at the top to call our own really to much to ask?

  7. Primaryforce says:

    I don’t hear much lately about “rooting” the Fire TV and have not seen any recent ROMS posted. With the new Fire TV at 5.0 and the previous generation heading there shortly, is there any effort behind the scenes to root or should we just start taking the updates?

  8. Barusch Benitez says:

    Is it normal on the new FTV that the white led light blinks each time I press a remote button? On last model, the led light was always on.

    I’ve been checking the use of the CPU cores while on Kodi with debugging on, and I see that now all 4 cores are always working. Last model always used only 3. Is this better?

    I really appreciate all the info you post here. Thanks for that!

  9. Scott Howell says:

    Am I the only one who thought the new Fire TV remote was super easy to remove it’s cover? Are people honestly having such a hard time. I’ve had a great experience with the new box. It feels like some of these bad reviews are a little out of hand. It’s bad, because perception is king and now this great device is being labeled poorly by the press.

    • natebetween says:

      There’s a reason it’s being labeled poorly. For a 2nd-gen device to be buggier than the generation it’s replacing is pretty unforgivable. Look at the reviews…>400 reviews with a 2.9 avg. That’s not a couple of minor inconveniences, that’s base functionality that was lacking at ship time. I agree with one of the reviews…it feels like a beta release, not a full-fledged gen-2 update of, an admittedly not flawless machine we all know and love.

      AFTV2 is converting FANBOYS to turn their back on Amazon. I’m not saying everything is permanent, because most of these issues should likely be remedied shortly, but when you launch a 2nd-gen flagship device, you should make sure it is during a month when your entire QC department wasn’t on vacation!

  10. Beancounter CPA says:

    The second generation AFTV has screwed up Dolby Digital Plus Audio. How could Amazon not have known this before release?

  11. Ricky Vegas says:

    when do you think there will be a directv app for the fire tv or stick.

  12. eric says:

    Hello Elias, i have a guide request if this process works.  So many apps are checking root (mostly streaming apps) so if unrooting is possibly but still having the ability to restore a pre-rooted Rbox rom, that would probably be enough for most AFTV readers.
    Idea would be to use SuperSU tool to “fully unroot”, obviously starting with the latest Rbox bootmenu, custom recovery and pre-rooted” rom. Question would be if the tool can fully unroot, then can you get root back by just restarting into rbox bootmenu and install one of his pre-root roms again using custom recovery.

  13. Jake.k says:

    Can fire TV 2 be rooted?

  14. Stank says:

    In your opinion, did some people at Amazon really eff up with the launch of the FTV or did Amazon intentionally and prematurely ship a 4k box just to be ahead of others, such as Apple?

  15. John T says:

    Is it possible to run a VPN on the new Amazon Fire TV?

  16. John T says:

    Is there a size limit on the USB that the new Amazon Fire can read and write to?
    I have a 64GB SanDisk USB flash that I formatted to Fat32 and the Amazon Fire doesn’t see it, but yet when I put in a 32GB it sees it fine, Is that something that will be fixed soon?

  17. Dustin says:

    Curiosity got the best of me. Bought it at Best Buy tonight. Remote was weird with the battery cover but not a deal breaker. Went to pair the remote and got nothing. That was a deal breaker. Back to the store.

    My question is as the creator of this awesome site, how disappointed are you by this launch? Seems like such a mess.

    • Grinder says:

      After you’ve installed the initial update with a network cable (recommended), you need to unplug it and set up a wifi connection. Once that’s succeeded, you can plug your network cable back in.

      That appears to be the solution to all this groaning. It’s probably still not not quite as nippy as the old remote. But it’s fine.

      • Dustin says:

        I can’t even get past the initial pair remote screen. How can I do the initial update when I can’t do that?

  18. cosmos79 says:

    How difficult is the new AFTV2 remote to open? I keep reading all these horror stories about people either struggling mightily for inordinate lengths of time just to open the back of the remote to insert the batteries, or returning their AFTV’s units entirely because they’re simply unable to open the remote at all. Is there any merit to this?

  19. grinder says:

    Elias, you’re going to love this. FireStarter had almost 120,000 installs of the last build.

    From that we can deduce there’s at the very least 120,000 Fire TV users running Kodi despite Amazon being pricks and pulling it from the store. Could quite feasibly be more than double that given that not all know about Firestarter.

  20. HeyRadar says:

    Any word of the CBS All Access app and the NBC app coming to Fire TV?

    Also I’ve learned a trick. If I press a button on the Fire TV remote or cast to an app (e.g. You Tube) it will automatically turn on my TV. Now if it would just turn off my TV when you put it to sleep.

