Plex to start Selling and Renting Movies and TV Shows next month

Plex will be launching its media store next month according to what executives told Lowpass’ Janko Roettgers. While the company is originally known for its media server capabilities and, more recently, for providing free ad-supported streaming content, it has promised the release of a media store in the past but has never delivered on that promise. It seems like the launch is actually happening this time, along with other big app changes.

Plex is said to have “most studios” on board for the launch of its media store with “plans to complete the catalog soon after.” The hold up in the past has been a technical one, revolving around DRM issues and playback bugs, not content deals. Specific media partners and release dates haven’t been revealed, but we should hear more in the coming weeks.

A media store isn’t the only change coming to Plex as there is also a “major UX refresh” coming as well. The refresh is said to be focused on improving the experience of watching ad-supported movies and TV shows on Plex. While that’s unfortunate for those who use Plex primarily for its media server capabilities, it’s understandable because Plex said a year ago that it had more people streaming ad-supported content in Plex than watching content from a local Plex media server. Those users have surely increased since then. Plex will also be adding more social features, like public profiles, later this year.

  1. one81day says:

    Us freeloaders are angry a company is trying to make a profit and stay in business right?

    • Able Baker says:

      Yeah, one look on Reddit confirms the truth of your comment.
      I hope this is very successful for them, I use my Plex server more than any other way to watch TV, I use it constantly on the road, and the few family members I share with would miss it as well.
      This is also a logical step for them, I am glad they got it worked out.

  2. Rik Emmett says:

    Late to the game.

  3. Rob says:

    Well, in December of 2023, I purchased a lifetime membership. How will I be affected? Did I jut blow away my money?

    • Able Baker says:

      Why would this have “blown away” your money?
      It doesn’t say the media server capabilities are going away, just that the UX refresh focuses on implementing this.

  4. Pawdog says:

    This won’t have anything to do with your server or local media playback.

  5. Paul T says:

    Hopefully they don’t further degrade the local media experience and push me to Jellyfin. Plex is honestly already halfway there.

  6. Dominick says:

    I never used plex, have always used emby since the media browser days * also there is a player to the game, channels dvr, pretty impressive too.

  7. Keith says:

    Anyone else feel like an era is coming to a an end?
    Plex is becoming a streaming site.
    I had abandoned Kodi a few years back but it might be time to start it up again.

    • Able Baker says:

      I doubt it.
      The product is pretty stable now, it will still work for a long time as is.
      But they are not abandoning the media server aspect, they are pushing to add a piece to generate revenue, which they need.

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