Podcast integration is coming to Amazon Music and Audible

Amazon will be integrating podcasts directly into both Amazon Music and into Audible, according to GeekWire. Amazon has sent an email to podcast creators asking them to submit their podcast feed in advance of an upcoming launch. While it has been possible to listen to podcasts on Amazon Echos and Fire TVs through various 3rd party services, such as TuneIn, for some time, the experience has always been less than ideal, especially if you like to listen to your podcasts through multiple devices. If executed well, direct podcast integration into Amazon’s audio services could greatly improve the experience of listening to podcasts through Fire TVs, which already have an Amazon Music app and Audible app, as well as Amazon Echos, which currently redirect Alexa podcast requests to TuneIn.

  1. Sunkast says:

    I read about this a couple weeks ago. As a podcast creator, I have decided to recommend against listing any podcast with Amazon due to their terms of service. There is a big issue with the terms dictating what I can and cannot say about Amazon. What if I happen to have a bad experience with Amazon, talk about it on my podcast, then Amazon decides I violated the terms and removes my podcast.

  2. Erinescence says:

    I typically use PocketCasts and they have an Alexa Skill. I suppose this shift may force more people to buy the Amazon Music Family Plan though. I don’t plan to shift my podcasts over to Amazon Music and I have never been able to get into Audible, no matter how many times I’ve tried.

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