  21. Lodewijk (Lewis in english) says:

    Lo-de-wijk Lo = Low (without too much W pronunciation)
    de = the (but with D)
    wike (like as in bike)

    Hi Elias,

    I hope you are doing OK. It are still very interesting times with all the reveals, new devises and new services.

    Where do you think it will end? 1 or 2 standard platform will be there to stay (like now android and IOS for mobile) with all services/apps? Or fragmented with some content only available here and other content only available there?
    Maybe it will be soon more and more Apple vs. Amazon.
    Do you think android TV is here to stay?
    Thank you as always for your insight and opinions.

    Take Care!


  22. Dan says:

    why is new box suddenly unavailable ?

    • mike stone says:

      Simply sold out

      • Dan says:

        I have a tough time believe this. Why would they be discounting it right mistake or not, the student discount they don’t deny) before they pulled it? I don’t think you offer big discounts when you are running low.

  23. Bill Vallotton says:

    I see some people have the same problem opening the remote battery cover as I do on the AFTV2. Anybody else have the remote control losing control of the AFTV2?
    I have to pull the batteries out of the remote every once in awhile to re sync the remote. Also have they fixed the write to SC card problem yet?

  24. Elias,
    Late this week I purchased the Shield Android TV. Personally from my little use, it has been solid streamer. Gaming is strong.
    The live TV app with Hd homerun plus Pluto integration has been great!
    Kodi just works without all the headaches.
    Sideloading with leanback could be easier.
    There is not perfect box, we all need a little patience.

    A big THANK-YOU to you for the great AFTV coverage this week.

  25. Dustin says:

    Was finally able to get the remote paired after hooking up ethernet. I am sure they will iron out the kinks.

  26. Jeff says:

    I’d like to suggest to anyone who was able to get a refund or discount Fire TV 2 during the flash sale…..if you heard about it from reading this site, pitch Elias a little bit of your savings:

    Or at the very least be sure to make him your click through for your Amazon purchases.

    Thanks for the awesome site and all your hard work!!

  27. Edgar R. says:

    Is audio messed up in Kodi on aftv 2nd gen? Anything I play is screeching noise. I’ve had to resort to using plex to watch my local content. Think it will get fixed with the oct 22nd update?

  28. Martin says:

    I want to buy a AFTV. Have a 1080p TV and no plans to upgrade in next few years to 4k.
    Which gen of AFTV to choose if quality is picture and sound?

    BTW, what audio chip (DAC) has a 2gen AFTV?

  29. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Hi again Elias, As always thank you for your selfless help,

    As Lodewijk (Lewis in english), I’m watching it live right now your AFTVnewscast #10!!

    Since The new remote is terrible and always lost connection, I would like to know if is better to use the old remote with the new Fire-TV (2 Gen)?

    I am asking, because I already have 2 old voice/remotes and I think that until amazon fixed the connection problems, it could be better not to use this new WIFI remote!

    Apart from the difference of wifi and Bluetooth types, and that apparently the batteries last longer, are there any other advantages (hardware/firmware) in this new Remote for Fire-TV (2ndGen), instead of the old ones?

    1000 Thanks for this Excellent site for Fire-TV and always help with all our requests!!

  30. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    Elias forget to ask you about the the Netflix APP and the MediaTek processor used in the new Fire-TV (2nd Gen)…

    Currently I have others TV Boxes, like the MINIX Neo X8-H that Also use a Quad-core MediaTek processor, and I am worried because MINIX always had problems and delays with the mediatek technical support department, and they never got fast fixes from them…

    I worry that the problems with the new Fire-TV, are very similar to those I always had with my MINIX X8-H!


    On other topic…

    The Netflix version that works on Fire-Tv (1st Gen) is not working in the 2nd Gen….

    And the standard Android version of Netflix, works but not as well, which version of netflix is the best for the Fire-TV (2nd Gen) ?

  31. Gareth says:

    Hi, I seem to be having an issue with my new fire tv. Now and again I cannot access apps installed on the micro sd card because it is not present. I have to eject and push it back it to get it to work again. Do you have any idea what is going on? Thanks for your time.

    • Gareth says:

      Sorry I was meaning to say I get a message saying it is not present but when i check the settings it is mounted fine.

  32. fassfa says:

    Have you heard anything about a update on the NFL now app for the firetv? They updated the roku NFL now app to nfl gamepass. Still nothing for the fire TV…

  33. Marko says:

    I just tested my fire TV stick to see if it is affected by the new audio stretchfright vulnerability and it is. do you know of any progress regarding using that exploit to root the fire TV stick and do you think it is going to happen?

  34. Tony meadows says:

    Before I go and upgrade to a 2nd gen box I have been reading that there are problems with connection to the BT 4 and 5 hubs …. is this correct ? Any info would be gratefully received

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