Plex will soon integrate into the Fire TV’s Live Experience

Amazon has revealed that Plex will soon integrate channels into the Fire TV’s live experience, which consists of the Live tab and the channel guide. While Plex is best known for its great local media player capabilities, it launched a collection of live streaming ad-supported channels last year. That offering of channels has grown from just over 80 channels to over 130 channels and soon you’ll be able to access those channels from within the Fire TV interface.

Most apps and services that integrate into the Fire TV’s live experience tend to only integrate a subset of channels. For example, Pluto offers over 200 channels in its app, but only around 50 of those channels are integrated into the Fire TV’s channel guide. We’ll have to wait and see how many of Plex’s channels get integrated when the update arrives. We also don’t know when the integration will happen, apart from “soon.”

Unfortunately, Plex will only be integrating channels from their free ad-supported library. Amazon tells me that over-the-air channels within Plex that are provided through an HDHomeRun network tuner will not be available within the Fire TV’s various live interfaces. That’s a real shame because I’ve seen countless comments from people wanting HDHomeRun channels to appear in the Fire TV’s channel guide.

It’s unknown if the lack of integration of OTA channels from Plex is a limitation on Amazon’s side or on Plex’s side. Channels from a Fire TV Recast and channels from the built-in tuner of Fire TV Edition televisions will, unfortunately, remain the only way to integrate over-the-air channels into the Fire TV’s live expereince.

  1. Wayne k says:

    Elias, you can get the locals integrated with air tv / sling, even though it may not be the best tuner. Related note. Anything from Amazon you can share on some upgrades to the recast, especially as atsc 3.0 comes along.

  2. Dominick says:

    I dont care who integrates with Amazon’s guide. If I dont receive the new u.i update soon I’m getting rid of my fire tv. I hate the fact I have nothing but a Ron of junk that can not be hidden & they keep adding apps that I can not uninstall. I have no complaints with my roku devices & I think very soon I’m getting rid of my Toshiba fire tv.

    • hdmkv says:

      I’m one that doesn’t want the new UI. Sideloaded apps have missing image banners, and the UI is less app-centric and more curation-centric.

      • Adam says:

        Yeah, I’m kinda not looking forward to the change either. We have specific apps we use and don’t use much of the Amazon content so it’s not likely to be a beneficial change to us. And my wife hates any and all UI changes so I’m sure I’ll hear about it. :)

  3. Adam O'Donnell says:

    Any word on Locast?

    I’m currently using Locast as the tuner for my Plex Live TV & DVR (instead of an HDHomeRun) because the antenna doesn’t work well in my area, which is why I’ve pretty much stopped using the Recast.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      Not sure they would allow a direct competitor to the recast have access to the guide. Plus locast is facing lawsuits.

      • Adam O'Donnell says:

        Haven’t heard anything recently on lawsuits. They got past some of them because they are non-profit and there’s a technicality that allows them to operate. Who knows how long any of these services will last but happy to support them while I can. I have Recast and it’s great … except for the channels that don’t work well with an antenna in my area, which is like 2 of the big 4-6 networks.

  4. AFTVUser says:

    After months of enjoying the Plex/Recast channel guide integration, I have recently lost the functionality on both of my 2nd-gen Cubes. The option to sync Plex channels still appears, but attempting to do a channel scan returns the message of: “No channels found.” The other integrated services still work as expected.

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