Plex releases new Alexa Skill for full voice control of the media center app

Plex is one of the best media center apps on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and it just got a lot better with their announcement today of a new Alexa Skill that grants complete voice control of the app. The Plex Alexa Skill allows Plex users to use their voice for simple tasks like controlling playback, by saying something like “Alexa, tell Plex to pause” or “Alexa, ask Plex to play season 3, episode 4 of Breaking Bad,” and more complex tasks like switching media servers, by saying “Alexa, ask plex to change my server.” The Plex Alexa Skill can also suggest content, by asking “Alexa, ask Plex recommend something,” and tell you what’s been recently added to your library by saying “Alexa, ask Plex what’s new?

These new voice control capabilities are a great new addition to Plex on the Fire TV since Alexa is already built into the device. Apart from having to say “Ask Plex…” or “Tell Plex…” before every command, it feels like the app itself now has native voice control through the Fire TV’s voice remote. Those of you who are diehard Kodi/SPMC/MrMC users may want to give Plex a look for this new feature alone.

  1. Luthersman says:

    Makes me wonder why amazon hasn’t implemented this themselves. Sure you can have harmony or now plex pause or play, but what I want is an echo dot inside a new firetv or goivee the echo the ablity to navigate as good as the remote.

  2. gremlin says:

    Does this work on ftv in the UK ? if not shouldn’t you say so ?

    • miasma says:

      Yes it works in the UK.

      I’ve been trying it out it all goes well until I ask it to play something on the Fire TV, I get a red box with “Sorry there was a problem playing this item”. I can use the remote to play it and it works fine, I can also watch it on my laptop with Alexa control but for some reason the Fire TV won’t work via Alexa voice command.

      I’m using Fire TV 1 with and the latest Plex version.

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    Not 100% sure how Plex works… but does this require you to pay money to do this? i.e. Plex Pass or whatever required? Or do all you need is the App, the Skill and some media on your PC?

    • Mark Hornsveld says:

      You don’t need to pay for PLEX itself. But there is a premium option. You are correct… You need the skill on the Amazon echo or dot. The PLEX server open and the media. I am having a slight issue getting Alexa to play Plex on my TV…. Although it is working fine with my laptop. Voice commands are working. Alexa does help you through the process to a degree.

  4. bosco says:

    Plex Pass and the most recent Plex Media Server are required. Getting a Plex account and downloading the server software are free.

    Plex Pass is available in various subscriptions levels including Lifetime.

  5. yup says:

    Is that Snowden? Looks like Snowden.

  6. Mike Agner says:

    hmm, when I asked Alexa ‘Help Plex’ to play the help file, it didn’t respond.

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