PNY MicroSD cards are on sale for Prime Day — 128GB for $27.99 and 64GB for $13.99 [Expired]


If you picked up a discounted Amazon Fire TV today, or a Fire Tablet, or any other device with a microSD card slot that was on sale today, you may want to pick up a microSD card while they’re on sale, to supplement your device’s internals storage. The new PNY Elite microSD cards are on sale today for Prime Day. The 128GB card is $27.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB card is $13.99, which is down from $17.99. If you prefer your external storage in a USB form factor, the PNY Elite USB flash drives are also on sale. The 256GB drive is $52.99, which is down from $69.99, the 128GB drive is $26.99, which is down from $34.99, and the 64GB drive is $13.99, which is down from $19.99. Just remember that, with the Fire TV 2, you can only move apps onto a microSD card. The Fire TV 1 is the one that can store apps on USB drives, but both devices can read media and files off of a USB drive. Note that, like with the Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard deal, the discounted Prime Day price will not appear until you begin the checkout process.

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