PNY “official” Fire TV external storage USB drives have dropped further [Expired]

Those “official” Fire TV USB drives I wrote about a couple weeks ago have just dropped a bit further in price. The post was popular, resulting in a nice discussion in the comments, so I thought those of you who bought one of the drives would like to know that you can probably contact Amazon customer support and be refunded the price drop amount. The 32GB drive dropped $2 to $8.99 and the 64GB drive dropped $5 to $15.99. The 128GB drive price has not changed and is still $29.99. There is also a 3 pack of 16GB drives that have dropped $5 to $19.99. These are all new all-time low prices for these USB 3.0 flash drives that are on Amazon’s official list of Fire TV compatible drives.

  1. Person Man says:

    How well do these do using the MountDatatoUSB scripts?

    I’m currently using a 32GB 1st gen SSD for storage, but would switch to a 64GB USB stick if it wouldn’t affect the speed too much, and would be reliable. The last USB 3.0 stick I tried became corrupted and unusable after a few tries with the scripts.

  2. Pete says:

    How much of a PITA would it be to migrate from a currently-mounted and used USB thumb drive to one of these without losing progress/data?

    • Ryan says:

      Assuming they are both FAT32 formatted, you could just plug both drives into a computer and transfer all the data via cut&paste.

      It may be important to check that hidden folders/files are shown so you can be sure to transfer everything. Search online for how to show hidden files and folders for your OS.

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